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  1. Brandon0110

    Hardware required

    xbox or a pc :0
  2. Brandon0110

    Your First Next Gen Flight

    I'm likely to start at my home location (kgrr grand rapids, mi) and fly to chicago (kord) in a boeing 737. I'm very curious about the level of detail in my home city and what stage of the o'hare moderization plan is going to be in game.
  3. Brandon0110

    What We Want

    The biggest point is the go-arounds in FSX with heavy traffic. the "real world" does not have that issue because of the way the runways are utilized. Do you like waiting inbound aircraft disappearing because they time out and cant cross a busy outbound active runway? I don't. Its not realistic and something that should be looked into. Yes, FSX currently supports my yolk and rudder pedals but NOT my 3 panels.
  4. Brandon0110

    What We Want

    enhanced AI/ATC -using a method of "load balancing" on all active landing runways reducing or eliminating go-arounds. Instead of using whatever runway is closest when an aircraft is within range, make it so there is an even flow of landing aircraft accross ALL active landing runways. -reduced airport traffic clutter: pausing outbound traffic waiting for takeoff so inbounds can cross the active runway reducing the amount of "timed out" aircraft. taking turns so to speak. Appropriate ratio, not every other. -realistic approaches: SIDs STARs I observe O'hare airports traffic flow on flightradar24 when they have 3 simultaneous inbound runway use and would love to see that type of approach logic in this version. Logitech/saitek Yoke, rudder, panel support. -I have over $600 of flight controls and panels, would like to use them please MS