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  1. Disregard, my GTN just out of the blue started working. Finally!
  2. Hello all, I purchased the RealityXP GTN 750 for my copy of X-Plane 11 a few months back, I believe around May or June. Everything worked perfectly, and I was really impressed at how well the GTN was working in my sim. But, after using the GTN for a few months, I built a new PC. Of course, building a new PC means reinstalling X-Plane and all of its components, and the GTN was one of those things that needed reinstalled. I downloaded the e-commerce installer off of the RealityXP website, and after some trial and error with resetting my order password, everything worked out well. Or so I thought. When I launched X-Plane to test the GTN (I am using 11.35 by the way), everything appeared normal until I selected "GTN 1" in the plugin menu. The GTN appeared in the aircraft I was using, the Carenado Citation S550, but the screen wasn't powering on. I tried reloading the aircraft, restarting my computer, cycling avionics power on and off, trying the 2D view on the GTN, trying the GTN in other planes, and... nothing. I'm still just getting a black screen. The GTN buttons appear to work though. Now i'm getting reinstall warnings as well because I tried reinstalling the GTN multiple times with no further success. Oh, and when I open the GTN settings window that people were talking about, my game crashes. I would appreciate any help, as my keyboard already has about 10 head-shaped dents in it and i'm now back $50 that I could have possibly used on something else. Thank you for your time, -Gavin
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