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  1. I cannot get the GTN750 to integrate consistently with the TBM900. not sure if I have a settings problem but I have tried a lot of different combinations. At some point it switches from GPS#1 to GPS#2.  It also does not consistently work with the Nav mode. GTN 750 works fine with C172 stock model.  Does anyone have experience with the GTN70 and Plane TBM900, which comes stock with a G1000. 

  2. I have the GTN 750 and am using it for the TBM 900 on XP.  The unit did not couple with the autopilot so I tried to load the update which it does but it doesnt point to the right directory. I uninstalled it from Xplane in order to reinstall but it wont reinstall. need help.

  3. I have the GTN 750 and using with TBM 900 Hot Start on X-Plane. I cannot get it to work on the 900 but it works fine with the stock Cessna 182. I have tried just about every setting. to get it to communicate with the autopilot and the MFD. it sees it but wont follow. help

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