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  1. autopilot problem on msparks 744 everytime I engage the autopilot suddenly the jet spins to the right and enters a death spiral.... what's going on? each and every time (controls???) I use Honeycomb but used to happen with a joystick a year ago too I just keep forgetting to ask.... hope I am not the only one with this issue..... 

    1. mSparks


      "sounds like" something that is known to happen if there is a discontinuity in the flightplan

    2. JETPETER2


      no flight plans only trying to engage autopilot on a downwind leg to landing... someting is flawed badly I fear, so you have seen this before? the default 747 doesn't do this


    3. mSparks


      all that will light up on its own starting on a ten mile final, so if that isnt happening some kind of install problem?

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