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  1. I bought and downloaded Dubai from FlyTampa knowing they create very realistic airports. Started exploring only to discover the airport is nothing like it is at the moment. Turns out the forum is "locked" as the add on is "discontinued" even though nothing of the sort is made obvious before purchase. What a con. FlyTampa should be held to account for this. A fraudulent description of a product with no way to rectify it. Outrageous.
  2. Hey... Does anyone know if FSDT KIAH is compatible with v5? FSElite haven't listed it on their compatibility page. Thanks, B
  3. Quality by name but not by nature it appears. There are a number of issues with their v5 of the 787, yet they are incredibly slow to address these problems and in some cases just ignore support requests. Other developers are so quick to get back to you, it's so disappointing that a company whose name is synonymous with quality is in reality the complete opposite.
  4. I've avoided Drzewiecki Design recently as their sceneries always have problems and never integrate with SODE or GSX properly. Anyway, bit the bullet and bought and downloaded NY V2 sceneries for JFK and others. Loaded it up. Used GSX menu to dock jetways and get the dreaded... "No Jetways Here" message. Sigh! I mean, come on, surely they should be able to get this right?!
  5. What's the best JFK airport scenery for V5? Thanks, Ben
  6. Thank you so much!! You have solved the problem I've had since MSFS was launched. Thank you for taking the time to help me, it is so appreciated. For anyone having similar problems...Ryan is your man!! Thank you again! Ben
  7. Hi, Can someone explain why I keep getting a "No jetway here" message at gates at Taxi2Gate's KSEA? Thanks, Ben
  8. Hi, I am still unable to buy anything from the Marketplace...constant payment failures (even though Microsoft Store is still processing other things outside of MSFS fine). Tried running through XBox app, keeping MS Store logged in, all totally up to date, no problems with a conflict in countries...just fails everytime, straight away. I can buy and install free addons. Tried the Zendesk but unfortunately they're more than zen, they're practically asleep and they were no hope. Can anyone help?? Thanks Ben
  9. Hi everyone... What's the best Seychelles airport scenery for v5? Thanks, Ben
  10. Bad textures, low frame rates, bad modelling... Am I the only one who thinks that SimWings LHR is really bad?! Even with sliders pulled to the left it performs really badly and doesn't even look that great. It's probably the worst performing airport out there. Why haven't any decent scenery developers tried to do it?
  11. Where is the one to one support to allow them to actually come and help with this issue?!
  12. I have done everything that everyone has suggested and everything is set up correctly my end. However, Microsoft and Asobo are seemingly incompetent in getting this bug fixed. In fact their only support solution is "try the forums...!". That's not support and it's insulting considering the amount of money this product costs.
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