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  1. Nice. It also needs a vibration feedback and a more ergonomic trigger to be a perfect solution.
  2. Of course controllers are not a replacement for a yoke or a joystick, that's obvious. I only use right controller to control everything in the cabin, including throttle, flaps, gear levers etc. while my left hand is controlling the yoke or joystick. Here's my DYI VR setup. It works really well in XPlane. Until hand tracking with haptic feedback (gloves?) is a reality, controllers are the next best thing. With yoke/joystick of course. And there should be both a mouse and a controller support, so there is no problem with choosing whatever you like.
  3. Hand tracking would be great, but controllers are better than a mouse. I have right controller strapped ro my right hand, and I don't have to actively hold it. So I only grab levers it pull switches or rotate dials or operate throttle. I can also help on the yoke, although this is a bit strange to hndle, as both controller and yoke are too thick together, but it works for a bit if I need it. Other times i can relax my hand and it works pretty well in XPlane, very immersive. I can also type ot handwrite down basic ATC instructions to my notepdad (try that with a mouse LOL), operate charts including zooming etc. and it all works OK. Not ideal, but very immersive and still so much better than a mouse. Nothing copares to reaching and grabbing the gear lever and pulling it up, feeling it lock.
  4. One note about open hangare starting spots: the open hangars have “start positions” inside – you can select them as a spawning point in your flight. So you can start your flight with a cold airplane inside that hangar. But all start points are randomly populated by MSFS unless you are occupying it at the moment. So sometimes you couldn’t finish your flight there, as the place will be occupied. Other times you will be. For now, it’s not possible to change that. So sometimes you will see planes, cars and buses randomly spawn in all start points… I saw a bus in the hangar once, it looked hilarious. Nothing I can do about that. You can prevent it from happening by reducing the amount of ground vehicles in the sim to zero. This will affect the whole sim though.
  5. Please, Asobo, if you are reading this, you have to realize that your userbase expects MSFS VR to be at least on par with the other 2 leading sims that had VR available for 2 years. What has made X-Plane VR great is the fact that you can interact with all buttons, throttle lever, flight computer, GPS, fuel mix levers and everything with your hand! You can fill rotating encoders clicking, you can feel buttons pressing. This is what VR immersion is! HAving just the mouse is very bad. I really hope Asobo can implement controllers very soon. This simulator is beyond anything, graphically speaking, but VR without controllers is stone age! Make mouse an option if some people prefer this, but operating mouse is a disaster as far as I'm concerned. I've been waiting so long for VR, invested in RTX 3080 and Reverb G2 and have them ready. And all for this? No controllers? What kind of VR is that? It's a VR experience so crippled that I'm not sure I could even use it and enjoy it. And most VR users will see it as such. The realism is gone, mouse is a crutch! Think of this: you have your left hand on a yoke, right on a throttle - and then you need to rotate or click something - how will you find your mouse when you can't see it? You don't know where you left it, you will have to remove VR or search blindly with your hand before you do anything. And you will have to do it each time, because mouse position is not fixed. Terrible. In X-Plane I just keep controller in my right hand and when I need to rotate a dial for example - I just reach, grab and rotate (feeling the clicking vibration feedback), then I use grab throttle and move it, or do anything I want. I can even grab the yoke with right hand. And if I want to free the right hand - I can put controller on my lap, where it's at the same spot every time, so I don't need to search for it. But mostly I have it in my right hand at all times. This is what makec a total cabin immersion. Impossible with the mouse. I have to say I am extremely disappointed. I sincerely hope this will be corrected in the next update. Just look at my video, watch through the startup procedure etc. This is what VR is! MSFS has to be better, not worse, than competition… I was hoping for built-in voice ATC interaction, voice-activated checklists (like I created for X-Plane, see video) and other VR breakthroughs, not the actual mouse that was invented in the 60-s!
  6. What??? No controllers??? How awful! This is what made XPlane VR great - the fact that you can interact with all buttons, throttle lever, flight computer and everything with your hand! It's a crippled VR like this! I've been waited so long for VR, got my 3080 and Reverb G2 ready. And all for this? No controllers? I have to say I am extremely disappointed. I expected MSFS VR to be at least on par with the other 2 leading sims that had VR available for 2 years. This is very bad. I really hope they can implement controllers very soon.
  7. I'm now working on CYOW Ottawa International Airport at full speed. But once it's released, the next project will almost certainly be CYOO. And certainly it will the next GTA airport I do. It's a very good candidate and need much love.
  8. There's no guarantee of course. They can also decide to drop their high prices to normal levels for Marketplace... Worst case, it will exist in parallel. I really want to avoid it, but it happens when there are 2 versions in the market...
  9. Thanks. The amazingly useful discussion in this topic led me to believe so far that this is my best bet, and almost the only option left...
  10. Thank you for this information. Wow, my options are very limited. I don't think I should compete with a good freeware, if it's coming soon. Looks like my best bet is CYOW, because it seems like nobody is working on that. I is available from Simaddons, but it's quite expensive, and not in MSFS Marketplace. I don't see any medium-sized (or large for that matter) airport in Canada that is not being worked on or available already.
  11. I'm deciding what to do for the next project. I want to do a larger airport that can accept airliners. Difficult decision. Heavily leaning towards CYYJ. It's tough to find one that is not in production by one of the larger companies...
  12. regis9 said that CYYJ is already being done by Fsim studios but is "a long way off"... So not sure... CYQB is a good one as well. I would like to start from CYYJ but being just a one guy I should not compete with a company, including the release timelines... Tough choice...
  13. Ouch, that doesn't leave a lot of options lol... Are you sure about CYYJ? Where did you see that they are doing that? It's a tough decision as I'm just one guy and sinking a lot of time to produce something only to find that it's already done would be a huge disappointment...
  14. Thanks! Make sure you download the updated Toronto pack for full compatibility with CYKZ. .
  15. Many thanks for this information! CYYJ looks juicy, I like it. And the area is beautiful and set up nicely for various short and medium flights. The only problem that there is no 3D google map to use as a reference. So I need to find some reference materials! There are some streetview available, but not from the gates side. All airports in this list are good possibilities though.
  16. Sure, I believe you. That's good enough. I see on their Facebook they are converting some of their airports to MSFS, so it's only logical. I think I will hide this post if I can, think it all over and do a poll on most popular airports. If you or anyone else knows about any other Canadian airports that are being worked on by other companies - please let me know, so I can avoid working on something that's already being done.
  17. Actually, do you have a link about where they have confirmed that? Just out of curiosity, all I found is really old and not about MSFS...
  18. That makes sense. I asked MS and they were not aware of anyone working on YYZ, so I assumed there is a good chance nobody is. Good to know. I think I will do a poll and see what the interest would be for particular airports.
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