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  1. Hello Gents! Thanks for your answers! Nothing is wrong with my taskbar, there is only limitied space on my old 2nd 17“ Monitor and to be honest, once I‘ve started PSX and RT and other apps too, the most time I don‘t need the GUI during the flight and if, I could re-open it from systray with one click and let the my main apps like, P3D, Navigraph, EFB, PDF Flightplan, Webbrowser, etc. in the Taskbar. But as I already mentioned in my initial post, no big deal - just a nice to have, and in the meantime I‘ve found a Freeware App where you simply can minimize Apps with an rightclick on the „minimize button“ in the titlebar to the systray. No need to install the app, just launch it (with admin-right) after extracting - link to the app below: https://portableapps.com/apps/utilities/rbtray-portable If the link isn‘t allowed here just let me know and I will delete it. Regards and stay healthy! Michael
  2. Hello Sir! Fist of all, thank u for this wonderful App PSXseeconTraffic and of course AILGenerator and ParkPosGenerator. The setup is easily done and in the meantime I´ve made a lot flights with AI Traffic and it works perfect, especially in combination with RealTraffic. There is one little thing what would be a "nice to have", and this is an option (checkbox or in the config file) to minimize the application into the systray instead of the taskbar - it´s not a big thing if it isn´t possible or just to much work for the benefit. If i missed such an feature in the manual, I would like to apologize. By the way, I´m using the latest version 17.5 Thanks in advance for your feedback and keep on going with your great tools!! Regards and stay healthy! Michael
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