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  1. I'm guessing content creators have a non-watermarked version by now so that they can be ready to publish on Thursday.
  2. Actually. the more I think about this, the more I am convinced the data from Flight Aware has to be approximate, and therefore just used to populate a list of flights and their approximate location and flight plan. The sim will have to make up the rest. There are just too many variables, like in game vs. real world ATC. FS is probably programmed with parameters that decide which runways to use based on wind, but real word is likely to be different, not to mention large airports with multiple runways in use at one time. The sim is going to have to take the basic information and turn it into something that sort of resembles real world. I'm thinking AA1234 will exist in both the sim and real world, arrive and depart roughly around the same time, and potentially follow similar flight paths, but I don't see the sim representing a 1 to 1 depiction.
  3. Surely the sim has been programmed to simulate the final 10 minutes of a flight as it is dropped by FlightAware and taxis to the gate, no?
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