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  1. Huge? Amongst the many other topics that are huge? Your huge is someone else's tiny, their huge is your tiny!
  2. They said they're talking to three potential partners to decide which one to use for Helicopters, I'd rather they take their time to make it as good as possible instead of potentially rushing out a product that's a load of rubbish.
  3. aahh so it was this Mod that did that! I noticed it on the Garmin screen as well and could even see the Lines on the ground textures
  4. Hi, since last update my loading time is same ! not me ! no problem Marc
  5. What do you base this on? I've done hundreds of online races in iRacing, RaceRoom & RFactor2 over many years and have had very fluid racing against opponents from all over Europe. Ping becomes an issue against Americans or Aussies but for the most part decent racing is still capable even with those further afield. Even going back to rFactor1 in 2005/06 I was having fluid online races. From what the Devs said in the Q&A and reading the Beta Forums the tight close racing doesn't look like it's going to be an issue, of course each persons own internet connection will play a part.
  6. Nope none of those settings affect the Stars, I put them all up to Max and in VR (slideshow!) the stars still look too close & blurry. I may reach out to the wider community to see if there's a modder willing to take a look.
  7. That's more than likely true, Porsche for example were locked in a single license with Electronic Arts for years. Once that was ended they suddenly licensed their cars in poetry much all the other Sims going! There's a lot to licensing that the average gamer/simmer would ever know, from things as big as encrypting physics to making sure a Badge on a bonnet is Straight by a millimetre!
  8. Can you post your settings please? I'm intrigued as to whether there's a particular setting that could trigger sharper looking stars, thanks.
  9. Yes that's a very good thing, from the recent Q&As it seems Asobo have added a lot to the Sim purely based off what they had to do in creating the Reno DLC.
  10. @BijanStudio You're a machine! Many thanks, as ever!
  11. Different companies want different licensing, for example in the car racing simulation world some manufacturers want clauses that their cars receive no damage, others that their cars are protected from modding and stuff like that. Therefore it's no surprise that airplane companies want similar things in licensing for flight Sims, as above Boeing are no doubt being protective whereas Cessna might just say "do what you want!" 🙂
  12. Anyone know if the "sky box" or whatever they use for the night sky is editable in the SDK or otherwise? Just thinking that a modder could improve this area perhaps.
  13. The latter was, without doubt, a monumental failure at time of release and I don't ever recall it becoming "good" in all my years of playing Elite Dangerous. A quick scour of the forums over there and it's still not being received very well at all, something the Devs dreamed big of but seemingly it crashed & burned. So with the Reno Air Races, will they follow CQC and barely take off? Not being familiar with this Sport I know nothing of its possible potential, it has peeked my interest purely from my background of car racing though so it is something I may purchase along the way. But my fear is will the Races be dead 2 months after release? Will it grow into something special after some additional content & features? Hard to know now of course, but I hope it works out and doesn't become a waste of Development time.
  14. SU7 & SU8, hopefully it's fixed as part of the weather system update in SU7 with potential further improvement the update after.
  15. The log shutdown in VR is now worse than ever, it throws you to a 2D screen which is very annoying...that needs a hotfix!
  16. Awesome looking update, very much worth the money, be interesting to see if Asobo can match let alone better his work with their seasons next year.
  17. Thanks for that Gif, so it's not just the water but wing (other) reflections as well, I had it on 96 in VR last night but may whack it up to see how much of a performance hit it takes. I enjoy a lot of coastal line flying so FPS generally isn't too bad as half the view is just sea, so I might be able to push this setting somewhat.
  18. Too early for a definitive answer but from what I saw last night it's a good update thus far, more time needed to draw a conclusion though.
  19. The Stars have looked poor in VR since day one too me, too "close" and blurry and clearly on some Sky Box like in an old first person shooter game. They don't seem distant and point of lights at all.
  20. I saw both Multiplayer & Live Traffic, took a few minutes for them to load in/appear but eventually there they were.(Western Europe Server, LAX)
  21. No mods, initial first couple of quick flights: - No change in FPS that I could tell - AA is indeed fixed on in game menus which is good - Live Traffic working (eventually) for me, could also see their lights upto 15nm away (finally fixed from SU5) - New option in VR for Cubemap Reflections - Also noticed in usercfg there's some entries for Vegetation that I don't recall seeing before (there may be other new ones too) So far so good, nothing nasty at least.
  22. Perhaps it's best to change the topic title and add in this information to the OP so as to avoid the blatant misinformation...! Edit: or just close the thread and let it sink
  23. #Facepalm Clearly an error in the explanation of the item downloaded, it's not Windows 11 so put the tin foil hats away!
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