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  1. 1 hour ago, harrry said:

    One of the problems is we are forced by this to update to the buggy version.  In the past we could remain on a version of the sim which was stable and delay  updates till the bugs seem to have been partially sorted out.  We now do not have that option so effectively flying by the numbers has to stop each time till they sort the worst problems out and force you to accept this to their timetable together with a new batch of problems. 

    On this note this is what annoyed me in the very beginning, their naivety towards a proper working Beta Process. There wasn't even one at the start, then they added a select few hundred and then upped it a bit more until then cancelled the SU7 beta altogether....that was just incredible in itself!

    It's as though they didn't initially plan for a Beta Testing group at all and then felt forced to do so when the community spoke up, as it stands right not it's still severely lacking. They have mentioned they want to have an Opt-In beta a some point in the future, but quite frankly this is something that should've been in place from the very start.

    Beta testing large gaming/simulation projects isn't new, I just think with Asobos past projects they've only ever worked to the Publishers plan and therefore had very little experience with a proper beta process outside of what they have internally, they seems to be continuing here.

    Ultimately they still need to listen to the beta testers, that's another fail on their behalf having spoken to recent beta testers and even guys from the Pre release alpha. Too many voices are going ignored, the beta process is a shambles at this moment in time and needs urgent attention for future updates.

  2. 2 hours ago, MDFlier said:


    Criticism is fine, but some of the posts on here read like Asobo has abducted the poster's daughter. 

    Negative comments can be made without people coming across as entitled little kids. We're discussing a piece of entertainment software here. People act like they are entitled to perfection just because they shelled out a couple of bucks. No software is perfect. Most of it gets released and stays exactly the same as it was in release date throughout its entire life. At least MSFS is getting improved at a steady pace. 

    Nobody wants a "safe space". All we want is for people to react in a manner proportional to the "problem". 

    If you don't like the sim,  just delete it and go back to P3D or XP. Why bash the devs who are doing a great job?  The sim will get to where we all want it to be in due time. 

    The thing is I don't see anyone asking for perfection, personally speaking I'm just asking for updates to not regress areas of the Sim almost every single release. That's the thing that burns the brain and causes the outrage the most for me, I mean what are we 14-15 months from release and updates are still rolling areas backwards, that's simply not good enough on any level regardless of whether it's a computer game or not.

    When these regressions happen this constantly then you need to expect people to get upset, they will rightly or wrongly throw their toys, they will rant & rave. Ultimately they are *entitled* to a product that works as it did previously, not one that actually gets worse in areas. We all want progression of the title, I've got the patience of a saint when it comes to certain features spread out over their "10 year plan", but I will not stand for constant schoolboy issues and regressions when they simply should NOT be happening in the first place - two steps forward one step back is the incorrect approach.

    Having been involved in gaming since the 80s and lucky enough to be on the inside of a gaming development team, I'm more than aware of how hard it is to create these pieces of art that we spend our free time in. But I also know that developers, in general, do their utmost to avoid releasing updates that go backwards and if they do they communicate and Hotfix ASAP. Microsoft/Asobo have, in my eyes, got this whole process appallingly wrong.  In so my gaming/simulation years, I've *never* seen a product treated the way MSFS is with regards to the Beta process and ultimately Update cycle. Those blatant flaws cause people (me!) to bang our heads against the wall, constantly, practically every update.

    It's become a norm with this Sim; instead of looking forward to what an update brings, people are far more concerned with what the update will break - *that is what needs to change.*




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  3. 1 hour ago, Ricardo41 said:

    No idea what you're talking about.

    After SU7 I fired up the sim, plugged in my ye olde Thrustmaster HOTAS, worked just fine.

    So, what you're saying is that without this mythical "fundamental control mechanism" the sim cannot be operated?

    Merriam-Webster defines fundamental as: "serving as a basis supporting existence or determining essential structure or function....of or relating to essential structure, function, or facts."

    You are a perfect example of what I was talking about earlier, you don't even have a clue as to the bug I'm referencing 😂 

    Read this before eating your humble pie:


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  4. I'll put it in simplistic terms;

    Imagine your local garage offered you free service for your car, when you get it back it's been upgraded in various areas, polished a bit, but there's a fundamental control mechanism that is key to driving and it's not working as it did before the service.

    What do you do?

    I'll answer that for you; You complain until the issue is fixed.

    Why then is it that gaming software Devs are "immune" to complaints when things like this happen? Why should the "entitled" shut up? We/you wouldn't in any other form of service, so why here?

    Asobo have broken a very basic control mechanism which was working just fine in all previous Sim Updates, please learn to understand the severity of this singular issue (amongst many others) and then, maybe just maybe you'll begin to understand the frustration and outright unbelief that this was allowed to happen in the first place and that we're demanding a Hotfix - the same way I/you would demand the garage sorted your car out, get it?!

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  5. 5 hours ago, Ricardo41 said:

    People's entitlement is through the roof.

    It's kind of embarrassing. 


    If begin entitled is wanting a fix for a regression to the most basic control device then colour me entitled, it would be good if people like you bothered to understand the issues some of us are facing instead of labelling us from your high horses eh!

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  6. 7 minutes ago, Krakin said:

    You bring up the flaps issue but it got a hotfix so I don't really see your point

    10 days after the community fixed it within hours.

    7 minutes ago, Krakin said:

    @MarcG Severely lacking? Bruh lol. Apart from their Q&As are you forgetting about the bug and wish lists which give updates on how and when they're being dealt with? You bring up the flaps issue but it got a hotfix so I don't really see your point. A VR mouse bug in an indie game is not the same as that bug being in something like MSFS. Look at the horizon line showing through terrain bug for instance. Sounds simple to fix, right? But they informed us that it is an issue embedded deep in the rendering pipeline and will take time to get sorted,. There's that transparency again! You are cherry picking things to lace your complaints with hyperbole.

    #Facepalm mate, if you want to bury your head in the sand go ahead but first do a bit of research into the Mouse in VR bug before you go any further and you'll soon realise what a  schoolboy error it is.

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  7. 25 minutes ago, Krakin said:

    Why are flight simmers like this? Silence is deafening? Twelfth of Never? What!? We're talking about the same Asobo that is the most transparent AAA dev in the business? The same dev that has released multiple hotfixes in the past? Guys, stop it. It is not a good look.

    You're missing the bigger picture, whilst their Q&As are good, their actual communication on important topics is severely lacking. Just look at the Flaps fiasco and the silence thereafter into they eventually released a Hotfix, they have a history of burying their heads in the sand when things get rough and they're seemingly doing it again.

    I mean come on, the mouse in VR bug is something a single indie dev wouldn't release let alone a company the size of Asobo with the backing of the gigantic Microsoft....but what do we get? Nothing, no apology for the regression, no immediate indication it's going to be fixed, just silence....

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  8. 19 minutes ago, Farlis said:

    People's  overblown expectations never cease to amaze me.

    SU7 was released at 17:00 local time for the Dev's on Thursday. That is usually at the end of their workday. And I'm pretty sure Saturday and Sunday are not workdays.

    So that leaves only one day after release to react to issues showing up.

    We now have 13:00 local time at their office on the following Monday.

    How fast do you expect a reaction?

    Immediately, if they played their own Sim for just 10 minutes they could see the needs for a Hotfix and therefore communication. The mouse in VR bug is proof of their inept ability to fix even the most simplistic of bugs, and they think it's ok to put in the Known Issues section. 

    Besides it's not just this update where they've been radio silent, it's happened far too often in the past when alarming issues have been raised by the community within minutes of an update.

  9. The silence, yet again, is deafening from the Devs regarding the issues immediately faced after SU7 was released. It seems they like to bury their heads in the sand in the vain hope we'll go away, not this time, I'm shouting the need for a Hotfix from the roof tops.

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  10. 4 hours ago, pilatuz said:

    Great video, I wonder if Asobo ever tried out their own sim with DX12? Like I don't think they actually play the game ever..

    In their defence (for once..) they did clearly state in the Q&A that the DX12 implementation at the start is very basic so not to expect too much, so if you/others were expecting a golden change then you're not gonna get it until they carry on improving this component of the code.

    But I totally agree with everything else above, the absolute fiasco with the Mouse in VR not working is testament to their ignorance at wanting to play their own game.

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  11. Yet again the radio silence from Asobo is deafening, sure the workaround works to some degree but we simply should not have to put up with that when such a basic requirement of the control system does not function properly. I find their ignorance to issues at times not only baffling but worrying as well, regarding VR it was always an afterthought and they only added it in when the community shouted loudly enough at the initial "no VR support" when the product was first marketed. But now they're making it obvious that it's OK to leave fundamental basic control operations completely broken for months (SU8 in February remember) in the vain hope we'll get by without noticing....it beggars belief that they can be so word not allowed time & time again.

    I'm angry, I'm upset, I'm amazed and fed up all because a very high quality simulator which I adore has broken the most basic control function and the very fact they know about it is the worst thing of all......FIX IT.

  12. I'm simply left bewildered by Asobo & Microsoft's consistent poor Quality Control, I'm now convinced they don't actually have any at all. It just continually baffles me that they can be so poor over and over again with certain aspects, how they can allow major game breaking bugs to manifest and release, why they don't listen to their own beta testers.

    I've no doubt people are bored of hearing me bring up this subject, I'm bored myself of repeating it at every update. If anything SU6 was a solid update and should've been a sign of things to come, but no, they've regressed once again.

    Jorg, Seb, Martial; If you ever read this then please know I love this Sim, but you've GOT to get a grip on updates as this "service" simply isn't good enough.

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  13. My first impressions are that yet again I've been let down by a major lack of Quality Control for these updates, a shockingly appalling release without the use of the Mouse in VR.

    It beggars belief that they can continually release updates with major game breaking issues and do nothing, especially as I found out the beta testers informed them well in advance (not that you need beta testers to see this issue).

    To then put it in the Known Issues section of the patch notes without even the tiniest apology or hint of a Hotfix is remarkable, I'm sure the rest of the update is great, but for now I'm grounded by a bug that simply should not exist.

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