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  1. Is there anyway to download or have Traffic Patterns for the Airports? I've tried Right-Clicking but the Traffic Pattern section is all greyed out, tried at multiple Airports and they're all the same 😕 Thanks
  2. It's no doubt settings dependant, I'm currently seeing an average of 11gb with peaks at 15.5gb in heavily built up areas. Not everyone runs the same settings, so you will see variations in ram usage (plus throw in other PC Specs)
  3. I think it was 2016 but don't quote me on that, the worrying thing was they got to 2019 by which time it was more than obvious that VR was more than a gimmick for them to then realise they needed to support it. Regardless that doesn't matter now, the fact they are adding it in its good but as above i just hope it's not a crappy bolt on that fails miserably and takes months of patches to "work".
  4. I did a big PC upgrade last year and mulled over 16gb or 32gb of RAM, I went with the former. For pretty much everything 16gb is just fine, but MSF is already pushing that and with prices dropping a touch I will be getting those extra 16gb in the Black Friday sales (I'm in no major rush).
  5. Nope it wasn't that at all, they simply didn't design the Sim for VR use and then later on realised just how good VR is and so resorted to "bolting on" support for it once us VR users made some noise. Quite frankly it's bewildering why they didn't include it from the very start, when other flight and cockpit based Sims utilised it so very well and plus the growth of VR was clearly there for all to see - They dropped the ball big time, i just hope they don't rush it in and implement support properly. Here's a quote for which I'm referring too; Original Article (October 10th, 2019): Speaking to AVSIM, head of Microsoft Flight Simulator Jörg Neumann reveals that although VR support wasn’t initially on the drawing table, that they’re trying to make it a possibility. “It honestly wasn’t our plan [to support VR], but we are listening, and we heard it, so we will try our darnedest to make it happen,” Neumann explains. “Whether or not we’re going to pull it off for launch, […] we can’t commit to that at this point in time, but we have the desire.”
  6. In RaceRoom Racing Experience they had something that for many years was the biggest immersion killer of all time, when you crossed the Start/Finish line at the end of a Race it immediately threw you to a trackside camera...in VR this was a horrid experience! Thankfully they finally patched in the Cool Down lap on a recent update, now it's much more realistic but still begs the question "Why?" they had it in the first place. MSF isn't as bad as that by any stretch, but cutting to the Log Screen as soon as you shut down should be an Option and should've been an Option from the very first release IMO. Like others i tend to not park where they want me too or i simply leave the engine running, do what i need to do then shut down.
  7. Be good if they would release a Hotfix for things they broke in the patch, like the Sensitivity page which is pretty word not allowed important. Also no mention of the VR update, there's something called a DR Update on that roadmap but no idea what that is. Still think they'd be better off doing a Monthly Dev Update with more detailed information but oh well, this is their way so i better get used too it I suppose!
  8. - Pilot camera position can now be saved or reset. Anyone know how to do this? I had a look earlier but can't see any option to Save the position.
  9. Who says they're "not releasing hotfixes"? Have you got an official Source for this information please, thank you.
  10. Yeah the world map is extremely poor, not just the details it's missing but as you say the resolution when zoomed in is not good. Hopefully it's on the list to improve in future.
  11. My downloaded total appeared and reads higher than the right side number.....this setup really neds some work!
  12. you mean the text above the white bar? yeah that's all there with the percentage of each file on the left of it. White Bar is in the exact same position, not budged a millimetre, no drama at all as I said it's missing the key component of telling me (us) how much downloaded and how long left!
  13. The downloading screen needs work; - The White bar (presuming Progress Bar) doesn't move so you have no idea how much you've downloaded - From which there is no Estimated Download Time Remaining - The Percentage is only for the file currently being downloaded, no Overall percentage
  14. Can you please confirm if Lightning works in game as per real life with your App? i.e. Thunderstorm in real life is a Thunderstorm in the Sim with Lightning (as it currently doesn't with MSF, although not checked todays patch). thanks
  15. Then I'm fine with it, as long as it's realistic enough then I'm happy but Iunderstand others may want more hardcore weather apps 🙂
  16. That could actually be the case, the game engine (lighting) doesn't allow for a Moons Shadow, so to "hide" this the Sun is only ever Partially eclipsed even in Totality locations/times leaving enough sunlight on the ground as per a full sun (not even partial darkness). Theory of course.
  17. They might well come to the Sim from Asobo, it's a continuously developed title so they may have their own plan for the Weather side of things after they've got these initial bugs squished. I too want the real time lightning in game and would expect it to come one day, I don't really want to use/pay for a 3rd party app that's generally nothing new but a few extra bits thrown in.
  18. One of the few Eclipses I looking at yesterday (see my previous posts in this thread).
  19. Once Asobo fix the weather issues and improve upon it in the future then i don't really see the need for a separate App, especially if that app charges X amount a month or one off payment. Each to their own of course and I'll keep an eye on it, but not overly fussed.
  20. Umm yeah the clouds have been working fine since day of release!
  21. Well yes it's neat but if they calculated the Sun's position, the moon's position, Venus/Mars/stars etc correctly then it would just "work"without needing to pay attention really as it's all in the maths, so it should work just needs a little tweak 🙂
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