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  1. Constructive criticism is best, even if the product is free.
  2. Emphasis on the "if" in my post, I'm not gonna go looking just suggesting it *might* be in there.
  3. Nah airports are a different kettle of fish altogether and something they obviously embrace, injecting a rivals base imagery via streaming injection is completely different, hence the post I linked too above which clearly shows its not allowed to be even talked about on the official forums. If it's in the EULA it's the sort of thing MS will ask to be pulled from flightsim.to before "legal action is taken", I've seen lots of similar events happen in the racing sim world over the years.
  4. They're already closing these threads immediately and won't care what the "reaction" is, this is their Sim using their data direct from bing so they won't give a rat's behind what a few forum posters might think. Essentially people are injecting a competitors program into MSFS, I'm sure if you looked closely at the EULA there'll be something in there stating that this is not allowed. Will it up their game? I'm not so sure, the Devs have already said on the Q&As that they're forever getting better data (hence the USA Part Two update Jorg once hinted at), so as long as that better data is coming through then Asobo will eventually get around to adding into the Sim overtime via the World Updates program.
  5. This is what bugs me (aside yet another thread even though there's already a few to get your questions answered...) about these official settings, if you want to use Real Time they suggest Ground Aircraft Density = 0.....but then you get no aircraft at the airports so they become a barren wasteland as the Asobo real time aircraft disappear after landing. I put this setting up and sure enough saw real liveried planes at the gates, it was however a mismatch (this is because AIG suggest not to start the Traffic Controller app) but at least they were there. I then started the AIGTC app and sure enough it "sorted" the standing planes accordingly, but apparently this causes issues with double planes or something.
  6. As I've posted above they're onto it now, they know it's happening and I firmly believe they will try and block it (perhaps in a code change in SU7). Of course this is something that was kinda obvious was gonna happen one day, so I'd like to think they had planned ahead to stop this...! Personally for that reason above I'm not bothering with this mod, whilst it does sound good I don't want to get used to better textures and then have them blocked and therefore back to standard bing again, that could ruin it for me especially as I mainly fly low & slow.
  7. They released it now so those of us who want to use it in its current state can, alternatively waiting for Asobo to fix the bugs could be years away so in the meantime AIG have this fabulous tool gathering dust if they don't release now. Sure the lack of decent documentation is a stumbling block and even the official AIG settings are incorrect to some degree, but at least we have something and as above it's clearly stated as an Alpha/Beta so people are pre warned it may not be pretty.
  8. Giving the Trial a go, a bit dubious about paying £18 for a few extra sounds and vibrations (that should be better in the core Sim by default IMO)....but then I did spend £20 on a bunch of trees (!) so will see how this goes 😄
  9. No problem just asking, Flightsim.to has a good way of keeping you up to date with Mod Updates, I find it easy and generally only use that site 🙂
  10. Any reason this Mod isn't on Flightsim.to ? thanks
  11. I think you need to have Real Time turned ON to be able to see other aircraft in the NXi, which only picks up Real Live Aircraft not "AI" as AIG is injecting into the Sim (I'm not 100% sure on this though)
  12. It was only a matter of time... https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/add-ons-friendly-reminder/470558
  13. But Sandra can't afford to go on strike, she has 7 kids, 3 cats, 2 dogs and a micro pig to feed. Her desk got moved to accompany the poor office design to a poorly lit corner of the room, she's livid and posting on Mumsnet as we speak.
  14. Thinking on it, when I played last night with Realtime Live turned ON it wasn't until AIGTC fully loaded that I saw planes are l at the airport....so that suggests differently 🤔 may have to try different combos tonight and figure it out.
  15. So what if we have Realtime Live turned on, do we not load AIGTC and just have the folder in the community folder? (This is getting confusing...Again!)
  16. I heard nothing last night with it turned off, aside talking to me that is, perhaps it was a glitch or something.
  17. I had it turned on last night and the ATC was a buzz of entertainment, turning it off and the ATC was silent, think I prefer the former even if it doesn't integrate perfectly with the mod.
  18. Well that was fun last night, spent the evening at KLAX and then EGKK and finally a random smaller airport. Had Live Traffic on so I could hear the ATC....which for the first time since MSFS launch....would not shut up! Thoroughly enjoyable experience, absolutely fantastic to see airports "Alive" with aircraft. Only downside is the FPS hit in VR, but a small price to pay for an outstanding mod, thanks AIG.
  19. It's upside down so people from Australia can read it.
  20. Nope, he had to download that one file then then rest works with the Skip Manual Download button checked. It caught me and others out fairly easily as it's not mentioned anywhere
  21. The Wishlist is compiled by the Microsoft arm of the team, not the actual Devs. Also the Devs themselves have mentioned AIG in the Q&As before, so they know about them.
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