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  1. Speaking of Live Events at sports venues, it would make an incredible mod if the Car Racing Circuits were alive with racing, that would be amazing!
  2. You're incorrect: "We are just a few days out from the release of Sim Update 6! The new build will go live on October 19th with many anticipated bug fixes from the community."
  3. I find the UI is just fine, could do with some tweaking here and there but overall it's no worse than a lot of other games/Sims and certainly a lot better than some.
  4. A couple of minor cases but considering the number of updates over the number of years I've had practically zero major problems in all that time, usually the issues I face are if I stay on an older driver that causes issues with some games and not others, for example I was on 457 with MSFS for ages and that caused issues with CP2077 and Death Stranding. SO when the drivers became equal par with 457 again (47x I think it was) then those other games were better again but like I said that was all my own doing. Generally I just update the drivers straight away, same with Windows drivers/software updates, I don't wait I just do and rarely have any problems as I look after my System.
  5. I use Chrome and Firefox on mobile and it's bad with these ads, the full screen ones are simply annoying. Your missing the point that they got worse in recent weeks, they were never this intrusive on a mobile device a month or so ago. I don't mind ads and fully appreciate why they're needed, but something changed for the worse and it would be nice if it could go back to how it was before.
  6. Any updates to this please? Thanks
  7. Release notes here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/mixed-reality/enthusiast-guide/mixed-reality-software Edit: just noticed the latest release notes are for Windows 11, unsure if those of us on Windows 10 will get to see the new additions or not Edit2: "(Coming to Windows 10 November 2021)"
  8. aahh yes probably, either way he controls the plane so it's like an AP 😛
  9. uumm yes it does, everyone has it! see this: https://guides.gamepressure.com/microsoft-flight-simulator/guide.asp?ID=55391
  10. The menu in flight, when you mouseover the white arrow icon there's a section for AP and stuff.
  11. Well then no disrespect but it's your own fault for not researching the product before purchasing or waiting a few weeks/months after to gauge the general opinion of the title. It was well known before release it would be a constantly developed product that much was obvious.
  12. Why can't they just use the in game AP?! Seems a bit silly to add AP to a plane that doesn't have it in real life, matters not I'll ignore that part and enjoy the rest of his great work 🙂
  13. As above, MSFS is a " Constantly developing title" which means nothing is 'promised' and that all "release dates" for selected items can and will shift as priorities and development change. The sooner you understand that the sooner you can appreciate what a rough guide these roadmaps are, it's the same for every single constantly developing software title out there. Sure it's annoying when certain areas you're personally interested in slip month after month, but that's just the nature of software development.
  14. That's because Working Title will be working on them, they weren't with Asobo a year ago and they're clearly working on the NXi now. As for the rest as others have said, priorities change, they're never set in stone.
  15. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/remove-online-services-warning-pop-up-box-after-clicking-x/460364 If it wasn't for that bloody annoying pop-up box I'd happily fly "offline" but the word not allowed thing never goes away
  16. That is one massive list, perhaps they've decided this update needs to be a big bug fix one. Still lots missing of course, but it's a start and maybe some more stuff will get added to the list before release.
  17. They were for SU5 and look how that turned out 😜 Be good if it wasn't hidden behind a pointless NDA but oh well, have at it if you're in it 👍🏼
  18. If people previously had Ad Blockers installed then no, they won't of seen any ads. As before on my PC I see none (now that I use an ad blocker) but on my mobile device they're everywhere!
  19. I've had to block ads on my PC which works well, but on Android using Chrome I can't get rid of them, very annoying on a mobile device when they take up most of the screen.
  20. I think the mess of SU5 and lack of actual listening to the beta testers has no doubt turned many off, Jorg admitted they made "mistakes" with some aspects of SU5 so perhaps their handling of reports vs bug fixing them is one of those mistakes.
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