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  1. i have seen aircraft land and taxi to the gate but for some reason ai will not depart from the gate, looking around it seems to be a problem. fingers crossed it will be fixed soon
  2. mine is the same, is your ai traffic pushing back from the gate as mine isnt, arriving traffic works fine thanks
  3. hold right mouse down to pan around and you cant control your aircraft.
  4. very true, felt like a early access alpha build since day one,
  5. im getting AI but for some reason they aint pushing back from the gates, arrival AI will land and taxi ok but they dont have any lights
  6. no use can keep the the channel islands and antigua installed someone asked on the orbx forum
  7. this is what i have seen between 60-100% (they will not show below 60%).
  8. i have just loaded into Copenhagen no problems my end i am also using the Marketplace one,
  9. I bet they will update the minimum specs to a potato and recommended specs to a xbox now
  10. Theres defo a trend that the people with low end rigs are enjoying the update more than others who has high end rigs. Just a shame really for the game to look like garbage to help people with 8 year old systems. Never mind
  11. ill show you mine if you show me yours no touching mind lol
  12. next weeks live stream we need to let them know what they have done in the chat
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