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  1. This FPS is so bad that if you ran it in X-Plane 11 the simulation wouldn't be running correctly! I wouldn't even bother booting up...Glad it works for you though,
  2. That article is great. I'd like to reference: Certainly 60 Hz is better than 30 Hz, demonstrably better. Professor Thomas Busey Perhaps this will silence the '30fps vsync' crowd. Likely not though.
  3. Theres no winning this debate because it's open to subjective interpretation I think. The facts seem to be this: There is a clear and discernible difference between 30fps, 60fps 100fps and to a lesser extent 100fps to 144fps (and the hz equivalent) to many of us. I'm aware of this anecdotally because I can reliably tell (and verify) when my fps drops below 60. Some people are fine with this. It seems to me that the people that are fine with it come from the contingent of former or current P3D users who are used to using large airliners with static (non panning) views at generally high altitude and, in addition, click buttons to fly the aircraft (not a criticism). Others who hand fly low with significant panning / TrackIR seem to be far more impacted. In addition to that, in a sim like DCS F14, without a smooth fps I absolutely couldn't read the jet as well as I do at 80fps plus. Every change in movement and buffet helps SA and this is far easier and more intuitive to do at high FPS. The simple fact is that for many of us, 30fps is terrible. Unplayable in fact. Perhaps on a console playing from my sofa it's okay, but not on a high end PC. If a person can't tell the difference between the fluidity of an image at 30fps, 60fps, and 144fps I'd have to question their perceptive capacity. Please note I'm not commenting on it as a matter of preference, but as an inability to actually tell a difference. I wonder if many of these people would happily have 60fps if it were sustainable but have persuaded themselves 30fps is just as good.
  4. My favourite was when I first got a 144hz monitor which defaulted to 60hz, and I changed it to 144hz for the first time. Dragging around windows was so nice!
  5. I think this is likely related to the type of flying you do - if you fly the Flyingiron Spitfire with trackIR at 500ft agl its a huge difference, but I suspect less of a huge difference in a 320 at FL36.
  6. This made me laugh out loud! Sat there with a monitor set to 30hz saying he swears he can't see the difference and calling anyone that disagrees a poodle. What is going on 😂
  7. So bizarre that people keep spouting this 30fps nonsense. If a person can't see the difference between these and extrapolate how much of an impact this would have on the simulator, well, I'm not sure what to say.
  8. Not sure exactly - it's this one https://www.overclockers.co.uk/asus-pg348q-rog-swift-34-3440x1440-ips-g-sync-100hz-gaming-widescreen-curved-led-monitor-mo-089-as.html
  9. It's much more immersive - I replaced a flat screen ultrawide with a curved one and the difference is night and day. Looking at the flat one looks pretty awful in comparison.
  10. A few of the members - I think the PMDG team are aware of the performance issues and they're due to be fixed! I do wonder if it's perhaps they're used to the 19fps days of the NGX in FSX and so 30fps feels like a huge improvement. In their defence, prior to seeing 144hz I thought 60hz was as smooth as possible.
  11. I went to the PMDG forum and asked about the upcoming performance improvements for the DC-6, and was told that the performance was perfect and that I need to lock my FPS to 30 and not expect more. Was further told I was wrong for preferring 60fps+ because msfs isn't a multiplayer FPS game. Suffice to say I logged out and don't think I'll return!
  12. You get this in some combat sims - I've had failures and hot starts in the viper in BMS and the Heatblur Tomcat, but I'd welcome the opportunity for it in commercial sims too. I like that the PMDG DC6 doesn't always start first time, definitely increases immersion.
  13. It's fantastic isn't it. When I hear people say there's no visible difference between 30fps and 80+ FPS I have to wonder how well their eyes (and reflexes) work. 144hz is so fluid and smooth, even if less than 144hz with gsync.
  14. BMS is great and I have many, many hours on it. It's quite different to DCS though, I think. I like that the SAM ai in BMS is so smart, turning off and relocating makes them far smarter than the brain dead DCS equivalent. Flying out on every mission is a huge challenge, if you don't hit your TOS and TOT there are serious consequences. The IFF system is fantastic too. I've never hit task saturation like I have in BMS, for example you could have unknown SAM's going off, Mig 31s scrambled to your position (and the AI will genuinely try to pull you out of your CAP box and sneak around you). The intelligent ATC is great too - plus the weather is awesome. That said, there are ways to enjoy DCS in the same way - but it involves joining a squadron who is serious about doing things right. For example my squadron has about 50members split across the Harrier, Viper, Tomcat and Hornet. We have dedicated mission makers and dedicated ATC which provides an incredible environment to learn in. Once you've flown the BMS campaign enough times, you do start to see repetition - which is what happened to me. Burnout perhaps. The payware campaigns in DCS (For example Zone 5, Raven One) are very good too. BMS doesn't have anything that matches things like launching off the Nimitz at night with a human RIO in the F14 for example. They're both fantastic sims - I watched a video that described DCS as tactical, and BMS as strategic - and I think I'd agree with that.
  15. It's awesome isn't it. Really into the DCS F-14 at the moment but still fire up BMS every so often. Looking forward to the new terrain engine.
  16. Everyone - thanks so much. This is hugely useful, sightseeing and external view etc just weren't things I'd even considered...Shows how out of touch I am, I was wondering whether or not to teach VOR navigation......Hah. Thanks again - I expect you've just made someones afternoon a lot more fun and interesting.
  17. Wait a while for the PMDG 737 and Fenix A320 I think!
  18. Hey all, My neighbours came round last week and brought their little boy, who is 9 years old and seems really interested in planes. So much so in fact he was able to list off his favourite cold war fighters. I was pretty blown away as that seems to be a fairly niche interest for a 9 year old...Anyway, I offered to show him my sim setup and he had a go on DCS F-14 which he really enjoyed but was, understandably, a bit of a tall order for a child with zero aviation knowledge! His parents are over again tonight and he's asked if he could spend some time on the simulator with me, so I'm going to forego beers with my girlfriend and the other adults for an hour (the ultimate sacrifice!) and run take him through a few things. I have no children, and I'm utterly clueless about what interests kids of this age. I'm considering taking a step back and just firing up MSFS for him and letting him play through the tutorials (on game physics mode..?) solo. Does anyone have any advice about the most fun activities on a flight simulator for kids? Perhaps if he likes fighters I should stick with DCS in game mode...Totally unsure. His parents seemed really happy he has such an active interest in this stuff and I certainly don't want to do anything to discourage a potential future aviator / engineer! thanks 🙂
  19. my main hope for this update is that the re-enable the rendering pipeline the PMDG DC-6 uses. PMDG said Asobo told them they've fixed the problems with a month ago, so it should in theory bring the DC-6 FPS up inline with the other aircraft.
  20. Right but nobody is saying they can't live without flying for a few days, are they? Simply that it's annoying that it won't work. I fly maybe once a week, but if this is a significant hobby for someone, I can understand why they'd be annoyed about things being broken.
  21. I could totally believe this. I formatted my system and all the stutters went away entirely. There was something definitely wrong with my system prior to the wipe and I'm guessing something was running that I didn't want running.
  22. I'm not a fan of war either, if it ended globally tomorrow I'd be very, very happy. That said, the machines are still beautiful imo. And many of them are also very interesting, when you look at warships, submarines etc.
  23. That's a huge shame - guess I'll go back to my crappy DCS F-14A by Heatblur. Ugh.
  24. As a software engineer who works with a lot of modern web and ML services, I can speak from a position of (admittedly limited) experience when I say that in ten years the web will be a very, very different place. Think about the use of ML algorithms generating hyper detailed terrain from satellite data in near real time. Home computers (as opposed to sharded clusters) will most likely not deliver nearly enough power to perform these operations. In a decade I wouldn't be surprised to see VR reproducing almost real world imagery. From an ML and web services perspective, the world couldn't be more different to 2011. The things we're beginning to see will require increasingly distributed machines to serve them. I know there are downsides to that, but look at MS2020 out of the box Vs the equivalent sim in 2011 and then factor in the exponential improvement in tech. I know this doesn't answer your question directly, but unfortunately I do think your concerns are largely unavoidable (and that may well be a good thing).
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