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  1. 5 minutes ago, Nyxx said:

    Never underestimate what comes with what you are dismissing, as just "Fancy hydralics and pump mechanics" .

    I will give you an example what that kind of depth bring. 

    I put in well over a 1,000 hours in the FSL A320 and one day this happened.

    I was doing a flight from Gatwick to Dublin. As I took off I must of press the gear retract button x2 by mistake. The wife was talking to me also, that's my excuse, becasue I also forgot to check the gear handle etc.

    Now when she stoped talking I got back to the flight, I noticed my climb was terrable, speed was terrable, just what was going off?????, I had not retected the gear, so what happened? I had left it and was going far to fast for the gear to be down. The landing gear would not retract, the drag was so great the fuel burn was through the floor, I was not far from Manchester and my fuel even set for con, would not get me to Dubin as I was so slow and the gear was making the plane a brick. I had warrning all light up and I even worked through them. But Nothing made the gear come back up. I landed at Manchester.

    Now tell me again "Fancy hydralics and pump mechanics" . do nothing for a A to B flyer?

    They make the aircraft feel alive and you have to operate it correctly or it will bite you.  Just in a "normal" day to flight. Thats what makes the best, the best. Never underestimate these things.

    I agree with this - it takes the flight from being quite sterile and procedural to being alive, so to speak. Personally I feel like if these things aren't modelled, all I'm doing is learning to press buttons in a correct order. If they are, you need to know and understand quite a bit more. I also get that that isn't for everyone, the big part of the enjoyment is learning the quirks of the real machines as much as is possible sitting at a desk 🙂

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  2. Thank you guys this is really helpful. So am I right in thinking if I want to cap FPS correctly, I need to either go for 1/2 or 1/3 refresh rate? If so I'll cap to 48fps like you said @hanhamreds. I prefer to keep my GPU cool and quiet when it comes to sims, not much of a benefit of much above around 50fps with the 737 I find 🙂

  3. 1 hour ago, Nyxx said:

    Yes I went from a very high quality 27" Samsung to a 32" and it took me 2 months to go for it, as I thought it might not be money well spent.

    How wrong I was, The second I booted up the PC the first time looking at it I said out loud...OMG!, its stunning, simply stunning. The pixel density is nothing to worry about. Unless you want to stick your face 3" from the screen. I sit close around  16" away.

    The one thing a saw at first was the curve but after 2 hours of use I do not see it anymore and now a flat screen/my old screen I took to work looks terrible. The one thing above all is the quility of the image, I set it to 240Hz and in the Nvida CP set Ultra for refeash MSFS and that = 😛

    So go for it. Just get a good one it will last years.

    This is mine. https://www.overclockers.co.uk/samsung-32-odyssey-g7-lc32g75tqsrxxu-2560x1440-va-240hz-1ms-freesync-g-sync-curved-gaming-monitor-mo-246-sa.html

    Also like you I did not want the huge FPS hit that 4k brings. With my 3080 I run Render scale set to 120. within msfs for the extra AA. My son came round a week after I got it, looked at it and ordered one the next day.

    Thanks mate based on your recommendation I bought the model down from yours - the g5 model. Arriving tomorrow!

    Out of interest, does it look okay at around 45fps? Reason I ask is because sometimes at busy payware I drop down to 45fps.usually get around 60 though. I know the monitor is built for 144hz so hopefully it won't look awful!


    Thanks for the advice :)

  4. Hey all,

    I've got a 27" monitor which I use for MSFS and I'm considering upgrading to a 32" (I don't want to go bigger due to desk space!). I also don't want to go to 4k for performance reasons. I'm considering going from my 27" 1440p monitor to a 32" 1440p monitor. I think that'll be a good deal larger for simming (given how blown away I was on on me 24" to 27" upgrade a few years ago!) but my concern is that I've read a bit about pixel density. Some have said its barely noticable, but I'd like to confirm - does anyone here have a 32" monitor at 1440p, and if so, does it look good for MSFS?


    Thanks :)

  5. 1 minute ago, Nyxx said:

    Sorry I just hate people putting out wrong info and you of all people should know the full facts. Sorry if you take it as a personally insult. It would help if you explained fully just who did get what your talking about and what happen to all the buyers of the FSLA320. Give a full picture. 

    Now...am done. PM me if you wish to talk again sorry its not personal.

    No problem at all I appreciate the apology - thanks for your message 🙂 I know differences of opinion can get heated on forums!

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  6. 20 minutes ago, pstrub said:

    Who's Emi? Sounds like great videos, but the information you gave isn't sufficient to find him 😅


    Here you go - he deserves all the followers he can get. Fantastic, detailed content. I'm working through his tutorials now alongside the 737 and the depth he goes to explain things is brilliant. Really brings the bird to life.

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  7. 1 minute ago, SAS443 said:

    Level Change will not honor any intermediate restrictions regarding speed/altitude.
    ALT INTV is associated with FMS VNAV mode, which caters FMS climb speed/alt restrictions. (SPD INTV can be used to alter speed profile)

    in short, use ALT INTV to transition from VNAV ALT- annunciation to VNAV SPD and begin climb in VNAV again.



    Much appreciated - thank you.

  8. 4 minutes ago, avhpilot said:

    by 'touching' your screen i suppose you mean moving your mouse in that area?

    is your cockpit camera set to 'fixed look' ?

    Yes exactly that - moving the mouse there. I've actually fixed it by disabling automatic instrument view! Much better.

  9. Hi all,

    I haven't touched MSFS since release really as I was waiting on a realistic airliner. It's here now and I'm really enjoying it, but I have a strange issue. When I touch the edge of my screen, it 'jumps' to another area. For example if I press ctrl+2 to look at the FMS, if I touch the top of the screen it'll jump up to the MCP, if I touch the bottom, the pedestal. 

    It's annoying for me as I prefer to use hotkeys and it ends up with my awkwardly jumping around the cockpit.

    I've looked through the options but not found a solution. Is there a way to turn this off?


    Many thanks



  10. Hey all,

    I've been flying DCS mainly for quite a while and thought I'd give civilian jets a go. In MSFS, is the FBW320 the best jetliner available? I've seen there's also a well regarded CJ4 but I'm much more interested in something bigger. Is it superior to the Aerosoft CRJ? Not in terms of aircraft performance, but general realism/functionality/ability to fly like you would in reality.



  11. I've owned the T16000m, the Warthog, the CH Pro fighterstick and the VKB Nxt Premium.


    There is absolutely no comparison. The VKB Nxt premium is in an entirely different league - and this includes with the Warthog. There is simply no comparison between the rest and the NXT in the price range. 

  12. Hey all,


    It would be great to avoid a discussion around whether or not 30fps is enough here please as we've done that to death!

    I've been waiting on Asobo to enable some functionality which PMDG said greatly increases performance of the DC6 in cockpit, so I checked in over at the PMDG forums. Turns out they've enabled it as part of the developer build (presumably for release in the next update).

    With this enabled this beautiful aircraft is finally flyable for me. It was worth the wait. I've gone from 30fps upto a constant 48 minimum in cockpit but more often 60+ (2080ti, 9700k, 32gb DDR4, ultra/high mix, 3440x1440).




    Hope this is useful to anyone who is either willing to try it out, or who has been waiting on this improvement.

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  13. You're might be imagining this difference here. Whilst the upgrade from DX10 to DX11 added new features such as tesselation which had a definite graphical upgrade, there is no such difference between 11 and 12. It simply gives the developers more fine grained control over rendering methods.

    There would be very little point adapting the shaders between the two. Graphically speaking the DX11 shaders are capable of everything the DX12 shaders are, and there would be no benefit at all to maintaining two sets, in terms of development.


    You can see this confirmed here too:


    Perhaps down the line we'll see new features as DX12 advances in MSFS, but right now they're identical, in terms of what you see on the screen.

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  14. Hey guys,


    Coming fromIL-2 and DCS I love the various iterations of spitfire on both sims. I'd like to do a tour of the old western front and eastern front in MSFS with a spitfire sim. I know they're entirely different models of Spit, but I'm less interested in the specific model and more in which is the superior simulation. Which would you advise of the following?


    Aeroplane Heaven - You're virtually there.™ Supermarine Spitfire Mk1a - MSFS

    Spitfire L.F Mk IXc for Microsoft Flight Simulator – FlyingIron Simulations 

  15. 4 hours ago, Lord Farringdon said:

    Hi Guys,

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this expedition into FPS and refresh rates since I really hadn't given it much thought over the years where my FS system was always struggling just to load let alone play well. Stutters (and long pauses) and the blurries were just accepted as were CTD's and difficulty reading instruments. There were clearly things wrong with FS9 and FSX but my hapless video card and 21 inch monitor were always going to get blamed first!  So I gave up. I basically couldn't afford what was needed to play the game. A few years later and I am in a better space and have been able to buy a 10 series i7, coupled to a 12 Gb RTX3060 with 32GB of system memory and NvME. Loaded up MSFS and plugged into a Sharp 65 inch 1080p 60hz monitor and Ultra setting everywhere, I'm over the moon.  I feel very lucky.  Unfortunately it seems luck doesn't stay alongside me for very long and now the screen has developed a single vertical line of stuck pixels!!  I was festering over this for sometime until I saw this thread.  Now it seems this is just the excuse I need to go to 4k. Maybe lady luck was just pushing me in the right direction!   Having considered all the different view points on smaller monitors, 1440p and curved screens, I think I am settled on sticking with a flat 65 inch Samsung QLED QA65Q60A. Yes it is only 60 Hz and I can hear the GPWS screeching at me now ...Dont sink!, Dont sink!, G-Sync!, G-Sync! but given the cost of these things it is the best balance for me considering how I use the screen when I am not using it for MSFS. And given such a varied range of views on the subject, I dont feel guilty that I will screw this up since I know one side or the other will support me 🙂 LOL! 

    So thanks for the education guys. Finally, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post this link from PC Gamer but it pretty wells sums up why we have had such robust discussion on this subjective subject and it may explain why we all 'see' it different. I know its Janet and John for some of you guys but it was quite illuminating for me to realise there is no real answer to the question.  https://www.pcgamer.com/au/how-many-frames-per-second-can-the-human-eye-really-see/



    Cheers Terry 


    That article is great. I'd like to reference:


    Certainly 60 Hz is better than 30 Hz, demonstrably better.


    Professor Thomas Busey

    Perhaps this will silence the '30fps vsync' crowd. Likely not though.


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