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  1. 55 minutes ago, sd_flyer said:

    Update. I deleted PA44 one more time in content manager. Then after exiting MSFS I deleted Seminole folder again physically in official/one store. I reinstalled it and HSI works. However, it doesn't register VLOC vs GPS just work by default as  VLOC would be on all the time. It cheered me up a bit but still why doesn't it happens. Was it a bad build that doesn't overwrite certain files ? I can only guess, but it's very frustrating 

    😞 indeed...

  2. 28 minutes ago, sd_flyer said:

    OK after yesterday update HSI stop working completely. No words can describe my frustration. HSI was not working correctly before  now HSI is completely broken I can't change course. Heading bug moving on it's own! offensive initials not allowed? This after months of waiting, patch after patch that  fix for penny and screw up for a buck!

     My ultimate review Carenado is company of losers who constantly screwed up their own stuff over and over, can't even fix fundamental stuff. They never responds to any of the bug I ever submitted. I'm think I'm done with them for good. So conclude my mini review with do not buy from Carenado. Safe your money for other developers like A2A, ATS simulation...

    I cannot confirm but another user have resolved by removing the airplane from content manager, then deleting the folder from the MFS directory and reinstalling the whole package....

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  3. 2 hours ago, DJJose said:

    Sorry guys. I can't support a dev that gives a gift then takes it away. There are way too many free mods for me to bother supporting these types of developers.

    I'm also wondering how this dev doesn't know that advertising is not allowed as a non-commercial member?

    I'm sure that thread will be deleted.

    uhm.... ok!

  4. Just bought it! It is great!!

    cheaper than other similar software and do not require the installation of other module to interface to the sim.

    2 hours ago, Manny said:

    I did not understand the POI thingi... I am not using that functionality.  

    You can save your favorite approaches as POI so you don't need set'em up every time you reload the program...

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  5. 5 minutes ago, ChaoticBeauty said:

    So I guess that means the water masks depend on that file which means they cannot be updated via the streaming scenery data, a simulator update is needed. This is the second mistaken statement that Asobo made in the latest Q&A.

    They need to clarify what the heck is going on really fast. They said they would be enabling water masks within a few days, not remove them.

    Maybe that now, removed all the static (pc based) water masks, they can start streaming the new ones....

    (please let me hope 🙂 )

  6. 4 minutes ago, badgenes said:

    Can someone then explain why we would pay for AIRAC cycle updates when they are "free" with the sim?  And why we would have a beta client from Navigraph to install these updates that are totally superfluous?  I ask because despite someone stating its an AIRAC update it doesn't make much sense that it would be given the third party providing these to date (Navigraph) doesn't seem to know their newest product has been made obsolete by Asobo / Microsoft.  I do recall there was a partnership with a nav data provider though so perhaps it is?  Anyone with more insight please share it.  I'm going to update my Navigraph beta client and see whats what.


    Because some do not like the navBlue data (the MSFS provider) and prefer the Jeppesen ones (navigraph provider)...


    here is the partnersip you're talking about


    NAVBLUE partners with Xbox Game Studios for “Microsoft Flight Simulator” - NAVBLUE an AIRBUS company


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  7. 12 hours ago, edpatino said:

    Not very enthusiastic about this one. As already mentioned by others, the CRJ for P3D was a bad experience.

    Cheers, Ed


    12 hours ago, fakeflyer737 said:

    Hans Hartman has been known to disappoint (several times). 

    I never used it, could you elaborate please?

  8. 17 minutes ago, tutmeister said:

    Things are progressing from our side all be it much slower than we would like. The second lockdown has impacted some of our suppliers but we are still getting stuff in, just slowly. Hang in there you have not been forgotten.

    Did you know that there is a massive shortage of cardboard boxes due to the huge increase in online shopping? Amazon have bough up nearly all the paper stock!

    Thank you to everyone who is waiting, I know it is frustrating.


    🙂 thank you for yor fast reply, I feel much better now!!

    I didn't know about the boxes shortage 🙂 it is amazing how this pandemic have completely changed our world and how fast we are adapting...

  9. 2 hours ago, OSM said:

    Documentation file-path: ....\Official\OneStore\carenado-aircraft-pa44-seminole\SimObjects\Airplanes\Carenado_PA44_Seminole\Documentation

    PA44 Seminole Autopilot
    PA44 Seminole Emergency Procedures
    PA44 Seminole Normal Procedures
    PA44 Seminole Performance tables
    PA44 Seminole Reference


    Thank you!!!! an instant buy!!!

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