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  1. 17 minutes ago, tutmeister said:

    Things are progressing from our side all be it much slower than we would like. The second lockdown has impacted some of our suppliers but we are still getting stuff in, just slowly. Hang in there you have not been forgotten.

    Did you know that there is a massive shortage of cardboard boxes due to the huge increase in online shopping? Amazon have bough up nearly all the paper stock!

    Thank you to everyone who is waiting, I know it is frustrating.


    🙂 thank you for yor fast reply, I feel much better now!!

    I didn't know about the boxes shortage 🙂 it is amazing how this pandemic have completely changed our world and how fast we are adapting...

  2. 2 hours ago, OSM said:

    Documentation file-path: ....\Official\OneStore\carenado-aircraft-pa44-seminole\SimObjects\Airplanes\Carenado_PA44_Seminole\Documentation

    PA44 Seminole Autopilot
    PA44 Seminole Emergency Procedures
    PA44 Seminole Normal Procedures
    PA44 Seminole Performance tables
    PA44 Seminole Reference


    Thank you!!!! an instant buy!!!

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  3. 4 hours ago, rwy12 said:

    Hi Ray

    Many thanks for confirming my expectations. ..And edging me to spend even more money...I hope I get the  make payment call soon, I pre ordered  about a week ago.

    I was messaged back to wait for call to make payment.


    hum...I preordered on the first day (17 of August) and stil waiting for the payment call.....

  4. 12 hours ago, edvb said:

    No I talked to Chris and I am still a few weeks out before I get my E-mail. Just relax(Yea right!!!) the E-mail will arrive when your unit is ready😥


    6 hours ago, tutmeister said:

    Yes, no need to be worried. We are working through as fast as possible but it will still take a while. Sorry.

    We also monitor the uptake of order placement versus invitation emails so if spam filters catch it then you will get another email or message here or Facebook notifying you. Still over a month of back orders yet so don't worry.


    😌 Well, thank you!!

  5. 7 minutes ago, captain420 said:

    It's already enabled by default for me. Still doesn't fix the annoying Destination Path filename too long issue.

    @vgbaron that method doesn't work either. It still complains that the Destination Path filename is too long.


    ok, then the only way would be using the "robocopy" command from a command prompt but probably reinstall everithing in a shorter path like D:\MSFS is a better solution....

  6. 11 hours ago, captain420 said:

    I also have this problem. and also have my sim installed on another drive. D just like yours. It seems for those who have the sim installed on a drive other than default usually get this Destination Path Too Long error. You have to extract the file directly into the Community folder, and not just drag it in there.


    17 hours ago, fppilot said:

    I am getting an error when I attempt to position the mod into the Community folder.  Has to do with the length of filenames (paths).  When MFS installed I let it stay with it's default installation location.  How do I overcome this?  The full path to my Community folder is:







    It is a very, very old  windows problem!!

    you can try this but be sure to make a backup of your registry before...



  7. 4 hours ago, FPStewy said:

    I think the community has been very patient and accepting of it, MS has been upfront on what they are working on and that has been quiet good, except when it comes to this, they just acknowledged it.

    My issue is to have a 3rd party like Navigraph stepping in to fix it and acknowledging they have a beta in the works before the actual partner who's job is to provide this service. If MS doesn't fix or even address this before Navigraph steps in it's going to be very distressing at it's core in my opinion.

    I completely agree and this is the reason of the navigraph rush, I dont think Navblue data or charts are inferior to jeppesen (and this may be the reason behind the navigraph VFR charts) they are not there yet... Still I'll wait at least until the next cycle before making a choice.

  8. 55 minutes ago, dave2013 said:

    ATC is actually not bad, but unfortunately has not improved on what we've had for 15+ years with FS2004, FSX, and P3D.  Phraseology is inaccurate in a number of cases, and there is only a single voice included.

    Try to switch options->general->audio->vocal synthesis to "windows offline", still inaccurate phraseology, but you get more voices and regional accents too.

  9. 2 hours ago, harrry said:

    It seems to me the rush of Navigraph is in response to Microsoft realising it is failing in this regard.  I think a few contract clauses are being very closely looked at right now.

    I think that we are, as usual, too much impatient, Probably we will get navdata update with the nex patch; and let pass some more weeks to have the navblue partnership really engage...

  10. 1 hour ago, ShawnG said:

    Meh,  The night lighting critique is definitely on point, but I'm satisfied with the pack.  looks more like London with it than without it.  at flying altitudes it looks good, which after all is the point.


    you are partially right, it is bettere to have low res buckingham palace and london eye that not have them at all, but why replace perfectly sculpted buildings with lower quality counterparts?

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