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  1. FSX UI was like something that came out in 2006...oh wait it did.
  2. We? Game? 😉 Anyway I don't recall fsx being that way at all....once in flight you would have to exit to the flight plan page or look it up in the garmin.
  3. For that you will have to do what real pilots do...use the garmin or the ipad etc. I haven't tried in in msfs2020 with the g1000 but I could get them using the Garmin 500 in fsx, so I imagine you can do the same with the G1000 in msfs 2020.
  4. I notice there is a topic that asks this question and it dawned on me that most people are not aware that you can find ILS frequencies in game on the map. You just need to zoom into the airport...if it has ILS you will see a little icon posted at the end of the runway. Just click on it and the ILS frequency will pop up in the NAV window. I have a screenshot to share but I cannot attach it. G'day!
  5. Hey mates! You can view ILS frequencies simply by zooming in on the MSFS2020 Map. It will show the a little localizer icon, when you click it the ILS frequency pops up in the Nav window. I took a screenshot but there is no option for me to attach it.
  6. I'm not sure I understand you lads opting out of purchasing MSFS...even if it still has some issues they will all be ironed out. In the meantime you get to enjoy an awesome sim. I am flying all the same flights I used to fly in FSX but with a much better user interface, scenery, graphics, planes...everything.
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