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  1. Oh, it's my pleasure. 🙂 Except I had NO idea there was such a scam and almost bought it myself! Kinda embarrassed and since I always used either MSFS (2004 and FSX) or now, I use X-Plane, one of the major flightsims, I didn't even look at scams on flightsims. Oh well. I am glad I checked at the last minute before buying and saw the scam news.
  2. Hello All, I was searching for reviews of P3D v.5, just to see how it compared with X-Plane 11 with respect to airliners and scenery etc... when I found a review on a blog. I wanted to post it here so people are aware that "Virtualpilot3d.com" is a scam (apparently, since I've seen tons of scam reports on this forum referring to known FS sites reviewing it. Here is the link to this "best Flight sim" site: https://bestnewflightsimulatorgames.blogspot.com/ Just an FYI and a warning to our amazing Flight Sim community. 🙂 John Montreal, Canada
  3. Hi @Dave-Pilot2ATC, I love your program and it is truly a life-line for those of us who want to interact by talking to ATC as in real life, so thank-you for that! I guess this also means that we cannot get ground traffic taxi instructions at the airport for taxiing to and from the runway yet? I also use Traffic Global and ground traffic will have to be managed manually by me, by looking at TGs own flight path view map. FYI, using the final release of X-Plane 11.50 Vulkan.
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