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  1. When I move my sidestick on the Headwind A330 it's snow and stays where I release it, pulled back or to the left or right. It should return to the neutral position. What can I do to fix this?
  2. Because I’m mixing the original quadrant with sidestick x - just making sure before purchasing Yeah but it’s not which is why I’m asking if they’re compatible Thanks, yeah I’ll add that on in due courses, trying to stay within budget
  3. If I purchased the thrustmaster tca throttle quadrant on its own, then purchased the sidestixk X are they compatible? Cheaper to buy them individually vs as a package?! There’s no quadrant x is there?
  4. Thanks for the replies, 5800X or 5800X3D? The X has faster clock speed and turbo speed... same cores etc... not sure why the X3D ranks slightly better and if that makes a difference to MSFS? Edited 11 hours ago by NZAA
  5. Thanks for the replies, 5800X or 5800X3D? The X has faster clock speed and turbo speed... same cores etc... not sure why the X3D ranks slightly better and if that makes a difference to MSFS?
  6. Looking to upgrade my machine due to a power issue. Anyway I currently have a 2060Super and AMD3600X, 16GB RAM and only sim in 1080 for now. I’ve been given a quote which is just on budget and it includes a 4070 GPU and 5700X CPU… Am I better off keeping 2060 for now and putting coin into a better CPU or what should I do?? Remembering this is currently on a budget maybe slight over so a 4090 is out of the question
  7. Can’t afford a 4000 card. Really looking at those specs vs what I have
  8. My old machine crapped out today. Looking at a new one, i'm not sure on the specs thing so wondering if there is much better than what I have today... https://www.pbtech.co.nz/product/WKSGGPC50127/GGPC-RTX-3060-Gaming-PC-AMD-Ryzen-5-5600-6-Core-wi Currently: AMD 3600X 500GB SSD RTX 2060 Super 16GB DDR4 ram 500W power
  9. When I fly a ILS approach on the PMDG 737 vs FBW A320 the PMDG appears much higher with a faster decent… is this just me or does the 737 decend much faster than the A320 or is it just the sim tricking my eye
  10. Hi Guys, I'm researching my own home built switch panel. Just to change dials, turn things on and off etc. Not a replica cockpit. I've got a Arduino Leonardo board and also seen the MobiFlight scripts. Firstly these two are not compatible. So keep that in mind.. My Leonardo board can accept input from a switch and read this as a keyboard /joystick command, so that'll work. It just means I need to write the code. MobiFlight requires a new board but I believe I can get one locally (see link below) and is a lot more plug and play. My question are Does either have a limit on how many buttons switches I can use? Does either or both allow for readouts? l.e showing my heading. What are these readout boards called? Are there any good retailers online who sell very close to switches and toggles? (PMDG 737 or A320) https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/marketplace/electronics-photography/other-electronics/other/listing/3608981814 https://www.mobiflight.com/en/documentation/module.html Thanks in advance
  11. Didn't realize this existed. I'll post some specific questions there. Cheers
  12. Yeah it says they don't support it. https://www.mobiflight.com/en/documentation/module.html Where did you buy your board from? I can't seem to see one listed anywhere here in New Zealand so would need to find one with international shipping. MobiFlight does seem like plug and play a lot more and relies less on coding.
  13. Hi Everyone, One of my 'frustrations' with flight sim (any flight sim) is the loss of emersion when you have to grab your mouse or keyboard, scroll away from looking out the window to adjust things like auto pilot settings or turning on landing lights, seat belt signs etc. I'm keen to build a panel at home which replicates some of these common features. I fly FBW A320NX but more recently PMDG 737. I'm not yet looking at the FMC/MCDU, just other common switches and panels. I'm also not trying to replicate the layout yet. Just want to adjust dials or switch things on/off. I'm curious as to where to get started? I've seen this module https://www.mobiflight.com/en/documentation/module.html but also native tools like below. Does anyone have experience with these? I have a Arduino Leonardo board so would prefer to use that if I can
  14. I’ve been a flyby wire A320 fan for a very long time and I still love this aircraft. I’ve purchased the PMDG 737 for some variety and what an amazing aircraft this is. I’m still getting my head around some of the differences. my flights to date have been using and ILS approach, I’m disengaging autopilot when I’m close and have good visual. My question is how or what should I be doing to reduce speed before touchdown? Do I need to disengage autothrottle or what is the process exactly
  15. This was a bug a few days ago, pressing "Y" on the keyboard, then resuming the simulation was a workaround.
  16. So i'm trying to use the VNAV feature in experimental version of FBW. Let's say I was coming into LAX using the BAYST1 arrival... https://chartfox.org/KLAX#KLAX_57245 What do I set as my altitude and when? I know for take off, I set my max cleared altitude and it'll hold any limitations before climbing to my set alt. But for arrival when I do start....
  17. TO be honest, I just use the C1 & C2 toggle on the ground. That's moving the tiller more than anything though. In flight I don't use it. I'm wondering if pedals will help my flying / landing.
  18. Currently flying the FBW A320 but will be looking at PMDG 737 when it's released. Only looking at Saitek pedals as I assumed they'd need to be compatible with my yoke. I was considering the Airbus sidestick but haven't done it yet because I wasn't sure if I'd switch to Boeing and PMDG based on their future 777 as well. Based on the fact they can be independent, what good options are out there? Here's two local supplies in NZ https://www.computerlounge.co.nz/ProductCatList.aspx?q=rudder pedals&scid=-1 https://www.pbtech.co.nz/search?sf=rudder+pedals&search_type=prediction Cost is towards the upper end of what I want to spend, but have family heading to the USA shortly who could pick something up over there.
  19. I don't know? Can you have two different inputs like this or do the rudder pedals need to be 'compatible'. I'm asking because I don't know.
  20. I have this yoke system, has anyone brought compatible rudder peddles? are they any good? I'm happy with the yoke itself. Had it for years no issues. https://www.saitek.com/uk/prod-bak/yoke.html
  21. I've been flying the A320NX for a while now, always turning on AP1 after positive climb once I've cleared the runway. Auto pilot until I'm on the ILS or have visual then land manually. I'm wanting to improve my knowledge of the aircraft Here's a few questions, if you can reply referencing the number I'd appreciate it. What is the LOC button and where/when do you use it? What is the EXPED button? again where and when does it get used? What is ADF? Does RNAV arrival work in FBW yet? How does one fly a VOR arrival at NZAA? I can't find any VOR markers or charts. See the link below. I can only find the approach charts. https://www.aip.net.nz/document-category/Aerodrome-Charts
  22. So when someone says expect vectors, is plain English it's like saying expect directions which will be in the form of a heading which you then follow. So in your example for here https://www.airservicesaustralia.com/aip/current/dap/SSYSR02-170_24MAR2022.pdf You'd simply stay on 264 after crossing TESAT for a while, you want to intercept ANKUB at 10nm so long enough than when you left turn back towards ANKUB you'll intercept it this far out plus some room to straighten up
  23. Thanks for the replies. I didn't remove any discontinuity warnings. Just looking at the charts. Following the MARLN5 arrival it takes me to TESAT which is directly above the airfield. Runway 7 is coming in from the left of the chart 062'. So to get lined up at ANKUB which is off to the left (of the image) I'd need to go to an unknown point and turn around? Sorry for not using aviation terms. I'm still learning. To achieve this ATC would normally give me vectors of directions? Therefore following charts in MSFS without VATSIM is not possible? Is there a way I could find or should know what these vectors are or would be? https://www.airservicesaustralia.com/aip/current/dap/SSYSR02-170_24MAR2022.pdf https://www.airservicesaustralia.com/aip/current/dap/SSYII07-161_24MAR2022.pdf
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