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  1. 23 minutes ago, DJJose said:

    You like to use simbrief. SimToolKit works perfectly with simbrief. You choose your aircraft, create your flights with simbrief, and load them into SimToolKit. Then you can watch your progress on the SimToolKit map. It even has weather overlays.

    You can also create custom FPs with Little Nav Map, export the plan, then import with SimToolKit, the as above.

    In real life after departure ATC takes over the flight from start to finish. If you want to fly full DPs & STARS in your sim, you can do that anytime you want by adding them to the FP as required.

    If your goal is "situational awareness," that can be easily be achieved with "little nav map" (a moving map) or "simtoolkit."

    Don't make it harder than it really is.

    No it doesn't.

    Use my examples above. Simbrief uses SID which aren't available in these two tools. 

  2. 1 hour ago, DJJose said:

    Can you elaborate on what you mean since your original question was,

    "But I'm wondering if there's a tool that'll show my location as as well as my planned flight?"


    I either create a flight in simbrief but can't create it in Little Nav or SimTookKit as the SID/STAR are different. 

    Or I create a flight plan here which then can't be used in the game for the very same reason?

    It's like Pepsi and Coke... they're different!! How can you use them interchangeably? 

  3. 1 minute ago, Stearmandriver said:

    Er?  Useless just because it doesn't have up to date sids/stars?

    I often use LNM  to plan my vatsim IFR flights.  Its autorouting feature makes this a snap.  Then, if sids/stars are applicable, I just reference real-world charts and choose an appropriate one.  It's pretty easy, and LNM still does most of the work for me... definitely don't think I'd call it useless lol. 

    For me yes, I'd prefer to stick with SimBrief for flightplanning as I can import the flight plan using the FBW A32NX.

    If I could replicate here then i could follow my plan and progress which is what my orgingal post was about.

    Of course i could get a Navigraph subscription but I just can't justify the price for how often I'd use it. Please don't take this as a criticism of the application, it's not. My comment was in relation to how I intend to use it.

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  4. Is it just me or is this aircraft seriously over powered? TOGA thrust just after wheels up almost immediately shot up to OVERSPEED and climbing like a fighter jet? 


    Is this a known issue or have I done something wrong?

    Is there a workaround for it?

    Unfortunately it kills the immersion of real flying, it's not a criticism just a genuine question. I'm not sure if the developers have a discord or their own website/foru,

  5. 1 hour ago, Stearmandriver said:

    Check out Little Navmap; I think it's the single best freeware project I've seen for flight sim.  It's a standalone app for flight planning and navigation, with ownship position on a moving map (and SO much more.)  You can easily mirror it to any other device connected to your home network, so it's easy to have the LNM map showing your position on a tablet next to you as you fly in the sim. Really good stuff. 

    Cheers for this. It looks like it has loads of features. 

    Worth noting though, are the charts long out of date or out of sync with MSFS. I don't use Navigraph. 


    VVSP: Arrival as per simbrief, EMRIT EMRIT1C VTSP/09.

    In Little Navmap 2.6.16, there's no arrival procedures EMRIT1C, nothing starting with E either.


    NZAA: Departure as per simbrief: NZAA/23L LEVRA1P KARRL

    In Little Navmap, I only have LENG1A and LENG2P, which are valid but different procedures. 

    Is there a way to improve this so simbrief, MSFS and Littlenav map are at least similar?


    Another common departure from NZAA23L is STEA1P, this is missing too.

  6. 4 minutes ago, Mike S KPDX said:

    Skyvector does have SID/STAR charts.  Right click on the airport, this will expand the menu and you will see all the associated charts.  No, MSFS may be updated periodically, but does not include all the navigation information (only about 70%).  So, skyvector is current and MSFS is only 'partially' current when sim updates come out.

    For only flying a few times a week, sounds like you really dont need Navigraph.

    The SkyVector trick seems to work in the USA only

  7. If I'm not mistaken https://skyvector.com/ can help you plan a route between two airports however you still need to find specific SID and Star/Approach charts?

    A few questions. Is Sky Vector and MSFS in sync?

    Secondly other than Navigraph is there a good place to get Charts without having to try finding each specific authority who owns the charts.

    I've found https://chartfox.org/ which is so far the best place. I'm just wondering if there's anything else out there.

    I fly once or twice a week at most sometimes not at all so can't justify the cost of a Navigraph membership

    I've found these tools but easier to use Sim Brief as they don't include SID & Stars




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  8. Well I got an extra 16GB (2x8GB DDR4 3200Mhz) and wow what a difference, no change in settings yet but did a flight yesterday and not a single lag, shutter or delay anywhere to be seen. 

    Will look to ramp up some settings to see if I can get a slight improvement in places in due course. 

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