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  1. I get a little bit of shuttering / lagging but don’t want to turn down my settings. I’ve watched some YouTube videos but the technical stuff going above my head. Ive seen my 16GB memory near full at times when using MSFS will getting another 16GB help? Currently have 2x8GB DDR4 3200mhz
  2. I see youtube videos where people move the camera around all over the place, into the terminal. up close and the wheels etc. How is this done?
  3. I've looked here https://www.flightsimulator.com/december-9th-2021-development-update/ but can't see the answer. When's the release date for SU7 and do we have a list of things going in? Also what's coming and when for WU8??? There used to be a chart showing their development progress over the coming months.
  4. No thanks. I play for the scenery and am keen to get some improvement where I can. 32Gb of ram or another 2x 8GB doesn’t cost much if it helps
  5. Currently running AMD 3600X with a RTX 2060 Super and 2x 8GB of DDR4 Ram. Ive watched some comparisons if I did an upgrade on my CPU but without a 3090 etc there’s no noticeable improvement. Would a doubling of RAM to 32Gb help or is this a case of save up and get a 3090 and then new CPU as well. This could be years away!! what am I trying to achieve, just a general improvement around settings and shuttering / lag at higher end spec.
  6. For various reasons I've almost stopped using MSFS but are holding out for widebody aircraft. I keep it updated and every so often go in a update A320NX and check out what's changed.. Some weird stuff is happening can anyone help with these? Why do i get a compass, airspeed, engine %, flaps all the time Why do I get what appears to be pins all over the landscape? Why do i get auto ATC which includes auto push back even if it don't want it or am not ready
  7. was looking for a summary over several pages of reading which branches off into sub topics. Apparently its easier to reply and be unhelpful than use the same key strokes to give a helpful one-liner
  8. Okay if I can please ask that we keep this factual as best we can. What's the advantage / disadvantage of using this Google maps add-on Looking at things such as performance improvement/reduction... impact to other add-on... Obviously the reason for the add-on is scenery improvement.. so we can ignore that. I'll test that myself.
  9. Will directx 12 make much of a difference next month? should I wait and see how the effects things first? I’m not unhappy just looking ahead for when sales happen
  10. So I’ve been out of the sim for a month, got a bit tired of short haul flights all the time. Has there been any movement on 3rd party wide body development? I see so many small prop aircraft being added. I don’t have the box 787 as I didn’t buy that package abs refused to pay 100% more now for one aircraft. 747 is an option but it’s not floating my boat. Out of interest are there add ons like FBW for this? talking of FBW I know there’s been no movement on their A380 as far as expected dates. But accepted next year if we’re lucky. QW: Nothing Mega Pack: A330 is what you’d expect for free Captain Sim is a fancy shell but tempted to go there if there are add ons to improve flight deck panels etc PMDG focusing on 737 I believe anything else??
  11. So looking at what it would take to ramp up my scenery experience CPU GPU Power Memory?? Currently I have 3600X 2x 8GB DDR4 2060Super 500W
  12. I often see these? not in one specific location, in various cities around the world. What is it?
  13. Cheers mate, I PC restart sorted it. Should've tried before.
  14. Purchased via MS store... When I start the game it doesn't update. In New Zealand 10am on 28th July. Should be available
  15. what's more up to date, free SimBrief or MSFS? Should I log into charfox and select my own?
  16. I'm trying to fly my A32NX into KLAS. Tried ILS 01L, 26L and others. Using SimBrief I'm getting CLARR3 arrival into 26L but there's nor CLARR3 on my MCDU. The only C's I get are CHOWW1, COKTL1 & CRES04. The other option I've tried is via 01L which uses CLARR3 or KEPEC6 but there's no STARS beginning with K at all. How are you meant to fly into KLAS? Am I meant to just pick one and then using the plan knob and the right range look on my PFD? MCDU menu, active nav data 17-JUN-14 JUL
  17. I'm posting it in this thread because I solely use the FBW A32NX mod in MSFS. I currently use a Saitek Yoke control with throttle quadrant as it's all I have. Looking for options in a joystick / sidestick. I've heard the Thrustmaster Airbus version is overpriced for what you get but at least it comes with throttle quadrant. Are there any other options out there? The Logitech X56 is more expensive than Airbus. Is it any better? not sure if it'll have engine starts, the ability to add addons like airbus and is there reversers etc The 16000M is priced very well but what do people do with thrust? do they use the tiny slider on the base of the stick?
  18. You've only got 3 options, I have L-AXIS X, L-AXIS Y, L-AXIS Z, R-AXIS X & R-AXIS Y
  19. Can anyone with a Siatek Yoke or similar tell me what sensitivity setting they have
  20. I'm trying to get into more general aviation. It's freaken hard to land on a smaller runway. The smallest movements up/down or left/right make really dramatic differences when flying. It's near impossible to line up and be in line and the right speed * height. Any suggestions.
  21. 17 mins in, he keeping chuckling at bad jokes. Does he get to the point?
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