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  1. Are there any good step by step tutorials for how to fly from point a to point b using these aircraft?
  2. I’ve not touched the autopilot. Simple take off and VFR flight
  3. Do you have an info on this? I couldn’t see it on their website
  4. Flying the Grand Caravan last night for the first time, it bounded around wildly, small movements did nothing then it’d roll or pitch dramatically. Would feel very sorry for any passengers that’s for sure. I’m used to the A320 which is smooth. Is this how it reacts in real life and or the sim or do I need to change something? thoughts?
  5. Are there any payware or very good freeware regional turboprops out there in production or development? I’m talking the 30-80 seat size. I think there’s a Q300 and ATR on flightsim.to how good are they now? I first got them the modelling was average at best. Functions limited.
  6. Thanks to all those who offered helpful advice and suggestions and remained out of the politics and assumptions on my post. I've copied down some suggestions and troubleshoot issues. I'll take a look at these and work through them. CTD seems have had the biggest response. I only have FBW and liveries for them. Nothing else. FBW is updated, or checked before each flight using their installer. On landing. I'll check my controls and test, no wind, mixture of aircraft etc and try isolate the issue this way. Not following the route, I don't think I got much opinion on that one.
  7. 4 words out of an entire post and that's your synopsis of it all lol. Make from it what you will. Including my last sentence, but I guess your assumption prevented you from reading everything.
  8. Did I? wow thanks for being my phycologist, do you know what I'm thinking now? Either way, you couldn't help yourself and replied lol
  9. I've kept my opinion to myself, had an open mind and given it a crack all while on Facebook many many others have rubbished this game (Yes Game. It's not a Sim). I'm still getting the odd desktop crash. No idea why, it's random but happens often for a bit then it's fine for a few weeks. Almost daily I'm getting to a point in my trip where I either stop following the flight plan and just carry on in any particular direction, normally directly to the airport or I just do circles around one. Before I land, I'm check up my peddles are even so I head straight down the runway on touchdown but the moment I hit the runway I jerk off to the left or right and that's reflected in my pedals. Nothing like sliding down the runway sideways to make for a realistic experience. I'm using FBW A320 as the default one is useless. I've set the deadzone to 20%. I've tweaked this to the point where my Saitek yoke unit handles like a go-cart. Are there any final tricks before I mothball this sim for several months. The graphics and scenery are mind-blowingly good so I will be back but for now it's painful.
  10. Cheers. I've been playing around with the graphics settings, windowed etc. Just wanted to see if it was a known link or unrelated.
  11. I saw a post of facebook about a user claiming the NVIDIA driver was the cause of his system crashes. The comments roasted him for the claim. But I've had 3 crashes in the last 2 days since the update. Is there a known link?
  12. I'm not sure if it's overclocked or not. I'm not that much of an expert. GPU temp is shown above, 70c What's LOD's? I've turned my second screen off using "WIndows + P" key combination and made it windowless like yesterday. Another improvement
  13. Yeah it was windowed. Here's a small improvement going to full screen, exact same set up. In these scenarios, I've had no other MSFS windows open. I've noticed that does a huge drop in FPS. I do have chrome open (2 windows with 10ish tabs each) and another small application. No games or anything.
  14. Ultra settings. Clear Skies, FBW end of the runway, somewhere in the middle of the US at midday(ish). Is RAM my issue? sat there idle at 80% without doing anything.
  15. I know this isn't Call of Duty and you don't need huge FPS but I'm getting 10-17 on ultra and 25-30 at Low-End. It's very jumpy around airports like LAX when coming into land on customer settings a lot either HIGH or Medium. Here's my specs SSD with 543GB free after install. GPU: RTX 2060 Super 16GB DDR4 3200mhz RAM CPU: AMD 3600X Motherboard B450 Pro 2 Monitors, HDMI & DVI 1080p (playing on one only) NVIDIA drivers up to date, latest yesterday While my machine isn't high end, I see a LOT of other people getting way better framerates. I also though I'd see a huge improvement when set to low end but didn't. The only thing in my community folder is the FBW A320NX and 30 livery folders for it. I do have the Orbx Changi WSSS scenery from the marketplace as well. The only other things open is Chrome. What can I be doing wrong?
  16. Anyone been able to get the reversers to work the A320NX & MSFS
  17. Okay, first of all - I know there's a million and one topics on this but bear with me. I've got a Ryzen 3600X CPU, SSD drive, RTX2060 Super GBU 16GB DDR4 ram and I'm happy with the performance of MSFS. But I get 8-20FPS in busy airports and want to crank up some settings to improve graphics. My love in this sim is scenery What options will give me best bang for buck and or what order should I do these in? Upgrade to 32GB DDR4 ram with 2 more 8GB cards Move to 2x 16GB DDR4 Wait for DDR5 ram and get 32GB Move to dedicated SSD Move onto M.2 Upgrade to Ryzen 5900X or similar Get second GPU 2060 Super? (not sure if this can be done) Just wait and get RTX 3000 series card At this stage I'm playing 1080p but would like to increase this
  18. Okay, just an update. Going to idle on finals at about 50ft seems to work very nicely. Two near perfect landings this morning
  19. I wonder why people spend their own time being part of a community if this is how they help each other
  20. Cheers, I assumed it was that but wasn’t entirely sure that’s all I needed.
  21. What Navigraph subscription do you need to set basic flight plans? dep, SID/Star etc https://navigraph.com/products/subscriptions
  22. Cheers, for the replies On the second INIT screen on the MCDU, is the "block" value is just the FOB from my top ECAM screen? So if ECAM says "FOB: 9460" in block I add 9.4? ZFW - is worked out by itself? Is there anything I need to do to adjust pax/cargo load?
  23. I'm using the FBW A32NX aircraft. Playing around with RNAV landings. All is going reasonably well. When I get to retard I'm idling power but I seem to float, If I pull back I get some height. I'm setting the temp, wind, QNH etc on the approach screen on the MCDU. Speed is same as on this screen, today 137kts What could I be doing wrong?
  24. I think megapack have the a330. Has there been any movements on other study level widebidy aircraft? any dates on FBW A380
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