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  1. When I read posts about being “radio vectored” or similar- what exactly does this mean? is anyone able to provide an example. I normally fly Dep > SID > Waypoint to waypoint > STAR > approach where does this happen and when?
  2. There's tools such as onlineflightplanner and simbrief which work out waypoints between destination and arrival airports. These two don't work out your SID then STAR. So I'm left going to something like ChartFox to figure out my STAR then Approach. It's okay but not every airport is there and it's realy headache to switch between all the charts to find what I need. Is there a free tool out there that can help with this? https://chartfox.org/ http://onlineflightplanner.org/ https://www.simbrief.com/
  3. I'm trying to load NZAA-NZWN Departure 05R, PAGLA3Q (PAGL3Q) via KARRL http://www.aip.net.nz/pdf/NZAA_62.1_62.2.pdf I get this random USR point?!? Why? How can I remove it?
  4. So if I was flying STAR RNAV23LS into NZAA and final approach from EMRAG where would I set APPR Here's the charts http://www.aip.net.nz/pdf/NZAA_33.17_33.18.pdf http://www.aip.net.nz/pdf/NZAA_45.1_45.2.pdf
  5. So I’m new to RNAV and have finally nailed my first few full routes. question though, I’ve seen this done on videos at different times. When do you active APPR button? Before STAR before final Approach or when? Also does LOC and EXPED play are part in this or when are they used?
  6. So I've flown 130+ hours in the A320 all ILS all using my Saitek Yoke system most using the A320NX mode. I thought I'd start to play with RNAV approach. I've tried NZRO-NZAA (short hop) NZRO/36 NIKOR2R KAMLA then with a RNAV23LS approach. My plan and map all show a correct path into NZAA. When I get to the weigh point before my approach the plane heads direct for NZAA. I try disconnect AP and reconnect. Try direct to next weigh point in MCDU nothing works. The moved to ILS23 at NZAA same happened. Tried on my Logitech Attrack 3 joystick but have moved back to my yoke Megapack liveries, NZRO, NZAA,NZCH freeware scenery installed. Dev mode of A32NX in use. I know the first response will be move to stable and delete all addon's. I'll be doing that next. But as I'm about to go to work. Is there something I'm doing, a particular addon causing this? Does anyone want to give it a crack and see if it happens to them.
  7. When I try do an RNAV landing on a particular runway, I've given loads of options like RNAV05R XY RNAV05R TU RNAV05R XS What's the difference, what one to select?
  8. So do I need to know the alt of the airport, if its 3,000ft and I'm at 6,000ft I should assume I'm 3,000 above the ground (without factoring in mountain ranges)
  9. Don't laugh, Today I flew KLAX-KDEN. On descending into KDEN I got "Two thousand five hundred" at like 11,000ft What do I set to overcome this? obviously the airport is at altitude
  10. Has anyone made their own button box controller? I'm considering this option for lights, auto pilot controls on MSFS and the A32NX. Just curious on a) where you got switches/dials from? (I have a local store but they're very generic) b) Is there any place you can buy second hand / scrapped A320 dials/switches from?
  11. I've posted this on the discord but will post here as well incase I get the answer here but also to make it a answer for future users here should I get an answer. I've loaded and completed a flight using the FBW & SimBrief integration. Landed at my destination and now want to return. Is there a way to load another SimBrief flight plan without exiting to the main screen?
  12. I've had two crashes in the last 24 Hours. No addon's except WSSS (Orbx) purchased via the in Sim Catalog and FBW A32NX. Both crashes ex WSSS. Is there a log to find out what caused the crash? Hoping I might be able to resolve it myself if it's system related vs SIM related.
  13. I'm not getting any info on my display? Not even Auto Pilot, MCDU.. all LCD screens blank. Power to the aircraft, lights working, sounds working just no displays. Any ideas
  14. What setting is clouds set under, I might try make that ULTRA
  15. Here's clouds vs clear skies. I see others screenshots which are far less pixelated. My clear skies photos shows how clear other scenery is.
  16. Cheers for this. So the overall 43 FPS here are the same. What's the L.1% and L0.1% data? What exactly am I looking at? I typically do A32NX flying and love the scenery so try max it out as best I can.
  17. I LOVE MSFS. This is not a crissum. It's a question. I feel like during one of the updates or during one of my settings changes, I've made the clouds slightly pixelated. Is there a particular setting I set to MAX to improve the pixilation of my clouds?
  18. I’m getting conflicting answers, has anyone gone from 16GB to 32GB RAM? Ive had many people say in many places, get more ram. ive also see YouTube channels and others say it makes little difference.
  19. I’ve seen. A few screenshots of a program, old school ugly/dos looking thing that apparently improves your FPS rate. does anyone know what this is? is it any good
  20. What will give me more bang from buck (free). MSFS is currently on my C drive (SSD) and I have 16GB of DDR ram. I can get either a 1TB SSD or another 16GB of ram for free... which should I grab to improve MSFS
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