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  1. This looks amazing.. anyone purchased this yet? Keep to see what it looks like on various systems. I've got a RTX2060Super, AMD 3600X 16GB ram... https://orbxdirect.com/product/cityscapesydney-msfs Great value for money I think.
  2. I'm going mental over this. I think it's me not the Sim so am asking what I'm doing wrong. Trying to fly SIN-BOM (WSSS-VABB). Looking at just the arrival into BOM, set ILS RNWY 14, using the MOLG2C STAR as MSFS doesn't have MOLGO1C.. look at my flight path lol SimBrief: ROUTING: ROUTE ID: DEFRTE WSSS/20R AROSO4F AROSO Y339 GEMAS B466 GUNIP N571 AGELA MOLGO1C VABB/14
  3. A bit random... but when you fly in real life, the pilot on most airlines anyway gives you a pretty exact arrival time... i.e. "we expect to have out outside the gate at 19 minutes past the hour" etc Or you hear around the industry the aircraft is due in "in 17 minutes"... Is there a way in MSFS of working this out? I'm mainly talking of the A320 aircraft...
  4. A broad question... I included ILS as it's the only one I know. Instrument Landing System. Keep the purple vertical and horizontal diamonds in the middle on final approach 🙂 But what's the rest of this? What's this for? I guess I know NDB (No directional beacon) but don't really understand that either. Is someone willing to explain it all or is there a simple Sim version?
  5. In FSX you used to be able to hit 'Q' and mute the program.. I can't find a feature like this in MSFS. Does it exist? I'm trying to fly and watch TV during cruise on longer sectors.
  6. Tried this before and kept saying not in database. Tried again and it worked. Must have been me.
  7. So as my title suggests, once I've completed a flight . Gone to the gate, how can I clear that sector from my MCDU in preparation for a second or next flight?
  8. Cheers, I've read a few references to that service. Given how casual I am, I'm not really keen on paying $15(NZD) a month to get charts. I've backdated SimBrief to Jun which is the 'database date' within MSFS but it's still using SIDS and STARS which aren't available in MSFS. Surely, if they're going to offer SIDS they'd need to be reasonably up to date? Do you just need to use the boring MSFS welcome/setup screen to set a flight plan? or just guess which SIDS/STARS are in a line?
  9. I've tried flights ex KIX (RBJJ) HKG (VHHH) now WLG (NZWN) using flight plans from SimBrief and other free services. All give a flight plan with a SID which isn't in MSFS? Am I doing something wrong? Looking at flying NZWN > NZCH via Sim Brief. The various flight plans ex NZWN using RNWY34 offer SID's KALE2P, POLA2P or POLA2R. Using the A32NX FlyByWire model I'm getting DAMB09, ISNI4P, ISNI4T, KALE3P, NZWN2B, POLA5P,POLA4R, RUGDI5, WITB1A, WITB2B I've tried on the default A320 as well, it's no different. What's in the names, my SimBrief plan says using KALE2P and MSFS offers KALE3P... could I just use this instead? Sorry new to this and I'm keen on setting flight plans in the MCDU so I can land and go again without exiting the Sim
  10. I'm trying to fly the A320 and using the FMC or MCDU as it's called now I see... I've used the below tutorial. In my example RJBB-VHHH (Kansai to Hong Kong so major airport I ended up with YME when using the Sim Brief Version I can do the INIT, PREF and page I click F-PLN select top left then select my runway and try to find a 'SID'? In my example I can't find TOMOH1 or POPPY??? What am I doing wrong? How can I delete points like YME which appears to be way off course? How can I insert points? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7UJlJMJdfk Sim Brief TOMOH1 KRE V53 SUC Y24 KOSHI A1 MAGOG V512 ABBEY ABEY3A Flight Plan Database RJBB POPPY Y34 SUKMO Y50 KOSHI A1 HLG HLG A1 SWORD MKG MKG A1 MAGOG VHHH https://flightplandatabase.com/plan/3420842
  11. Looking at replacing my Saitek home with a joystick as most of my flying is with with Airbus. Whats the best compatible joystick /throttle combo to do with for Airbus A320 flying on MSFS?
  12. I’m new to Sim Flying and have a Saitek Yoke and Throttle. I’ve lately seen the Thrustmaster Airbus Edition joystick and throttle panel. are these new for MSFS? are they any good? What’s the best and also best value for money joystick and throttle system?
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