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  1. CRJ-900 Hud broken now in that sim. Ill give them one last chance then assume the worst to what's going on. Really hope they can fix it cause its a really beautiful sim in the environment way,
  2. Also Bios settings and game compatibility. Might be issues yet found in the sim. Watch from 11.20 Intel 12900K Issue Report: VBS, Game DRM, BIOS & Power Limits, Cooler Spacing, & PCIe 5 - YouTube
  3. Official Display Driver Uninstaller DDU Download (wagnardsoft.com) Ver 496.49 Driver Gamma correction off in Settings. Old may be stable but just using the latest.
  4. Ordering Monday if the website allows. Might not be able to get this after the new year so now or maybe never.
  5. HxD is a hex editor. CC is a halt instruction so when the code goes looking for the line in smallpushback file it will stop any reference to the small tug or other file you want removed. Looping is just a never ending updating circle or a infinite please wait after updating. Apologies for the techie explanation however your way does work too but may cause CTDs more. To do this drag file into HxD64 then goto select all then fill selection and on right with hex vaules put in CC and save. It saves backup as bak file. Update Do not do this for the A330 or A380 or any aircraft as the smoke trail would still be left. Just edit aircraft.cfg in quadengine and twinengine or any other aircraft folder as ai traffic=0
  6. Or you could use HxD and fill the file with CC and save it with the .bak file but it may send the update into the dreaded looping without restoring first.
  7. Bit twichy? no reason to use the EFB at all everythings done via navigraph and importing to the fmc. Make sure to tick realistic company routes in configurator import set alt and zfw. Aerosoft a330 has issues where youll see lightning flashes over cockpit. Still better models than the fs2020 a320.
  8. 11900k and DDR3200. No issues however no comparison between the 2 ATM. Just make sure the PSU is 850 watt upwards whatever you decide now.
  9. Be aware this new tech going to need beefier Power supplies too with Alder lake power draw.
  10. Us slow internet peeps can only wish for this. Sigh.
  11. Was going to do this too. Looks like it may support DDR4-3200 too. If this is possible use what you have as the read write timings are very sloppy at present with DDR5 giving DDR4-3200 the edge and giving your rated mem even more of an edge. However Latency is better with DDR5 for a longer term upgrade.
  12. Set on in the Nvidia control panel by default. T.Y for the idea. ill give it a go
  13. Too common to be a Vram issue now thank god. ill test the basic updated w11 drivers and see if it comes back.
  14. Not even second flight. A320 tail looks like a chess board at night lit up. Thought the Vram had gone. unistalled DCH Nvidia drivers and used W11 updater to replace and no issue so far.
  15. Not sure of how steam works but the Store version after uninstalling then reinstalling requires a 2 second update download to the same folder where you had the official folder (not c drive in this example) then pausing exiting and deleting that sacrificial folder then copying back the other backup folder to the same place finally running the FS app then it finding the copied backup finally executing. Do this with an unmodded official folder so as to future update. Not sure if this may help but if you can find where steam placed the official folder as you may be able to do a similar trick fooling a reinstall into working with the backup folder.
  16. Hoping its not a repeat of this Link below Just Flight BAE 146 - X-Plane or P3D version - The Prepar3d Forum - The AVSIM Community Once tweaked as mentioned its still a beauty in P3D with basic white livery.
  17. Ok good find. Best method is your way or edit the panel.cfg file as mentioned as last resort. Also if other Aircraft liveries have the ASX320 returned do the same as above.
  18. As below Edit painting00= line in [Vpainting01] to look like below. [VPainting01] size_mm = 2048,512 texture = $RegistrationNumber location = exterior painting00=Registration/Registration.html?display=none Then save file.
  19. Ahh ok yep see if it its is there in the default a320neo/panel folder if not i dont know where it would be. im assuming its using the default a320 using an updated panel.cfg SU6 patched file. Can you check if the default a320neo/panel/panel.cfg file has been updated? if so edit back to ?display=none
  20. Official MSFS folder then ......a320neo first folder then goto panel folder then panel.cfg then look in file for exterior.. and change registration.html? .....2048.... to registration.html?display=none
  21. Check a320neo/panel folder and see if the panel.cfg has been updated then edit in registration.html?display=none
  22. Found the proper fix. Hex editing wont work as after putting back the tail number or changing it reverts back to ASX320 and sticks. Fix was in forum. So thankyou to that poster on the Flight Simulator Forum. Use notepad++ goto panel.cfg in a320-neo folder Edit painting00= line in [Vpainting01] to look like below. [VPainting01] size_mm = 2048,512 texture = $RegistrationNumber location = exterior painting00=Registration/Registration.html?display=none Works with other aircraft using the display=none edit that have the panel.cfg file. Also make sure Aircraft mods in community folder in aircraft.cfg use atc_id = "" ; tail number with no spaces between brackets.
  23. One way maybe to go through piston-singlengines and turbo-singlengines folder in official folder and change line isAirTraffic = 0 This should remove any piston and turboprop AC from airports totally however the sideeffect is small GA's they're gone too. You could do this for the multiengines folder too an in payware AC if they have the Aircraft.cfg file in.
  24. 1080p Med/High 30fps Vsync here. No real difference between 4 an 8k liveries.
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