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  1. Yep backup file and copy to desktop delete .txt extension edit it there and copy back to the original directory.
  2. For Cold dark/ ready for taxi etc try setting your aircraft as you want and saving as a scenario then close P3D and reopen with that saved scenario and you should have the aircraft saved state there. Aerosoft airbus works this way as you set everything up and then saving. As for ownership don't bother as P3D directory is read only and PMDG aircraft set this up for you but do require full admin rights to run their aircraft as its needed giving you an idea on how deep Windows UAC/Account rights go. Hope that helps.
  3. Make sure in airbus configurator Realistic Company Route is ticked before performing the above. This really needs to be fixed on all Aerosoft Airbus products (318-330) Minor gripe is that the setting for taxi and take off state on the A318-A330 still have the aircraft switched off also the A319-A320 have the tray table pop out at altitude when it hasn't even been clicked. Sorry to spam.
  4. BUMP Quickstart guide Set aircraft state to taxi state and save Load fuel 19 tonnes if load no visible go back to taxi state and click on it again Next Create a flightplan in Simbrief i.e KJFKKORD01 and save to flightplan in documents..... Then load in as KJFK/KORD as shown and click from/to top button to the right then insert Next load in crz alt i.e 30000 then left button next to it Finally ZFW and double click on button next to it. Works 100% Just got this to work. Not a bug!
  5. Make sure XMP and PTT are enabled in BIOS. XMP for Memory and PTT for TPM allowing Windows 11 future upgrade. Hold off for now the BIOS update as i got caught in a misflash nearly bricking mine using @BIOS.
  6. Yes was thinking wrong about it. Good call.
  7. Don't know about 4.5 but in 5.2 you can turn mipmaps off especially for the PMDG aircraft so the VC looks better. Not sure if that's what you mean.
  8. On clean install of W11 Insider preview with P3D 5.2. AffinityMask is redundant. OS spreads the load over more cores by default. Running on 11900k. Not sure what Ryzen or 10th Gen down would look like.
  9. You could but it may make the program unstable looking for a file that doesn't exist. So i just mod the file internally. Not to say any other points are valid.
  10. You set HDR off and Affinitymask in Prepar3d.cfg? VSYNC on? PMDG aircraft turn panel mipmap off And if you have issues with terrain spikes use HxD editor removing them from the hazards.bgl file editing CC into the whole file and saving.
  11. P3D. Sorry bad wording. EA on Vol clouds off and cloud coverage density maximum leaving AS clouds as default.
  12. Make sure cloud coverage density set to maximum for ActiveSky
  13. Goto add remove programs uninstall flight sim then when ready run store reinstall and browse the sim install to the directory you want. Community folder will be in that new folder you create too not that long path on c drive.
  14. You left DVD 1 in the drive when running from the store library? Cant help any further than that. Files should've come on a USB key not DVDs. Goes to show you their outdated business model. Use them to buy joysticks no issues there.
  15. Best way would be from clean install of Windows is to install FS2020 to C drive and when asked download the main program to H drive to a folder you create. Now those 2 folders (Wp... ETC) are on the H drive you have to uninstall FS2020 from the Store and get everything off H drive you want to keep then low level format to clean off the file system on H finally start the above process again. Reason is if you have to clean install again the main files would be on your H drive and those 2 folders will be gone for good on the old W10 C drive install. What worries me is the 2 folders cannot be properly removed even with permission. Bad design there.
  16. Only fix i found was to copy the backup files to where theyre safe and uninstall F2020 then use mini partition wizard to delete the backup drive partition reboot after and run the wizard again and recreate the partition and copy back the files to the backup drive and reinstall the 1.5gigs then when asked by the installer point to the backup drive where the FS2020 folder resides and no more windowsapps WPSystem folders on the backup drive only now residing on the c drive and installer (1.5 gigs) then the main folder on the other drive. Don't know if this can help anyone with store version and the 2 prevalent folder issue.
  17. Might be the peripheral bug issue? One solution would be delete the folders in ......./SystemAppData/wgs/ and run sim again so the sims resets. You might be up for a bit of data to download though so backup the folder first and if it works nuke the backup folder as it prolly corrupted.
  18. Look for the install path on the c drive where the discs are installing and it maybe a default path that cant be changed by user?. Also you might be able to create a folder on desktop and copy the discs to that allowing for overwrites of files then eject disks and install from folder. Also go into add/remove and see if flight sim has been installed and remove and try the default path install again or try from the folder option. Also The sim may ask for a disc when running to verify for copy protection.
  19. DDR5 coming soon then 64GB would be minimal for this sim. As for pagefile adjust as you want unless you turn it off which you don't even do with 64 gigs as I've found via BSOD.
  20. Wish i knew which folder its in incase it corrupts.again.
  21. Either fully smooth, hard pause here there or micro stutter before landing but no pre patch disaster so far and happy with whats been done. So far no major stuttering replication but its in there somewhere im sure.
  22. Worst part is the rainbows. They simply do not look real. Leave that stuff for 80s kids cartoons And yes thunder is too loud too.
  23. Not much but small microstutter at worst and still flyable (CRJ 700 FL140)Don't know if that's any help.
  24. (2) Reset Your Xbox One App on Windows 10 PC - YouTube Try this if its still greyed out.
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