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  1. It's part of the standard sim. It needs to be an aircraft that needs such services, but, as long as you go to the specific gate that the ATC Ground Services tells you to, then when you arrive at the gate, the ATC menu will have the Ground Services listed as an option. For the baggage, make sure your cargo doors are open. Also for the catering truck it will usually need one of the appropriate doos to be open.
  2. Exactly that, Doug. For VR, I turn down (most of them significantly) the Movement sliders on all effects and some of them, such as breathing, off. On the other hand, I leave most of the sounds as default. My hope that I have it about right for me was confirmed on a recent flight when, in making a tweak mid flight, I inadvertently hit the cross on the FSRealistic popup rather than the minimising dash and closed FSRealistic altogether. I was surprised just how much the feeling of immersion was reduced...
  3. For me it's currently: 1. JF BAe146 especially flown VOR/ADF/ILS 2. JF Arrow III 3. FI Spitfire IX for the sounds and VR immersion or PMDG 737 for the challenge 🙂
  4. I was there too! Around 1965? It was actually a Victor that buried its u/c in the mud and yes, it was supposed to be a le mans style takeoff. But there were lots of Vulcans at the show too 🙂
  5. I have the X-plane version and, especially in VR, and it is the most immersive cockpit modelling I have experienced to date. And yes...I have climbed those steps into a real one. 🙂
  6. Yes, agreed. Just Flight Warrior or the Just Flight Arrow iii (not the Turbo Arrow) as far as I'm concerned. Basic autopilot only and the option from an in cockpit tablet to go Garmin or full nav-frequency only panel (which is what I prefer and @Glenn Fitzpatrick shows on his photo). They are superb.
  7. Well, bear in mind that I might be the only person in the world who has found this, but, for me, for this sim, yes.
  8. My VR experience a couple of years ago started with the HP Reverb Gen 1. For a long time, I resisted the temptation to upgrade to the Gen 2 because I guessed the improvement would be marginal and had hoped that, within a year or so, an affordable step change might come available in the VR headset marketplace. But the affordable step change product hasn't yet arrived. And I was tempted a little more by the claims of the recently updated version of the Reverb G2, especially a modest improvement in Field if View. And so, I bit the bitter pill and bought it. And, for me, it is indeed worth the extra cost. The screen door effect is better than the G1. The colours...hmmm...maybe a touch better but not so sure. The FOV with the new magnetic spacer removed is indeed better. Sure, it's no Pimax but it certainly loses at least some of the scuba mask look! And, for me, it is much more comfortable (was it just me that found the Gen 1 extremely uncomfortable to wear more than 30 minutes or so?) But there is one aspect, for MSFS, where, to my surprise, I have found the Gen 2 less good than the Gen 1 headset. And the surprise is...it is the tracking. Not the hand-controller tracking (I don't use that yet because I only use the headset for MSFS and MSFS use of hand-controllers is still...what's the polite word...work-in-progress.) It is the head tracking inside the cockpit. The kind of thing that generally happens if the room isn't dark enough, or if you are sitting too close to the bright screen, etc.. The main issue was that it would judder and momentarily auto-zoom each time I went, say, from forward view to looking at the throttle bank, centre right on the wonderful JF BAe146 or PMDG737. I tried upping the lighting, covering the monitor - all the normal stuff...but it was noticeably worse than the Gen 1 used to be. And then I had a thought. The Gen2 (certainly the latest version) has 4 tracking cameras and the Gen 1 only has 2. So I put the aircraft onto autopilot, covered the two extra side cameras with my hands and...yup, all of the visual aberrations went away! So I got a couple of pieces of decorator's masking tape and covered the two side cameras over...and have just had my best VR flight ever. If hand-controller support improves to the point that they become usable, or if X-Plane 12 finally makes a show, then I'll peel off the tape and give the controllers a shot - because I am sure that extra tracking for controllers would be very useful...but until then, masking tape it is! 😉 Anyone else had a similar experience with this issue?
  9. Yup - works. Even down to the fact that after setting the binding commands to 'On Release' and then having to repeat it to get it to hold the setting, then MSFS will have - for reasons only known to itself - reset it back to 'On Press' the first time you actually fly the PMDG737. So you have to go in again and reset it to 'On Release'. I would NEVER have worked that out myself, @kdfw__ Many thanks once more for finding and posting the link 🙂 I'll leave the fact that, if you don't set bindings and want to just use the mouse you can raise and lower the gear perfectly well with the mouse in 2D but not in VR, in the 'ours is not to reason why' category 😉
  10. Thanks for this. I will try it as soon as I get back to the desktop. It is indeed exactly this issue! Odd that I didn't have problems before the update but this certainly looks to be the solution. Many thanks for the reply 🙂
  11. I've spent a fair bit of time fiddling around with this and have at last found a workaround in VR that allows me, at least, to raise (all!) of the undercarriage. The workaround is that if I assign a button to 'Toggle Gear' rather than one to raise it and another one to lower it, then I can get it to raise all of the gear. And - weirdly - now the VR mouse will lower the cockpit gear lever to the mid 'off' position and, indeed, to full down to lower the undercarriage again. However, once lowered, the cockpit gear lever once again becomes unresponsive to the VR mouse if you wanted to raise the undercarriage again. The lock will light up blue then yellow, the gear lever will light up blue and show the up arrow...but no response when clicked. The only way to raise the gear again is the toggle with the assigned button again. So there's definitely something weird going on - either VR isn't unlocking the gear when lowered, even though the little trigger is glowing yellow when the mouse button is pressed, or the 'raise gear' arrow on the selected cockpit gear lever isn't operating properly. A reminder that it all works fine, unlocking, raising, lowering as often as you like, with the mouse in 2D and that it was working fine in VR pre the latest update. I can't believe I'm the only one having issues?
  12. I love it. However, I have got an issue that I didn't have before the update, which is that I can't get the mouse to raise or lower the gear in VR. Works fine in 2D but not in VR. In VR can unlock the gear with the VR mouse, but then - even though the gear lever lights blue with the up and down arrows - the lever won't move at all. And assigning to the HOTAS gear up/gear down does VERY weird things. So at the moment, I have to either fly in 2D or fly everywhere with gear down. I've put a post in the VR section here before I log a bug with PMDG in case it's something I've forgotten to set that maybe I did in the launch version. That said, given that it works fine in 2D, I think that is unlikely. Everything else so far works a treat. And I'm fine with the cockpit textures. 🙂
  13. Hi Anyone else got this problem? Prior to last week's update, I had no button set on my HOTAS for the undercarriage but, instead, did the following: - Pressed the U/C lock with the VR mouse cursor for >2 seconds to unlock it - hovered the mouse over the lever to find the up arrow - clicked, which raised the gear - to lower it, or to set the lever into the middle position, again, just hovered the VR mouse cursor over the lever, chose the down arrow to either choose middle 'off' position or to fully lower the U/C Worked a treat And this method still works fine for flying in 2D post last week's update But in VR, the VR Mouse will not raise the gear lever at all. It does light up, in yellow, the gear lock for the >2second operation and the lever does light up blue with the up or down arrows showing, but clicking on the arrows with the mouse does nothing. So why don't I assign a Gear Up/Gear down command? Because that does weird things... Generally, it retracts the nose wheel but not the main gear - or sometimes the opposite - or sometimes acts in reverse. So, irritatingly, I can't fly the PMDG 737 at the moment (well I can, but Gear Down at 20000ft is not ideal...nor is landing with the nosewheel still up) whereas before last week's update it was fine. Before I log an issue, anyone else had this and/or found a workaround or have I missed or forgotten something obvious?
  14. The icing on the cake! Fabulous rendition, @Donka 🙂 Had probably my best VR sim flight to date yesterday evening - excellent sim, splendid aircraft, sublime livery job.
  15. I have a button on my yoke assigned and so, using that rather than the bar, I click once to disconnect the AP and then click again to cancel the horn. In a GA aircraft, clicking a second time would re-engage the AP, but on these, presumably you always have to reset at the panel bar and button.
  16. I think the autopilot disconnect horn carries on honking until you click the 'disconnect autopilot' to confirm that's what you wanted it to happen. Not quite sure what the correct procedures are, but that certainly silences the horn for me 😉
  17. All good here. Downloaded the update and just had a flight - great. Even landed it in one piece! 🙂 Ref the trim, for those who are new to the model, assigning a HOTAS button to the 'Sync' function (the excellent manual says which MSFS command to use) works wonders. It basically toggles to engage and disengage the Autopilot clutch, so you can disengage, then use the trim buttons to start a rate of climb or descent and then re-engage when you are rising or falling at the target rate. Once you get your head round what is actually happening, it is an exceptionally flexible way of doing things. Great job with the update, Just Flight 🙂
  18. Hmmm...I have another piece of cardboard....and a hole punch 😉 If I get a moment, I'll give it a try. Great idea!
  19. I'll try that. Hmmm...I'll try again, but every time in the past I've tried to switch it off (and I've tried it a few times, but always when windowed), I've had a CTD - unlike in X-plane where switching off the monitor doesn't affect anything (which is, indeed, what you'd expect to be the case). Anyway the objective, to anyone who is suffering this problem, is to somehow stop the headset cameras seeing the bright, moving images on the monitor screen 🙂 I'll try both of the above techniques too, but in the event those don't work for me, I'll keep the sheet of cardboard handy 😃
  20. Well, that's what I do in X-plane but in MSFS, that immediately crashes the sim for me. Do you have your MSFS windowed or full screen in the general settings?
  21. I'm sure this happens with more headsets than the Reverb G2, but ever got too close to your monitor when running in VR and had the headset 'grab' the screen view so that as you move, where the view moves with you? It is a common issue with X-plane (there are ways of controlling it) but can happen also in MSFS, although generally more subtly. Rather than the whole VR view locking onto the screen, as it does in X-plane, in MSFS it tends to glitch the VR view resulting in judders and stutters as you look around the cockpit. Similar to the stutters you get when your settings and hardware are struggling with the resolution, but a bit more random and where the whole view starts following your head movement for a short distance, then dropping back to normal and then doing it again. Recognise the problem? Well, the received/conventional wisdom is that the headset tracking cameras get confused by the bright and moving image shining at them from the monitor screen in front of you (that is, the sim live view) - an image that is often large, bright and close. And as the tracking cameras work by locking onto fixed shapes as their datum so that they can detect that your head is moving, any stray information that confuses them causes issues. With X-plane, with the full VR view on the monitor, if you physically lean towards the monitor, then it will often grab that VR view and when you sit back again, the whole VR view comes with you ('grabbing the screen'). The solutions include: - moving the monitor further away from you if you can - getting more light in the room so the tracking cameras can still see the fixed shapes around you, regardless of the bright movie on your monitor - minimising the live monitor/WMR views - turning off the monitor once you are in VR in X-plane MSFS suffers less. Why? Personally, I think because the monitor view of your VR view is the smaller double image (in X-plane as it is a larger single movie view). This pair of smaller 'live' views seems to confuse the tracking cameras less. But they still do get confused. And in MSFS it is more difficult to minimise the 'live' monitor view (in fact, I haven't found any way of doing that). And switching the monitor off once you are in VR crashes the sim. So what can be done. The simplest cure is still to move the monitor further away from your headset. But I can't get my monitor further away as the same desk is where I bolt my HOTAS controls. So what I tried was to just lean up a sheet of cardboard in front of the monitor just before switching to VR mode. And it's completely eliminated the judders I was getting. If you are suffering something similar, might be worth a try. But emphatically DON'T drape a cloth over your monitor or put anything else on top of it - that could create a major a fire risk
  22. I suppose it's what you are used to but, personally, in X-plane, I always found the autopilot systems in the 737 (Boeings generally) more intuitive than the A320, especially with me being predominately a GA flyer. In MSFS, likewise, I find the Boeing autopilot systems more intuitive that the Airbus ones notwithstanding that I now better understand the Airbus way of doing things and their button acronyms. I certainly find the PMDG 737 easier to fly without constant reference back to the manual than I do either the stock A320 or the FBW version, good though that is. But as a freebie, the FBW is a pretty fine version.
  23. I think the conventional wisdom is to connect the additional SSD internally with a SATA cable and then it is operating straight into the motherboard. It is very easy to do but probably can be spec'd anyway as part of your new computer. I would recommend a 1Tb SSD and use that solely for MSFS and then you know where all the files are going to be, hidden or not.
  24. The PMDG 737 and the JF BAe146 both fly as smooth for me (VR using a Reverb Gen1) as the stock Cub. Really.
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