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  1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changelog of RV-14/14A v1.2.0 || May 19, 2022 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Added UI title entries to cameras to prevent crashes when saving camera views. Modified mechanical efficiency tables to correct performance at altitude. Modified thrust scalar to correct performance at altitude. Changed RPM increment from 1rpm to 10rpm. Increased rudder authority. Made PMAG test switch functional and added checklist item. Corrected flap handle initialisation when cold and dark. Updated embedded PMS50 version. Modified VR collision mesh in cockpit.
  2. If it comes it will be on a Thursday. That's when updates and new addons are released.
  3. Both amazing. No reason not to have both as they each fulfil very different briefs.
  4. We or me? Who are you speaking for? I'm sure it will be very good. I'm also sure there will be a lot of 'they're not as good as they used to be' posts if one tiny element is missing or wrong. If we are lucky it will be as good as what we have had in the last two or three months.
  5. Oh it's evident they will buy it for sure, as will I. I just don't think it will be as earth shatteringly amazing as the majority seem to be expecting. There is a bit of 'ice cream was better when I was a kid' going on here.
  6. Judging by the levels of anticipation here and elsewhere ever since MSFS was released, I am 100% certain that most of you will be disappointed if and when A2A do release something. I only know them from FSX and I can't see what they could do for MSFS which would be anywhere near as amazing and ground-breaking as what they did for FSX. I'm sure they will produce a great addon but unless they can bring smellivision to Accusim, I don't think it will be better than what we already have from other developers.
  7. Not really, most of those live in one thread. The C414 thread is now 54 pages long, the 310 is 44. The big boys tend to be bought by those who have no clue how to fly them and no enthusiasm to read the manual so you'll get a new post for every minute query.
  8. Am just doing Scottsdale to Palm Springs. It is a bit annoying that autopilot is still not mapped to the button on my joystick but my goodness it would never stop me flying her.
  9. Steam. Mine is on a 1TB SSD which is just for MSFS and other games.
  10. Agreed. Move them or merge them. For those of us with zero interest in either PMDG or Fenix this is a good time for an Avsim holiday.
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