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  1. Hey Rob yea I tried but I there I am trying to get verifie my account I it is not ready that´s why I thought here someone can help me haha, but thank you anywawy for your answer!!!
  2. Hi to everyone I am Nelson new in p3d and Fslabs airbus, I got to admit that I have never flown before with this type of plane. I always used aerosoft. But the issue is that I can´t use rudder or ailerons in order to move to the left or right. I already configurate the MCDU options RUDDER PEDALS control nws OFF and nothing happened, ahm and if I move the rudder, it just move sometimes but a little bit and that´s not enough to taxing to runway, by the way I am not using any external rudder or joystick. I use mouse as joke. Please if someone Had the same issue help me I am so frustrated about this I´ll be so greatful btw cheers and hope you can Help me guys.
  3. Sorry even Im not new using this page because is too good, it is the first time writing here... thats why ii made some mistakes HAHAHAHAH sorry
  4. Hiii to everyone I already uninstalled haha thx for your responses and here are some images
  5. Well.. I dont know how to upload images but I think ull get what Im trying to say
  6. Hey to everyone I just have installed the Mfs2020 band I decided to instal the a320 mod and when Im using the plane it appears with the panels black, buttons all on but you cant press nothing, and the gear does not appear, if you know what I am doing wrong please help mee :C or at least tell me how to make a complete delete of the mod because it also mess my default a320 it also appear broken. Greatings from Ecuador and here are some photos.
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