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  1. Hello FS2Crew.

    I have a feature request, but I am not sure it if is even possible, or something easy, but you might be able to assess and consider it in a future version.

    Quite often it might pick up a sound or a cough, or I will say something and it will miss hear it.
    Very frequently my VFO turns the "Bird" on, and it gets quite annoying. Another one but a little less frequent is "Gear Down" when I cough.

    I am worried that this will cause some sort of confirmation bias feedback loop, and Voice Recognition system (FS2Crew, or Windows, I don't know) is learning from the wrong thing.

    It would be nice if there was an "I didn't say that" button on the little Window, which could pop up a few options of other close matches 
    Something like: "Maybe you said: Nav, Nav Blue, Not on list, Just clearing thought".

    This might be a way to correct any voice training that is going in the wrong direction.

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