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  1. I use MSFS with AIG models have also tried a complete reinstallation of AIG models no improvement
  2. I have the following problem from time to time I have loud engine noise from propeller GA aircraft in the cockpit. This happens even when I am flying not only on the ground I use AIG models with FTSiM+ sound pack. When I quit PSXT the engine noise is gone and doesn't come back when I restart PSXT. Does anyone else have this problem ?
  3. after I had started PSXT with read-only config I closed PSXT again and deactivated the write protection again now works again without problems what does the entry you created look like ? sorry I meant with Config the parameters !
  4. I also had the problem today I looked at the Config and my entries were deleted have them rewritten and the Config write-protected now it works again
  5. Microsoft Store version: C:\Users( username)\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\exe.xml Steam version: C:\Users\(username )\AppData/Roaming/Microsoft Flight Simulator open the exe.xml with notepad and remove the entry of FS2CrewCommandCenter <Launch.Addon> <Name>FS2Crew Command Center</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>C:\Program Files (x86)\FS2Crew Command Center\FS2CrewCommandCenter.exe</Path> <CommandLine></CommandLine> </Launch.Addon>
  6. Hello I also had these problems with me it was FS2CrewCommandCenter that interfered with my Simconect it was automatically started at every sim startup and caused problems with other apps that use Simconect ( PSXT,Volanta ,etc I removed the FS2CrewCommandCenter entry from the exe.xml in MSFS2020 and my problems disappeared
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