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  1. thank you kiek for your answer. i am still quite new in these configs and topics... i have opened AI_liveries.xml for the first time, and i have noticed the A330-300 or A330-200 are missing, the file contains just the A330-900neo for 3 airlines (the sim is just using these ones). That's the reason why i have so many missing A330 liveries.. now the question is what exaclty should I add in order to have the Iberia A330s? For the A330-900 this is the command: <liv airl="AIB" type="A339" fldr="1" cargo="false" title="Airbus A330-900neo Airbus House" atcid="" reg="F-WTTN" /> I imagine i need to create a similar entry but with the "IBE" code, and what about the rest (atcid, reg...) Many thanks!
  2. i run the liveries automatically. after uninstalling PMP, some a330s appear now with the right livery but i always have the problem with airline IBERIA. They appear with other airline's liveries but never Iberia. and i fly very often in LEMD airport where there are mostly Iberia A330-300 airplanes. How can i make it work for this specific airline? thanks again!
  3. hello. i am enjoying this fantastic tool a lot. nevertheless, i am having a problem with the airbus A330s liveries, in the sim all these aircrafts appear with the Project Mega Pack skin. any ideas how to solve this? thank you!
  4. good news! i solved it by deleting the file C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\InsideSystems\RealTraffic.ini 🙂
  5. good news! i solved it by deleting the file C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\InsideSystems\RealTraffic.ini 🙂
  6. thank you kiek. could you please show a screenshot of your PSXeecon settings, and also a screenshot of your parameters.xml? I will make sure my configuration is as yours (of course putting my paths and so on) thanks
  7. many thanks for your quick reply. in my parameters file, i had no paths in the lfolder0, lfolder1 and afolder0 lines. i will try putting my paths for the aig-aitraffic-oci-beta folder and community folder, at the same lines of your file (i don't even know what are these commands activating, but i will do the same and see..) the only question is: by "add-on Aircraft-folder" you mean where i store the downloaded airplanes and liveries (GA Liveries in your case??). i store everything in my Community folder so i will try with that one.
  8. Hello i am running PSXT with MSFS and with AIG liveries installed. The tool is amazing, thank you so much. However i just see take offs and landings, when the aircraft exits the runway it disappears... Please can you let me know what is the right configuration in PSXeecon Traffic tool or in RealTraffic to avoid this? I have tried in more than 8 airports just to see if could be a "transponder off" issue, but i dont see taxing traffic in any. I looked at EDDF as well, where the airplanes have the transpoder ON during taxi. thanks in advance
  9. i have exactly the same issue. what "parameters.xml" file do you mean? i am also using AIG liveries. where was the link you mean? Thank you
  10. No, it is not in the task manager nor other screens. i am already in contact with balthasar, hoping there is a solution. being unable to run this fantastic tool due to this little issue is so much frustrating ...! thanks
  11. thank you for the quick answer. yes i have Java version 8, update 311 installed... unless i am doing something wrong
  12. Hello i am very interested in testing the PSX traffic with RealTraffic tool for MSFS. I bought the RT 1-month license and followed all the installation steps. The problem is that I launch the RT but it never opens. I have looked in the AppData\Roaming\InsideSystems folder but i never find the RealTraffic.ini file Actually the InsideSystems folder is always empty. Thank you very much for your support. I would be more than thankful if anyone can help me!
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