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  1.  Hi Gary…

    Yes….this has been and continues to happen, in all its iterations for a while now. It is growing all over the globe.

    It is atrocious, and kills the joy and exhilaration that MSFS once gave.

    This must be fixed as it destroys the immersion which is so attractive to all of us.

    Go to the official Flight Simulator forums via the link. There are more than 900 posts. Please upvote the thread.




    Watch this too…


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  2. 9 minutes ago, MarcG said:

    There is plenty of posts on this subject on these forums, as per usual everyone's specific bug wishes don't always get fixed but I do agree this is a major issue that should've been dealt with by now.

    Personally my neverending wait for SU5/7 VR bugs to be fixed goes on, the Transparency of Live Weather Clouds Vs Presets that Seb said he would "look into" last year hasn't been fixed plus a multitude of other regressions from past updates.

    Obviously they can't fix everything and I'm not asking them too, but it would be nice if they at least bothered to fix some of the bugs they introduced, especially the blatantly obvious ones.

    Thanks to you as well MarcG. I experienced such joy in this simulator, until this scenery tile issue reared it’s ugly head.

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  3. 11 minutes ago, mobeans10 said:

    No. I still get tile popping. Was hoping it would get fixed. Using DX-11. 

    Thank you for responding mobeans. I get smooth stutter free performance, but this tile creeping in a cone below the plane saddens me, especially this late in the game. It didn’t happen in the past, but now always. I’m surprised there  is hardly any mention of it in these forums.

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  4. Forgive me if this does not belong here, but has the Aerial ground tiles changing/popping in issue been fixed?

    This is a bug logged by the developers on the MSFS forums with 521 votes and over 900 posts.

    It occurs on all flights, in all locations and kills the joy of an otherwise smooth performing simulator. 


    Thank you 😩

  5. 22 hours ago, mikethe6th said:

    Is it area specific? I have noticed it happens to me a lot more in Europe compared to the US (mainly flying into the PilotEdge area)

    I agree with this observation. Yes…this is occurring much more now and creeping into USA terrain as well.

    It is highly annoying.

  6. I’ll jump in on this with a genuine question.

    In real life especially with airliners, but not specifically, isn’t there a movement in the direction to make complex system management more the task of software, and not the pilot? The Honda jet is an example.

    In other words, in the “real world”, aircraft are becoming less “study level” for the pilot. I get that impression when looking back at aviation evolution, but I’m not an expert.

  7. 18 minutes ago, Noel said:

    Thank you Sam.  When I turn RTOT off I still have a lot of static aircraft and that does not affect performance for me fortunately, but a good thought coming from your experience.  I'm guessing it's the "injecting" of  moving planes into the sim, per event, that causes a brief stutter here.  Since I use default RTOT there is no way I can move this off of MSFS' main thread which may well solve this issue not sure but kind of plausible.  Some of the other traffic programs may be amenable to moving off of the main thread so will hold off and see if any others comment on this.  I do like seeing planes in the air for sure so this is why I'm pursuing this now.  However, if it's not possible I may well use your suggestion and just use their static aircraft perhaps the models are better.


    The good news here, is that when you find a solution, we will all benefit from it as well. I’d love to see flying aircraft too, but without compromising fluid animation. I’ll be monitoring this thread for sure.

  8. Hi Noel, you helped me last week in a big way, so I wanted to return your good deed. Might you consider the static airfcraft package at Latinvfr.org?

    I installed it the day after your helping me, and I’m very pleased. Of course you will have no moving traffic, but you will see lots of aircraft at over 350 airports around the world. I have not lost any of the smooth performance that we all want, which is incredible. Last night I flew into KATL, without a stutter an saw enough aircraft in number and variety to get that feeling of immersion. It seems to me, that until ai traffic is created that won’t “clog the sim’s arteries”, this is a great alternative to flying in an empty world. Even with MSFS AI online traffic off, and just ground aircraft density on, I would encounter stutter…yuck!

    Thanks for your help last week!



  9. I can’t thank you all enough!

    I followed each of Noel’s steps and it worked! I restored all in sim settings to ultra, etc. and smooth again at 30fps/vsync.

    I did do an Nvidea driver update, but did not notice the clean install checkbox at that time. This time I did, so a clean install took place, and the shader cache deletion was also something that I had not done until now.

    Dillon, I’ve read all of your posts and they are always thoughtful and helpful. I can’t deny that at any time this sim can leave many of its users unable to enjoy it. I do wish performance and stability will always be the focus of all updates. Everything else must down the list.

    Again thanks to all for even responding. 


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  10. 13 minutes ago, Noel said:

    Here are some things you can do to improve or rule out:

    1. Do a clean install of the latest NV GameReady Driver.
    2. Re-setup NV Control Panel per your prior config that worked well in SU10
    3. Use Disk Cleanup (via Windows Search field) and clean out the Directx Shader Cache
    4. Save a copy of User.Opt to Desktop, then delete the file from its original location and let the sim build a new one.  You will reset graphics settings but that's quick.
    5. Turn all forms of air traffic off for now
    6. Double-check you are online (General Settings > Data > Online Functionality (or something like that)
    7. Keep the Community Folder empty for now.
    8. Turn Photogrammetry off for now
    9. Render Scaling at 100 for now
    10. TLOD at 100 for now

    Good luck.  I went thru something very similar and initially it was server-side related so there was no fixing it.  When that was fixed in a couple days things had largely improved.  AI Air Traffic has become harder on processing I notice, so when it's super busy I may even turn it aroff, but usually don't have to.  Hopefully it is being looked at in the beta patch coming up.  I ended up with a very clean environment by using Process Lasso to move all other processes off the main thread core and it probably helps some.  I have absolutely sterling performance now, best ever.  I also discovered RTSS's framerate limit at 30FPS using Front Edge Vsync created the smoothest flight I'd ever seen--unfortunately it comes w/ a migrating tear line so is not acceptable.  But that does not change the sheer smoothness that comes w/ it's extraordinarily low frametime variance--this allows the perception of ultra-smooth despite the frame rate of 30.


    Thanks Noel. I’ve tried most of these, but not all of them. I’ll follow every point in your list.

    Thank you for taking the time to help.

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  11. 49 minutes ago, DAD said:

    There are/were some quite some performance issues reported by many users since release of SU11. MS just today dropped a beta fix which seemingly addresses also performance issues. You may want to enter the beta to see whether the beta fix helps in your case or wait some days (?) until the beta fix is released to the public

    Thank you Dad…it scares me a bit though..

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