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  1. Huh?, its thursday forgive me I've not got used to this latest American culture Import, is the Friday in Black Friday a very loosely defined Friday?
  2. Nobody else had this feature disappear?
  3. I used to get some details of airfields when I clicked on them in the world map..a pop up on right of screen, this no longer happens for me, is there a setting somewhere that has been reset by the update?
  4. Just watched a review, the textures are appalling, looks like something out of FS9
  5. Unless you fly helicopters I can't see one, even then the surrounding landscape (seascape?) on your way to-from these things is probably as visually boring as it gets But choice is always good
  6. Is there a setting to turn these off in game?
  7. I dont fly airliners or much with a pax/cargo area bigger than the PC-6 or PAC 750, but id take losing the details there if it meant a bit more headroom to up the quality looking out the window. (dont know that it would actually make much difference though)
  8. Savage Cub Aviat Husky DHC-2 Beaver (just pushed the Milviz PC-6 into 4th)
  9. It really isnt there is widespread consensus for much of it amongst academics, its just that its a set of theories that are created to explain certain states of matter time space and reality that dont fit with the classic scientific method, much of it only stands up by not being disproved rather than being proved
  10. You chucked shed loads of money at it and got a result...quelle surprise
  11. +1 to the previous posts and ill be buying the Wilga too, Ive had loads of enjoyment from the free stuff these guys produce and bought their sailplane which is great fun Quality aircraft and mods without the Drama👍
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