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  1. Speaking of the Discus K glider, Aerosoft has it as well as it's other aircraft on sale over at simmarket. simMarket: DISCUS K GLIDER X FSX P3D For that price I have to try it for sure. I hope it works with P3Dv5 otherwise I'll be flying it in FSX 😀
  2. The only glider I've ever flown until I now was the default FSX glider and it was really fun once I got the hang of it. I recently booted up FSX and gave that glider another try and it reminded me of how much fun it was, that's why I'm looking for more.
  3. Awesome website all dedicated to just gliders, that is so cool, thank you for sharing. I still use FSX:SE for some of my older aircraft I still enjoy flying, I wouldn't mind having a glider for it as well if it's not compatable with P3Dv5.
  4. Thanks, good to know it works. I think I did see that one before but I didn't know if it worked in P3Dv5.
  5. I really want a glider and I was just wondering, is there any good gliders that work with P3Dv5? I searched all of the flight simulator stores I know of and I don't see any being offered for sale. Does anyone know of any good gliders I can get? I prefer a quality payware glider if there is any but I'll also try any freeware gliders too if they are decent.
  6. Interesting looking products. I never heard of your products before. So where are your FSX and P3D products? I'm only seeing MSFS products in the website's store. At the bottom of the page you state this "We have over 80 different products mostly for FSX, P3DV4, P3DV5". I only counted about 20 in the store.
  7. That's so great to know there's so many options, thank you for the information, that's extremely helpful. I think I've heard of the pms50 but I didn't realize it had a 2D panel that works on all aircraft. I own planes like the Wing42 Boeing 247D and the OZX Grumman Goose Redux II for example that has no GPS but they are really fun to fly. I know it's cheating but the good thing about flight simulators is that you can fly however you want to. I do plan to learn how to navigate using VOR's and NDB's eventually but it would be awesome to be able to use GPS on all planes.
  8. I still want to know though, what is it exactly that Simflyer is selling here http://simflyer.net/content/? I don't understand what they are selling there.
  9. Awesome! I'll look into it, thank you for the tip, I appreciate it.
  10. Hi, I was wondering if there is any kind of 3rd party Garmin with a 2D popup panel that can be used for any aircraft, like what FSX, P3D offers by default? For P3D and X-Plane 11 I use Reality XP which is a GN750 2D popup panel that can be equipped with any aircraft. My biggest problem with MSFS is there are a lot of cool planes that don't have a GPS which means I can't navigate worth of s***. I never learned how to navigate using VOR's and I really suck at trying to flly VFR in planes without a GPS. I did some searching on the web, I didn't find much but I did find this: SimFlyer – Avionics Expansion Packs for Microsoft® Flight Simulator and Prepar3D® but I'm not sure if that's what I think it is or if it's something else, the description is pretty vague so I'm not sure if the Garmins there are 2D popup panels. If I'm wrong about the SimFlyer Garmins can anyone please tell me if there are any 2D Garmin GPS panels I can use with MSFS?
  11. Yes that worked, then I could only find them one at a time. Then I decided to try enabling the "Force map to show all add-on airports" option then they all do appear as the yellow circles. With that enabled I can see them dotted all over Antarctica now. I find that kind of strange but it works. Thanks for the tip, I can't wait to go exploring Antarctica now. Time to fire up my Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended and go exploring 😀
  12. So I just bought Antarctica X by Aerosoft which is supposed to add a bunch of airports and airstrips to the continent as well as other scenery. I use Little Navmap for flight planning so after installation I had it re-scan the P3D scenery library so it could find the new airports that come with the Antarctica scenery and add them to Little Navmap but after scanning, it doesn't show any on the map at all. I noticed the total number of airports went up but on the map there's still nothing in Antarctica. How do I find these new airports/airstrips and flight plan for them? Is there any way to get Little Navmap to add them to it's map?
  13. If you also use X-Plane 11 or 12 I strongly recommend this add-on here called XPRealistic V2: XPRealistic v2-rkapps-xppro2 (x-plane.org) It's even better than the shaking like engine vibrations, head/body movements, etc. that MSFS offers. You just need to adjust the settings to make it feel right but once you have it set up right, it brings flying in X-Plane to a whole new level of realism. Some people complain flying in X-Plane feels like flying on rails, well this add-on completely fixes that. Thanks for the FBW mod, I didn't know about that, I'll definitely try it. And I know the FSX Airbus is ancient technology but flying it really brought me back to the good old days, I still use FSX:SE sometimes to fly classic planes that don't exist for any other platform I own, like the A2A B377 Stratocruiser for example. I know I own a lot of Boeings (I also have a big collection of Cessna's from the C140 to jets like the Citation 550 and everything in between) but I still want at least one or two for P3D as I enjoy both platforms for different reasons. I know I own a lot of planes and spent a lot of money collecting them but can you really ever have too many planes? I want to experience as many aircraft as possible for both platforms.
  14. Haha I do enjoy flying all Boeing aircraft and I've flown several different Boeing planes including the Zibo 737 for X-Plane, a 737-200, 747-800, 767 and a 777 all study level X-Plane aircraft. I don't have any Boeing planes yet for P3D but I think the 747-400 by PMDG may be my first. I finally just decided to switch to the dark side and try an Airbus for once. The only one I ever flew up to this moment is the default FSX A319, in fact I did load it up the other day for the first time in years just for the fun of it 😀 I have tinkered with the response curves a little and your right, it does help to some degree. Maybe I should mess around with that more. Another thing I notice planes in MSFS feel a little more realistic when I fly planes with my joystick than with my really expensive yoke, I have a Honeycomb Alpha. Maybe I just need to find the sweet spot to get them both to get a better feel. I think there's other issues as well, like stall behavior is a little strange and another thing, when I fly any aircraft in MSFS I don't feel that sense of inertia and the sense of the weight of the aircraft like I feel in other sims, that's what I meant when I said they feel like toys. I'll give the MSFS Airbus a shot though, why not, like you said, I already own it.
  15. Check out this Airbus A320 for X-Plane 12 I found, it's only $12 simMarket: A320 FOR X-PLANE 12 😂
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