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  1. I've noticed better overall performance improvement going from P3Dv5.3 to v5.4. The sim seems to run more smooth than before and my frame rates seem slightly higher. They did note some optimization improvements in the log that I read. But if your going to lose your Concorde over it, you're probably better sticking with what you have.
  2. Yeah I see your point, that would be catastrophic for sure. I'll look into NAS storage, see if it's something I can afford or not.
  3. That's a good idea too. My problem is I'm not the most organized person but after losing an entire 4TB drive's worth of stuff I'm learning to take the necessary extra amount of time to make sure I save everything, including my email receipts which I have in a specific email folder and am now backing it up as well.
  4. Thanks again for your great advice, I don't think I could afford to have a setup like yours but I am definitely learning to now backup my stuff as much as possible. I recently bought a couple new drives to use as backups. I recently had a drive fail that contained three sims, FSX, P3Dv5 and X-Plane 11, plus all of the many, many add-ons and other files too, like my collection of freeware I spent years collecting. I was at least smart enough to back up some very important things but I did lose a lot. Now I'm backing everything up, both via more drives and cloud storage too. It was a hard lesson.
  5. I found a way!!! The E Commerce installer also has an option to sign in using my Flight1 account information. Once I did that, it installed. Thank goodness I have a Flight1 account or I would be SOL for sure. Edit: I still find it very strange I have no email receipts or anything confirming my original purchases.
  6. I was just reading that to reinstall I have to use a key file that they provide after purchase, I searched all over my computer and I have no such key files so I guess I'm SOL big time (must have been erased with the rest of my files).
  7. Lol they are certainly not getting any more money from me, sale or not.
  8. A few years back I bought the RXP GTN 750 for both P3D as well as for X-Plane 11 and long story short, my drive that had the sims installed as well as all my add-on installers and documentation got accidentally wiped. This includes the original RXP installers for both sims. At first I figured, ok I can just look up my email receipts and there's probably links in them to download the installers and activation codes, etc.. The problem is I cannot find these receipts anywhere in my emails. I tried searching "RXP" and "Reality XP" in my email service to look it up but found nothing. I honestly can't recall though if I was even given email receipts or how the purchase process went exactly. I know they use a little installer with the the ability to purchase it directly from those installers but beyond that I don't remember the exact purchase/install procedures. I am certainly not going to buy it twice. I tried asking for help on the RXP forum here at AVSIM and got no response. I found I had an email address saved to contact them in my email contacts so I asked for help via email as well and also never received a response there either. Now I am at a loss at what to do or how to get the installers for this product which I paid good money for since there seems to be no support whatsoever. If I would have known there was no support by the developer, I never would have purchased it in the first place. It is a great product, I even wanted to go buy the 430/530 as well but not if I can't reinstall it if I lose the original installers. Please I would greatly appreciate anyone's help or advice. Thanks
  9. I still buy all kinds of add-ons for P3D though now that I have collected and own many add-ons of all kinds, aircraft, scenery, tools, etc. I am a lot more picky now on what I get and I am more patient to wait for discounts. There are still plenty of P3D add-ons that I am still interested in trying and I don't think I will ever stop trying new ones.
  10. Yeah ALT + Enter should do it. That's how you switch from windowed mode to fullscreen mode and back.
  11. This is absolutely ridiculous! I can't use these products that I paid good money for because there is zero support and no way to contact the developers for help! I know the developer is still active cause I seen recent updates before I had to reinstall everything. I wanted to buy the Garmin 430/530 for both X-Plane and FSX/P3D but I will not buy something that I won't be able to use because there's nowhere re-download the installers if I need and no help or support for RXP whatsoever. I will never buy anything by this developer again and I will tell everyone I know to stay far away from all RXP products. It's such a shame because it's such a great product but it seems the developer could care less about it's product users or giving any kind of support. If you buy RXP you BUY IT AT YOUR OWN RISK because you are on your own!
  12. Hmm, looks really nice, I never heard of Gibson either, I'm going to check that out too now. Thanks @Rogen for sharing your wealth of knowledge, both here and on the FSX:SE Steam discussion board 😀
  13. I've tried MegaSceneryEarth and it's interesting but I prefer using Orbx scenery myself. I never heard of BllueSky before, I'll have to check that out.
  14. I do have a lot of Orbx TE scenery for X-Plane 11 and I can tell the X-Plane version of TE does take a lot of PC power, especially the HD versions which you need a higher end GPU with lots of VRAM to use it. The P3D versions of TE I don't think will be quite as hard on my PC as the X-Plane versions but I'm sure it will use more resources than the Regional scenery though. The one thing I don't like about Orbx TE scenery is how much drive storage is required. All the X-Plane TE areas I own take up about 800GB of space lol It's totally worth it though just to have such beautiful scenery in my sims.
  15. Thank you guys I appreciate the help. They really need to update the text on Central than so it's not so confusing.
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