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  1. So I managed to manually add the liveries that was missing into the ai_liveries.xml and they appeared. However, when I install more liveries and add them manually I get this error: 51: File/AI_liveries.xml not found The xml file is there in the livery folder so I cannot understand why it is no longer working. The reason why I have to add the liveries manually, is because when I go to scan the liveries button they are not appearing in the xml.
  2. So I did a complete reinstall to v32.0.0 and the ai_liveries.xml appeared. However, the Etihad livery that I added has not shown up. I did run the livery scanner before I checked the xml.
  3. Hello, so I have clicked the liveries scan button but still no xml is generated. There is the reg codes folder but I manually created a ETD text file with all aircraft in fleet & textures from fltsim.cfg entries but still not able to see this livery. im using P3D.
  4. Hi! I have just looked to see if I can find the xml you mentioned but I can’t seem to see it, I have looked in all my PSXT related folders but can’t see it. Do you mind telling me where it’s located?
  5. Hello, I am not sure if this has been discussed previous, but earlier today I have added 2 new liveries one Etihad A350-1000 and Virgin A330-300 to the AIG folder, I have input the correct details in the fltsim sections however the liveries do not appear, it has automatically generated a different livery within the folder. is there anyway that this can be fixed? I will submit below the entries: [fltsim.7] title=AIGAIM_Etihad Airways A350-1000 sim=UTT_A35K model= texture=ETD-Etihad Airways A6-XWA atc_airline=ETIHAD atc_heavy=1 ui_manufacturer=UTT ui_type=Airbus A350-1000 ui_variation=Etihad Airways A6-XWA atc_parking_types=GATE atc_parking_codes=ETD icao_airline=ETD isAirTraffic=1 isUserSelectable=0 ui_createdby=Provided by: Garry Lewis on JCAI Filename: UTT_A35K_VIR.zip description=UTT_A350-1000(p3dv5) [fltsim.29] title=AIGAIM_Virgin Atlantic A330-300 sim=TFS_A333 model=RR texture=Virgin Atlantic 'G-VRAY' atc_id=G-VRAY atc_airline=VIRGIN atc_flight_number=1224 ui_manufacturer=The Fruit Stand ui_type=Airbus A330-300 ui_variation=Virgin Atlantic 'G-VRAY' (metallic red) description=The Fruit Stand Airbus A330-300 (RR) ::: Virgin Atlantic repaint by Federico Permutti atc_id_color=0x00000000 visual_damage=0 atc_heavy=1 atc_parking_codes=VIR atc_parking_types=GATE Many thanks, Callum
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