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  1. Hello again Gerald, First of all, thank you for your usual prompt reply. I would just like to give you a quick feedback that I have uninstalled the version I had of MCE and installed the one available at the link provided. I did some quick tests with the A319, A320neo and A321 with scenarios that I had already saved in Toliss ISCS with the aircraft on approach. As expected, the 70 kt callout was performed for all three aircraft. 🙂 In addition, just for your review backlog, on one occasion (it was with the A321), I used full reverse - the vast majority of landings I keep in idle reverse. Strangely, the copilot gave me a "thrust set" callout and "100 kt" callout during this landing roll-out. Over the next few weeks I'll be monitoring behavior with full reverse and I'd be happy to tell you about it later. I haven't had time to edit and run my checklists yet, but the way you've reported it above, for me and I believe for most users, it would be perfect. When you have some time, please just confirm that when using this last version available on the site, it is not necessary to replace the DLL for Toliss with the file you sent me here on October 18, 2023. Regards, Fabio
  2. Hello, Gerald, I hope everything's okay. I'm contacting you again to answer two questions about the interaction XP12 + ToLiss + MCE all in their latest version. X-Plane 12.0.9-rc-5 ToLiss A319 v1.9.2 ToLiss A320 v1.0.4 ToLiss A321 v1.6.2 ToLiss A340 v1.3.1 MCE 1.6.70 with latest DLL 1) I customized the checklists according to an operator here. However, the answers to some items are "open" for the pilot to say the current status. For example: - BARO REF in COCKPIT PREPARATION C/L, where the pilot reads the QNH entered on FCU - T.O SPEEDS & THRUST in BEFORE START, where the pilot reads the speeds entered in the MCDU and the other reads those from the EFB - ANTI ICE in AFTER START, which the pilot informs whether it is on or not, as it depends on the condition at the time In short, there are at least 20 items on the checklist whose expected response depends on the condition entered at the time. My question is whether we can somehow leave the possible response options in the MCE's checklist. In the case of ANTI ICE, the expected responses are "on;off"; in the case of BARO REF, there are numerous options but it would be OK if the MCE recognized that if the pilot says "set" at the end, he can move on to the next item on the checklist... example: "1011 set". In my ignorance, I understood that the MCE only accepts one answer option in the personalized checklist. 2) On landing, would it be possible to make the MCE recognize after touchdown: - Ground spoilers extended and perform the "spoilers" callout - REV green on EWD and call out "reverse green" - detect deceleration and call out "decel" - detect autobrake disengagement and perform "autobrake off" callout - perform the "seventy knots" callout at 70 kt during landings At least for me, these callouts have never worked. Best regards, Fabio
  3. How can I check if the FO managed to see that the thrust levers are beyond CLB detent? Because visually, the thrust levers were in FLEX/MCT, just like the indications on the PFD. If I observe it through the dataref, which parameter should I look at, and from what value is the MCE FO programmed to understand that the takeoff thrust has been set?
  4. I downloaded the file and saved it as requested. Coincidentally or not, my recent flights with the ToLiss A320neo no longer had the approach callout behavior during takeoff. However, yesterday I flew the ToLiss A340 and it happened... callouts of 500 ft, 1000 ft above the ground, etc. I was recording the flight, and you can clearly hear the two clicks for the FLEX/MCT position. I'm avoiding using X-Plane in case you need any log files, if there are any that could help. Nevertheless, I have the takeoff recording on YouTube in a private link if you wish.
  5. Hello Gerald, Thank you for your usual quick response. Indeed, that might be the case. I do use hardware throttles that are not the Thrustmaster Airbus edition, so in the ToLiss aircraft, I push the levers until I hear the 2 clicks, indicating that I've reached the FLX/MCT. I'm not sure if, even though I'm in the expected FLEX setting as read on the FMA, the MCE could be reading something below a CLB setting because I imagine the difference in the dataref is significant, or not? In any case, I did two more flights with the A320neo after my initial post, and both of them had the expected callouts during takeoff. If this happens again, is there any file I can then share with you for you to evaluate the condition? Additionally, the spoiler and reverse callouts during landing have not been working. Everything goes well down to the "minimums" callout (which, for some reason that might be my misconfiguration, is made at the wrong time several times), but the subsequent ones are not made.
  6. Hello everyone, I have been using MCE for a few months and I think I have accumulated the minimum necessary experience to point out some aspects that I believe are not working as programmed. I took a superficial look at the pages of this post and I'm not sure if this has already been discussed... there are over 50 pages here, so something may have gone unnoticed. I apologize if I am being repetitive. I will be posting little by little here to not pollute the content too much, and I emphasize that my only intention is to make the tool's behavior available so that it becomes even better. For now, I am basing myself on the following configuration. I always keep both X-Plane and any addon updated to their latest version. X-Plane 12.07r1 ToLiss A320 v1.0.2 MCE 1.6.70 For this A320, during takeoff, I have noticed that the callouts have been those of landing; as if it were inverted. This occurs regardless of takeoff power or airport. The only callout I deactivate is V2 and, during landing, I keep the 70 kt callout. In a nutshell, in the ToLiss A320, the MCE takeoff callouts have been: minimums, 500 ft, one thousand feet above the ground, radio altimeter ready, ..., instead of 100 kt, V1, rotate, positive climb, etc. What might be happening?
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