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  1. 7 minutes ago, Lorby_SI said:

    I only have a bunch of really old scripts for that, and only the wiper script is still working, sorry:

    Wiper left toggle

    Maybe check the developer mode in MSFS, Tools->Behavoirs. Hover the mouse over the knob or button in the VC that you want to access and press Ctrl&G. The associated code should come up in the behavior dialog.

    Or visit flightsim.to, I think that there are a bunch of StreamDeck profiles, templates and script collections, made by talented simmers.


    I'll look around for a solution. But most of the flightsim.to is for the FBW or Fenix. I do plan on learning the fbw but i mostly use the asobo for easier semi-realistic flights (less prep time).

  2. 9 hours ago, Lorby_SI said:

    It is now called "Tools->Configure WebAPI port" The Web API is always active when you start AAO "As Administrator". There are two small green LEDs in the bottom right corner, indicating if the WebAPI is listening. But for any number of reasons (Firewall, AntiVirus, other Apps) your computer may not let the StreamDeck plugin communicate with AAO. On the download site there is the "WebAPI Troubleshooting Guide" PDF - this document applies here.

    First step is always to change the port, 9080 is often already in use by other tools. Port must be changed both in AAO and in the plugin, the dialog does both. But the Elgato StreamDeck software cannot be running at that point, you have to shut it down (otherwise changing the port has no effect).


    That helped a lot. I have a minor issue (I think) where the web API isn't connected until I start and connect to MSFS. I don't know if that is normal behavior. Other than that it is working as it should.

  3. 53 minutes ago, Adrian123 said:

    First of all, You running AAO as run as administrator??

    yes. If im not running the stream deck software i get a 404 error when i go into port 9080 from local host. If im running it i get a local host refused to connect. This is for one im making on my own for the default a320 (i dont have the paid ones, i have FBW but dont fly it). I mostly want to use my stream deck for autopilot and switches/buttons (like groun power and dome light). 

  4. I have the demo version (trying before I buy (if i buy)) and im struggling with it mostly with the WebAPI port 9080 part. I cant seem to find it or figure out what causes the lack of communication between my Stream Deck Plus and MSFS. I dont see the "Enable Web API on port 9080" under tools. I have 3.00 b53 version. and the most recent stream deck software. any help will be greatly appreciated. I also use the Turtle Beach Velocity One as my yoke and throttle detent if ti helps. 

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