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  1. I was going to upgrade my computer in anticipation, but after thinking about it, probably best just to wait. 

    Hard to predict the price of components, but assuming tariffs don't become an issue, the RTX 4090 should continue to drop in price (I'm running a 2080 Ti Founders Edition).  And of course the 5080/5090 will probably hit end of year or earlier.

    One thing I did do however is get  a larger M.2 drive - 4 TB to replace my 1 TB drive.  I was pretty shocked that 1 TB wasn't enough for MSFS and some other games (I have a lot of mods - freeware and payware), but I ran out of space.  4 TB will be hard to fill and very easy to move that drive to a new computer.


  2. 2 hours ago, s0cks said:

    So if someone is looking for their first 3rd party twin piston, would you guys say Duke or 310R? Pros and cons of both?


    The 414 is great. I prefer the Duke, but a solid plane.

    The COWS DA 42 is also really fun. Good sounds and flight model, though as a modern plane with modern avionics (and a stick, not a yoke), she's almost too easy to fly and not much going on when in flight. Lately I've been flying her a lot.

    I also really enjoy the Black Square rework for the King Air 350 (analog gauges).  Not a complete overhaul (just systems and flight model I believe - exterior the default MSFS plane), but IMHO solid performance and fun.

    As I think I've mentioned, love the Duke but the views out the cockpit are not good.  I can still land her easily and she's fun to fly, but I value cockpit views a bit.

    EDIT: Also forgot about the OV-10 Bronco. Unique plane and flight model, and I just can't manage to land her correctly.  But some folks love that plane.

  3. For those that mentioned they are stuck in heading mode or can’t get the autopilot to work, be sure the pitch trim switch is in the correct position. Had the same issue and realized that was switched off when it should have been on.

    Turbine a dream to fly and wow does she climb nicely. Gotta watch over speed on descent. Only bug I ran into is if you raise you seat height by pressing the space bar half of your viewpoint will be outside the airframe.

    Very easy to land IMHO land between 80-85 knots). She does feel the wind though. 

    My biggest problem with the plane is the cockpit view is bad. Tiny and narrow front window and engines block the views.  But otherwise a great plane. Will it replace my 414, King Air 350 or even the DA 42? Not sure but promising for sure. 

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  4. I like Beckett.  I find his walk throughs for cold/start to be very helpful with complicated planes.

    I think he sometimes tries to be gracious to the developers who give him free planes, so sometimes he holds back on honest critique.  But kinda easy to spot when he feels a plane is "mid"; and he gets really excited about quality planes. I trust his judgment generally.

    A330 Driver another one I like.

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  5. I just picked up the M500 and it is amazing. The persistent wear/tear and damage is no joke. I blew the engine a few times when starting out.  Finally just took the time to read the GREAT manual offered by the developers and managed to complete a flight from Seattle Area to Boise without any issues.

    It looks gorgeous, decent performance and handles well.  Not very high maintenance with the G1000 Nxi glass.

    It may seriously content with my SWS Kodiak 100 for favorite non-airliner.

    I only have about 5 hours in it, but so far no obvious or annoying bugs that I've seen. Seems pretty polished.

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  6. Hi all,

    Excited to be an active member of the community.

    Been trying out flight sim products since my Commodore 64 days in the early 80s.  Picked up MSFS on release and invested in some gear (Yoko yoke, new computer), but alas, life got busy and kinda forgot about it.

    Fast forward to today, and I saw my yoke and flight sim gear collecting dust in the basement. Thought to myself, "Hmm....I bet MSFS has a lot of good content," so I hauled my stuff up to the office and became completely addicted.  Computer a little outdated (Nvidia 2080 TI and i9 9900K processor), but alas, slowly but surely I've been updating my flight sim hardware and software. New computer eventually.

    Currently addicted to the PMDG 737-800, Fenix A320 and Kodiak 100.

    I'm on Volanta (User - WolverineHusky) so feel free to add as a friend if you're so inclined.

    Again, happy to be here. An amazing wealth of information on these forums.


    WolverineHusky aka NAte

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