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  1. It seems that the throttle isn’t registered but when I use msfs it works ?
  2. I can’t calibrate my throttles it won’t let me that’s the only problem I have now but I’ll try and fix it now
  3. Okay, good news. I’ve fixed the crashing problem sorry to be confusing
  4. What I find ‘tricky’ is calibrating my basic side stick and throttle for the 747. But that’s not the only thing. Another thing is the layout of P3D, and how my sim crashes easily in my opinion Can I ask. Do I have to spend a fortune for the simulator to look good ?
  5. Guys, can anyone help me setup P3D, I’ve bought the pmdg 747 but I just can’t use P3D v5.4. Im confused with the layout, controls and more. I’m used to MSFS but I felt that I wanna do study level long haul and wanted to this. But now, not being able to set this up and work it, I’ve wasted £170 ish. So if anyone can help please do. thanks
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