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If you are purchasing a file from AVSIM Marketplace you recognize that, although AVSIM is collecting the payment, it is only doing so on behalf of the author of the file. AVSIM does not create, own, or support any files in the AVSIM Marketplace even if it collects funds on behalf of the submitting author. By purchasing a downloadable file here, your email address will be revealed to the author of that file and your purchases will be stored in your User Control Panel Client area.


Please assist us in keeping the Marketplace full of quality resources. Submit your feedback (both positive and negative) using the comment feature on the files or use the report this file feature if something is broken. Please note that AVSIM does not provide technical support for files but all files have support instructions for how to contact the author. However, AVSIM does require the all submissions are supported by their respective authors. Please report situations where this is not the case.


All marketplace sales are final. You are encouraged to contact the marketplace author to view a demo and ensure you fully understand the purpose and function of the marketplace item prior to your purchase. We also strongly encourage you to search the AVSIM forums for information on the file or add-on PRIOR to your purchase of it here. In order to assist you in that, we have created a forum where all files uploaded to the AVSIM Marketplace are noted and form a support message for those uploaded files.