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Found 25 results

  1. A beta module has been released for the newly released Fenix A320 to run under MSFS 2020. Users should be aware that due to decisions by Fenix not all FCU data is accessible. The result is that functions are provided for all VRInsight MCP Combo 2 buttons and knobs but it has not been possible to display the Speed, Heading, Altitude or Vertical Speed data on the panel. Also it has not been possible to animate the knob push and pull. Users are requested to report any comments or faults under this thread. Enjoy.
  2. This module has been developed for use with the Fenix Airbus A3200 running on MSFS 2020. The module requires use with LINDA 4.1.4 and FSUIPC7 7.3.6 or later. See Note below on Lvars. Due to delays with MSFS exposing Lvars to FSUIPC7 on start-up, it is strongly recommended that you start MSFS2020, load the Fenix A320 ready to fly and wait a minute before starting FSUIPC7 and LINDA. It is also recommended to click Restart LUA Engine as the last thing. A full list of functions is provided via the link below. Default configuration setup files are provided for all VRi MCP panels and CDU2/3. However, no testing has been possible on the MCP1 (Original) panel and no guarantees can be given. Version 0.3 beta provides most important functions for operation of the aircraft. Some function names have changed for consistency. This version provides the following improvements: Removed Fuel MODE SET from Fuel Pump ALL functions Added Side Stick AP Disconnect button functions Added Throttle ATHR Disconnect button functions Fixed EXT PWR OFF function Fixed Master Warning and Caution functions Added limited VRI FCU ALT display Added FO EFIS functions Added Weather Radar functions Added multiple functions for BAT, EXTPWR, ADIRS, AICE, HYD, BLEED, PACK, Radio Power, BRAKE FAN, XPDR and ECAM Fixed duplicate ENG1 Anti-Ice functions Renamed APU Bleed functions Added ENG1 and ENG2 Bleed functions Added PACK1 and PACK2 functions Added HOT AIR functions Added HYD PUMP Button functions Reduced VRI FCU Knob fast sensitivity Fixed Pedestal Flood All dec function Fixed Autobrake functionality Due to limitations in the available interface it is not possible for the VRI FCU Speed, Heading or Vertical Speed to be displayed; the Altitude provides limited synchronous display provided Alt Step left on 1000ft. The FCU Knobs are not animated but functions are provided for rotation, push and pull. The module makes use of a number of extra features provided by FSUIPC7 including WAPI/WASM. These features allow LINDA to access the Lvars and offsets as well Hvar and .EVT events. Users will need to make several changes to their set up to fully exploit these features. Edit FSUIPC-WASM.INI to add the entry LvarScanDelay=x where x is 45 or 60. See FSUIPC7 Advanced User document pg 45. Edit FSUIPC7.INI to add the entry UseAirLocForProfiles=Yes under the [General] block. Ensure block [WAPI] / EnableWAPI=Yes is present in FSUIPC7.INI. The Fenix A320 should display around 2100 and 2200 Lvars and no Hvars. A problem with Lvars will display a Check Lvars message. Any value different from these or the warning will require that MSFS and FSUIPC7/LINDA be restarted. Report any problems and issues on the LINDA Support sub-forum. Download Fenix A320 v0.3 beta SSL List of Fenix A320 Functions NOTE ON LVARS The Fenix A320 is a complex aircraft with a large number of Lvars provided. These exceed the previous version of FSUIPC7 (limit 2044). It is recommended that you use 7.3.6.
  3. I have always dreamt about of having an all-in-one package, and the Fenix A320 brings it one step closer in that regards. What I mean is that you do not have to leave the sim to do anything. Everything that you need is there and included in the plane. What I'm referring to is the EFB. Gone are the days where you need a separate app running for each and every thing. I used to have to open PFPX for my flight planning, and TOPCAT for my calculations, and so forth. Having to TAB out back to the desktop and back into the sim really kills the immersion for me. The only thing that I wish was part of the EFB or sim, would be a full-fledged and feature packed flight planner like SimBrief that either shows up as an app on the EFB or built into the core of MSFS. I just want a sim that has everything included so that we do not need to rely on 3rd party apps. Thanks to KatiePilot for working on the EFB. You have done such an incredible job. The details are above and beyond what most of us have ever imagined. I really hope you can put the envelope further and add more useful apps on that thing to make the experience even better.
  4. Hi people, I am fairly new to all this but I'm interested in setting up a voice command virtual multi crew operation with the P3D V4.0 Flight Sim labs A320 when it is shortly to be released. I am happy to customise the calls to the pilot monitoring as per Airbus and company procedures however I would like to know if this is going to be possible? Is anyone familiar enough with the software interfacing to know whether this would be suitable and indeed of use? Kind regards, Aidan
  5. Hello: After install the Voice and buttons with the voice packs everything it was working fine, suddenly the internal and external sounds of P3D v3 stop working, now i have a quiet planes, and silent p3d world, there´s no sound on it so my immersion on the flights is 0. I read diferents kinds of problems on the forums but i cant solve my own: My studio speaker work fine and there´s no problems on W10 and other software My headset (Kingston HiperX Cloud II) work fine and there´s no problems on W10 and other software what can i do? please help : (
  6. Hi, today i installed the Update for the A320X (P3D v4.1) and unfortunately Linda doesn't seem to work with the new version. I installed the latest profile and Linda seems to find it (Its preselected in the dropdown near the sync button) but the connection to the aircraft doesn't seem to work (Linda recognizes my buttons and switches but nothing happens in the aircraft). I also recognized that my VRInsight Combo says "Linda Init... FSX Default" instead of the actual name of the aircraft. I'm using the Hotas Warthog + Throttle and the VRInsight Boeing Combo II (None of the devices are working). FSUIPC is updated. It worked perfectly in P3D v3 and it also works with the PMDG 737 in 4.1. Are you aware of the issue or have an idea? Thanks in advance and best regards Florian
  7. For the past 14 years or so....since I was 15 years old. I always do domestic flight around Europe and then do a long haul flight back to the states on Thanksgiving day. I usually do a lot of Europe flights up until new years day. It started out as a random thing to do because it seemed so new and fresh. (I usually only stay in the states when doing domestic flights). It ended up turning into a tradition of mine. The first flight to start the over the pond season was a flight from Frankfurt to Madrid. I then took a 747 from Madrid to San Francisco. Here are some screenshots of both flights.
  8. This question has probably already been posted but I find the search utilities in forums are terrible and I have already spent hours trying to export a flight plan to the FF A320 from Pilot2ATC. I recently purchased the A320 and see nothing but frustration around the internet of people trying to import plans into the A320. Some talk about a flight plan folder for the A320 (which is nowhere to be found on my computer) and others about a corte.in file but no one seems to have a clear answer that I can find.
  9. Currently, I have the Prepar3d v4.1. I want to buy the FSlabs A320 but it's too expensive. I can't really wait for the Aerosoft A320X so I think the freeware Project Airbus A320 can be an alternative. My questions are... Does the Project Airbus A320 work in P3D v4.1? How do you make the Project Airbus A320 work in P3D v4.1? Thank you.
  10. Heading towards Madeira ASCA doing a great job
  11. Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and I sincerely hope that I do not violate any rules or regulations. If I did, just let me know, move my post or do whatever is necessary. I have recently encountered an issue in my Jardesign A320 which I cannot seem to resolve and which apparently only relates to US airports: After I set up my flight plan (in this case KSAN to KSEA) and I check it in the nav display, I notice that the last part of the STAR is not aligned with the runway (as you can see in the screenshots below). The FMC seems to add two waypoints after the runway which I cannot find in my original flight plan. This seems to be the case with any other US airport. I never encountered the issue when flying around in Europe. I am happy about any feedback as I am eager to learn! Kind regards from Germany Sebastian Screen1 Screen2
  12. When using Chaseplane V0.4.204 (experimental) switching to the default 2D Panel doesn't work. When switching to the 2D panel in FSX, Chaseplane automatically switches to the CustomView Outside. In version V0.3.74 the 2D switching works normally and stays on 2D view. Could the dev-team take a look at this? Thanks in advance. Greetz, Thanny Davelaar
  13. Can anyone help me with some issues I'm having with MCE? I'm operating the FS labs A320 with P3D 4.1 and the latest version of MCE. (as at October 2016) When I'm setup with either 2D or Virtual cockpit, I'm requesting various FCU selections such as SPD, ALT or HDG. On some occasions I am hearing the correct read back from my virtual co-pilot and I'm hearing some clicking sounds in the background however I am not seeing a change on the FCU. In other cases, I hearing a vague acknowledgment of the request although it becomes apparent that it certainly was not understood correctly. I've done several speech recognition exercise (with a view to training the co-pilot) I'm also looking to confirm that the Engine master switches and the overhead fire pushbuttons and autobrake selections are some of the buttons that are not accessible in P3D as yet?
  14. Hey all, I have recently purchased the fslabs a320 for p3d. I had been holding back for a while but decided to go for it as I loaded in the first time my frames were down to an average 14 FPS. I the adjusted my setting for better performance. Even with the settings being low I still average around 19FPS at a default P3D airport! I have no tweaks to my p3d.cfg file. My specs are i7 6700K GeForce GTX 1070 16GB DDR4 ram I feel like these are pretty good I just don’t know why my frames are so bad. They stay up around 29-35 in the VC of the PMDG products. Please help!! Simon S.
  15. Hello, I just wanted to ask when will the A320 program start? Thanks !
  16. From the album: Brzl's Album

    The best ever freeware scenery for FS9.
  17. For the full flight with sound and motion check here: https://youtu.be/NpnvIKfwcdc
  18. This A320 NEO tutorial for Microsoft Flight Simulator will teach you everything you need to know to get the aircraft ready for flight. Starting in the cold and dark state at a gate, I'll show you how to power up the aircraft, adjust the cockpit lighting & the brightness of the screens, start the APU, program the MCDU, setup the FCU and run through the Before Start checklist. Ideal for beginners but also suitable for those who are familiar with the A320 in other sims but who are not sure how this one behaves, this video aims to get you up and running as quickly as possible yet following real world procedures as closely as the sim allows. I use the A32NX mod in this tutorial and I'd highly recommend you download it before starting. You can follow along in the default A320 NEO but you'll find it has many missing features and those that are present work differently.
  19. JarDesign A320 for X plane 11 discounted $41.97 http://store.x-plane.org/JARDesign-320-Airliner_p_580.html
  20. This module is for the Aerosoft A3xx Professional series (covering the A318, A319, A320, A321 and the new A330). Many functions used on the old Aerosoft Airbus A318/319/320/321 have been renamed. Additionally, those functions unique to the new A330 have the prefix A33_. NOTE: Users who have installed the Aerosoft A330 beta module should delete: /linda/aircrafts/Aerosoft A330 Pro /linda-cfg/aircrafts/Aerosoft A330 Pro Changes: v1.9 Fix for VRi MCP Combo Flight Information display v1.8 Fix for various code errors v1.7 Fix error in v1.6 that stopped LINDA working v1.6 Adds APU Battery for A330 Fix to centre fuel valves for A321 Adds FO LS and FD buttons Fix to A319/320 Overhead Integral Lights knob v1.5 Fix Air Cond Packs 1 and 2 A330 Fix ECAM for A330 Fix Fuel Central Pumps/Values for A321 Fix Elect Hyd Pump cover v1.4 = fix to A320 Landing Lights on v1.3 - improvements to landing/taxi lights, external lights, doors and External Power v1.2 - fix for Dome (CTL) light for A330 v1.1 - adds functionality for the Aerosoft A330 Download: Aerosoft A3XX Pro v1.9 To install the module: Download and expand the zip file into a suitable accessible location (ie. desktop). Open LINDA and ensure that the aircraft selector is not Sync-ed to Sim and --Aircrafts-- is displayed. Click on the Maintenance option. Under Import Aircraft Module click on Select Source Folder and locate the folder Aerosoft_A3XX_vx.x. Click on Select. Click on Install/Overwrite Module button. Open your Flt Sim and click on Sync To Sim (ensure Aerosoft A3XX Pro displayed and outlined in orange). Enjoy. Details of available functions are contained in the Aerosoft A3XX Pro-Functions.txt file in the /module/linda/aircrafts/Aerosoft A3XX Pro/. Standard default library functions may be used for many operations (eg. landing gear and flaps). Please report all issues and suggestion under LINDA Support.
  21. Occasionally when in cruise the Performance is still in Climb Mode. I have tried several ways to get the mode to transition to Cruise, but without success. I am sure there must be a simple fix? Any help much appreciated.
  22. After months of rumours our mysterious new base in Southern Europe is *drum roll* Milan Linate! Milan is the business capital of Italy with an area population of 5.3 million people and Linate is the closest airport to its centre, a perfect match for Intercity's city-hopping ethos. All new: 164 daily flights serving 126 routes. 19 aircraft are based there: 5x JS41, 7x Q400 & 9x A320. That means Intercity now offer 650+ routes using 150+ aircraft in total! And here's the full list of destinations served from Milan: Ajaccio, Amsterdam, Barcelona,Bari Palese, Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Europort, Berlin Brandenburg, Bilbao, Billund, Bordeaux Merignac, Bremen, Brindisi, Bristol, Brussels, Budapest, Cagliari Elmas, Catania Fontanarossa, Cologne/Bonn Koeln, Copenhagen, Cork, Dortmund Wickede, Dresden, Dublin, East Midlands Nottingham, Frankfurt, Geneva, Gothenburg Landvetter, Hamburg, Hannover, Leeds Bradford, Leipzig, Lille Lesquin, Liverpool, Luxembourg, Madrid, Malaga, Manchester, Marseille Provence, Munich, Nantes Atlantique, Naples Capodichno, Newcastle, Nuremberg, Olbia Costa Smeralda, Oslo Gardermoen, Palermo, Palma De Mallorca, Paris Orly, Porto, Prague, Rome Ciampino, Seville, Southampton, Stavanger, Stockholm Arlanda, Strasbourg Entzheim, Stuttgart, Toulouse Blagnac, Trieste, Valencia, Venice, Vienna and Warsaw Okecie Chopin To see an interactive map of this huge route network, please visit http://www.viaintercity.com Intercity operate the PMDG J41, Majestic Q400 and Aerosoft A319/A320 on over 650 routes across Europe, tracked by our custom ACARS, so it's easy to fit flying with us around your busy lifestyle. With challenging aircraft, airports and a typical flight duration of under 90 minutes, Intercity is the airline for over 600 pilots who like to be kept busy throughout their flights! Bases at London City (steep approach), Birmingham, Edinburgh, Düsseldorf and Milan Linate
  23. Chock

    Cost Index

    Anyone know what Cost Index Air Canada uses on its A320s?
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