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Found 26 results

  1. The Hi everybody, i tried to install AIG AIM and TC in P3DV5 HF 3 , but it will not work. Is there any detailed Information to match the right settings, Folders , etc. the Manual includes Settings for p3dv4, but i think i dont Need the SDK for the 5 Version. did someone have a separate install PDF for P3DV5 ? man thanks for your kindness help greetings Dieter
  2. Hello, SInce I got back to P3Dv5.4, I cannot install and update flightplans properly. Here is an extract of my AIGAIM : Log Entry : 03:23:42 lundi 1 janvier 2024 : :Error while downloading file: https://dcfo38husa367.cloudfront.net/Flightplans/AIG/AIG_IndiGo_Winter_2019-2020v2.zip to location: C:\ProgramData\AIGTech\AIGAIM\temp_online\AIG_IndiGo_Winter_2019-2020v2.zip ------------------------------- Le serveur distant a retourné une erreur : (403) Interdit. à System.Net.WebClient.DownloadFile(Uri address, String fileName) à AIGTech.AIManager.Controller.AIManagerController.download(OnlineFlightplan fp, String location) Log Entry : 03:23:42 lundi 1 janvier 2024 : :unable to load Flightplan from ZIP ------------------------------- La référence d'objet n'est pas définie à une instance d'un objet. à AIGTech.Common.Flightplans.FlightplanLoader.LoadFromZIPV2(CombinedDB combinedDB, AirportDB airportDB, String unziplocation, FSType fstype, String filelocation) à AIGTech.AIManager.Controller.AIManagerController.unpackZIPFlightplan(String location, String sourceURL) Log Entry : 03:23:42 lundi 1 janvier 2024 : :Error while downloading file: https://dcfo38husa367.cloudfront.net/Flightplans/AIG/AIG_SkyAirline_Summer_2019.zip to location: C:\ProgramData\AIGTech\AIGAIM\temp_online\AIG_SkyAirline_Summer_2019.zip ------------------------------- Le serveur distant a retourné une erreur : (403) Interdit. à System.Net.WebClient.DownloadFile(Uri address, String fileName) à AIGTech.AIManager.Controller.AIManagerController.download(OnlineFlightplan fp, String location) Log Entry : 03:23:42 lundi 1 janvier 2024 : :unable to load Flightplan from ZIP ------------------------------- La référence d'objet n'est pas définie à une instance d'un objet. à AIGTech.Common.Flightplans.FlightplanLoader.LoadFromZIPV2(CombinedDB combinedDB, AirportDB airportDB, String unziplocation, FSType fstype, String filelocation) à AIGTech.AIManager.Controller.AIManagerController.unpackZIPFlightplan(String location, String sourceURL) Any clue ? Thanks in advance.
  3. Got the new OMDB and I think it's great. Lot's of great little details everywhere. On my initial trip round with the drone I thought the terminal interiors weren't modelled but it seems that just one has been done (brilliantly, I might add) and I guess that might be to help with the performance. Didn't notice any issues in that regard myself. What with this and the new OMDU, and with the original Orbx cityscape taking up the slack, this is now a very special environment. So, a few shots around the airport. All 4k ultra as usual.
  4. so here's the second set of pix. Have left EGSG and heading north to have a little look down on Stansted from the air. Still in the DH60, which is quite fun and would be lovely to have as a properly rendered and modelled native version. As you might be aware, following the freeways in XP is one of my favourite things,so I thought I'd try it out here but although I've got a ground traffic vehicles addon, the MSFS roads really don't encourage any kind of close observation Coming up over EGSS Got the AIG running, and there's usually something going on here Lots of nice detail around the airport, as well as inside the terminals That main building is a big old shed, for sure Turning east and away
  5. I already had the Bredok3d version of KSLC, but although the exteriors and modelling generally are good, it has no interiors and was one of the very early MSFS addon airports, so when I saw the Pacsim version I grabbed a copy. I really like Salt Lake City in the various sims - the setting is great and it seems to have been quite well done over the years, from what I remember. Only been there once in real life, and that was a working trip as usual, but enjoyed that even so. The new airport is good, with just one reservation (later), and the city and surrounding area is one of the PG gems in MSFS. So I'm doing this in two parts (and even so that will only be about a third of the shots I took). First part is really the airport. So let's get airborne in the 222B and have a look round The setting is great, and the airport has a lot of space to use, but it ain't going to win any architectural awards, that's for sure. AIG running, and there seems to be a fair bit of traffic here today Two level control tower (with interiors - not shown) Really nicely done terminal interiors, but here's the let down - not a soul (or should I say - pixsoul) to be seen. It seems a real shame, and a bit silly to be honest, to go to what I guess is a fair amount of effort to create such good looking interiors and then leave them looking like a ghost town. It was the same in the control tower, which is why I didn't bother posting a picture. Back outside again Again, nicely done but lifeless This is another one of those settings in MSFS where, sitting in front of my 55 inch 4k HDR monitor. I can almost feel the heat and the sunshine, and imagine the taste of the air. Absolute magic! Not a particularly glam shot, but captures the mundanity of airport activity nicely, I feel Meanwhile, back up in the air, the city awaits So let's go visit Part two will look at this very splendid chunk of (default) scenery.
  6. This is around the Le Aero RKSI. Not the cheapest, but nicely done and the developer has published his plans for further work on the airport to include all sorts of good stuff. So a bit of a look round and then away The interiors are quite basic, but upgrades are promised Either Prince is visiting South Korea or one of the AI liveries is missing
  7. A quick look around BMW/AmSim's KPHX. I really like it, but for some reason I can't seem to find the internal scene they have in their blurb. All my terminals are just blank, non-interiors. Still, the external model looks excellent and I wanted a proper KPHX so I'm well pleased with it. So a quick look around the airport, then a quick circuit. In the Honda Jet with the "futuristic" paintjob, which I also really like Don't know why, but this appealed to me Blue sky and bright light seems appropriate for Phoenix (although the first time I went there it snowed. First time in 40 years apparently) I remember getting off the plane after who knows how many (non-smoking) hours and sitting outside one of these terminals in the sunshine and rolling myself a ciggie (back in my smoking days). Bliss! Even the smell of the diesels seemed like magic in that light and heat. So, off we go This is the sort of little addon that appeals to me - https://flightsim.to/file/5429/south-mountain-radio-towers The level of detail is amazing The view from that shack Coming back in ANG in the background A place I enjoyed in real life, and I'm enjoying it again in MSFS
  8. Got Vancouver City (Samscene) recently. Will have a tour round there shortly. At the moment, just a few quick grabs around the airport (FSimStudios version) checking out the traffic I'll be back for a more considered look shortly
  9. Hey folks, I have downloaded various liveries for AIG for different Airports such as Heathrow, Charles De Gaulle, Sydney, Melbourne etc and have injected them as the various tutorials have advised to do. I have tried mainly in Australian Airports being my homeland and there are many Liveries from Europe and the US which should not be at the Australian Airports. Folks is this a limitation of AIG and I just have to accept these random aircraft or am I doing something wrong and not constraining the correct aircraft and liveries to their correct airports etc. Any ideas how to fix this and have correct liveries at their respective airports etc ? An example here, a Canadian Aircraft at YMHB Honbart, Tasmania, Australia Thank you in advance.
  10. Hello all. I've been having an issue with my AIG Traffic injected by the Traffic Controller program that's related to cockpit and external view audio. In the cockpit, I'm getting what sounds like engine startup and other ambient sound effects. The issue, is that's it's too loud to the point that I've got to turn the Other Aircraft volume slider down to 10%. It's the only way to make it tolerable. Some workarounds I've seen on the forms and elsewhere is to turn on Headphone Simulation. For exterior sounds – when switching from cockpit to outside – I'll get a sudden jump in volume and then no sound from aircraft taxiing or at the gates around me. Haven't seen a fix for that one... Anyways, all feedback and suggestions are appreciated in advance!
  11. Hello, I've been trying to solve my problem during the installation with OCI for hours. Everything was going well until the United Airlines 787 was repainted. It keeps crashing between 0% and 100% endlessly until the AIG application closes by itself 1. I did all the procedures in the instruction manual, this never happened to me before 2. I managed to install other airlines, but some really don't work and have the same problem.
  12. Thought I'd head to the Middle East for the next trip. Out of Ben Gurion and up the coast to Beirut, in the freeware Bombardier G6000 ( https://flightsim.to/file/35553/bombardier-global-6000-e-11a). Lots of pix, so I'm doing four posts - first one here is my now customary exploration of the airport with full AIG AI running. I am so impressed with this piece of software. I see that JustFlight's Global Traffic has just come out, and I'll probably end up getting a copy just to see how it looks, but I am in no rush for it now, and it was one of those packages I was really keen to get hold of. Love it on XP, but I can't imagine how it could better AIG for my purposes (which are purely visual). I just wish I could post the original HDR images and you each had a 55" screen to see them on - words, and these converted SDR files, can't do them justice. The quality of the light and colour are breathtaking. So this is what we shall be flying in, but not in this post In the background in the previous shot - And what is probably a static display of various fighters. Couldn't find anything about this on Wiki, but they don't look like they're there for actual use. Looking back to where we're on the runway Keep an eye out for that guy taxiing in the middle of the shot, he'll show up later Our friend from above is now almost ready to turn on to the runway (in the distance) This is another nicely populated airport with AIG I did load up every single airline, flight plan and model in AIG. Took a while and the database is around 54GB but it doesn't slow the sim down for me and it's nice to see what pops up and where There's our AI friend turning for take-off And there he goes! We'll be following him at some point in part 2 of this series. So part two will have a look around Tel Aviv, itself, and then we'll get airbound and on our way. Hope you enjoy the trip.
  13. Last part - arrival at OLBA, Beirut, and a brief look around the airport and surrounds. One last headland to pass and in the distance, just about visible at the top of the screen, is OLBA. Touch down. No barf bags required this time (unlike my recent Houston arrival) Not an addon-on airport, and not a special one in the sim either, so a bit basic but that's where AIG makes all the difference - it feels like somewhere with a bit of life so just a quick look around the airport and the city itself. After all, we came all this way . . Another sprawling sort of place Seems like everyone here buys the same towels and t-shirts, and it looks like washing day And that'll do. It's all a bit generic but still way better than the sort of thing we had in the past. Perfectly acceptable to me, and worth exploring, but I won't bore you with any more. Hope you enjoyed the trip.
  14. Spent a pleasant half hour just cruising gently back and forth wathing the action. The Volocity is great for this sort of thing. Apart from the large number of uglifacts in the PG scenery, LA looks gorgeous in MSFS, and the light and warmth really come across on my big screen. Love it!
  15. Nothing spectacular here, still been playing with my graphics settings. Pretty much there now, I think. Happened to be thinking about Boise and knew I'd got a copy of this but didn't remember much about it so went for a nose round.Looks like a nice setting and I will come back and explore more. Meantime, just a few shots around the airport and surrounds Some weird stuff going on with the "ground" levels in the river over there, but the airport looks good The PG was a bit ropey if I got much closer. Expecting to get Gbit broadband in place in the next few weeks (finally) so be interested to see if that makes a difference Overall, very happy with the colour tones and degree of sharpness/clarity I'm getting now. I had the 3090ti in my previous system before I upgraded to the new 7900X, but it feels like it's been freed up to work a bit smarter now. Don't feel the need at this point to be lusting after a 4090. That may change but it feels a good way off right now. Again, all my shots are originally HDR, and my thing about clarity is because on a big HDR monitor you really can see a huge amount of detail if it can be delivered to it.
  16. I have AIG Traffic installed in FS2020. I select a flight that starts at Heathrow EGLL and the Traffic map shows those aircraft that are parked on the stands. Once I go to the flight and use the Drone Camera, the aircraft on view are nothing like than those indicated on the AIG Traffic map. Can anyone suggest what I might have done wrong or make any suggestion to correct this. Grateful for any help.
  17. A wee bit foggy in Sydney today.
  18. A noticed a post on the REX Discord server that they are working on trying to get snowpack to match RL conditions. Right now, if the METAR shows that it's snowing, then snow accumulates on the ground. But if the METAR doesn't show snow, then the ground is barren (and hehe, summer-like even in the dead of winter in the temperate zone). Also, since MSFS patch #6, the requirement that each aircraft livery must have it's own model file has been undone by Asobo. There's a post on the AIG forums that this change will allow progress on porting their software to MSFS.
  19. Made a couple of changes to my graphic settings, wanted to check things out somewhere that was fresh in my memory. Also, just had a minor hiccup with AIG and wanted to check it was ok again now. Looks ok - KORD obviously a bit busy first thing in the morning. Lots of folk heading for the runway where I'm sitting blocking the takeoff - guess I'd better get going So a quick circuit and now I'm heading back to KORD, coming in low over downtown I was checking to see the sharpness of the images And while I was out of the plane with the dronecam I noticed that there seemed to be a floor with interior modelling in the Sears Tower (only found out it was renamed when I went to check it on Wiki just now - doubt that I'll ever think of it as other than the Sears Tower). Turns out to be the observation deck. Time to go take a peek. Some nice views from up here. Never been to downtown Chicago in real life (plenty of visits to convention centres etc out by the airport) so not been up here, and ain't going to go there now. But this is what I like about MSFS - I really do feel that this is a more than acceptable substitute at this point in my corporeal existence. And anyway, my vertigo would never let me get out on one of these for real (not without way more than just a drop of the Irish in me, at least) back to the flight Pleased with my changes. Images nice and sharp and no performance degradation. Don't how much it will show on your system, but on my 55" HDR 4k monitor it's spectacular. Coming in way too fast, as usual. So we'll stop the screenies at this point. Amazing how high one of these things can bounce - never ceases to amaze me.
  20. Got confused by this at first sight. Ontario? 'K'-something? Well, you live and learn. Probably been to it several times over the years as the whole Palm Springs to LA trip has always been a fave for me in the various iterations of P3D and XP I've used, and I often just stop at any airport on that route that takes my fancy on the day. Just never really registered that's what this one was called. Nice bit of scenery, both the airport itself and the surrounding area. I thought this was supposed to be a FLIGHT simulator, not a PALM simulator (just thought I'd beat anybody else to that comment). Nicely done, aren't they? I've been praising the light and atmospherics in XP12 recently, but this sure ain't too shabby either! Love that 'big sky' vibe around this part of the world. Interiors are nicely modelled but unpopulated, which is a shame A bit of AI coming in to land I really like this shot. Ok, on one level it's just a set of doors, but to my eyes (and btw, I just had both done for cataract removal / new lenses so the sim looks even more amazing to me than ever) that view outside just feels incredibly realistic. Go back to P3D / XP10 and you'd never even imagine this could be possible. The UPS lot over the other side of the runways Incoming AI and another one This is part of the airport scenery Here's our recent arrival taxi-ing in and here's the other one doing the same I did take a load more on a quick flight around the surrounding area. Might post a few later. I'd definitely recommend this airport. Even more with animated or even static pixel folk.
  21. Hey dear Avsim Community, my program says, that my path has more or at least 255 characters. When i wanted to move my directory, it worked fine! No problem. It tells me to restart the AI Manager, but when I restart it and go to the settings, the path is just empty. Does anyone can help me out. Thank you so much Greetings
  22. Second part. A look around Tel Aviv and the area around the airport, then off we go. At the end of the first part, our AI friend had taken off and here he is heading off over the city towards the coast And this is the view back to the airport from the edge of the city where he's flying From Wiki - "Tel Aviv-Yafo (Hebrew: תֵּל־אָבִיב-יָפוֹ, romanized: Tēl-ʾĀvīv-Yāfō [tel aˈviv ˈjafo]; Arabic: تَلّ أَبِيب – يَافَا, romanized: Tall ʾAbīb-Yāfā), often referred to as just Tel Aviv, is the most populous city in the Gush Dan metropolitan area of Israel. Located on the Israeli Mediterranean coastline and with a population of 460,613, it is the economic and technological center of the country. Tel Aviv is located around 32°5′N 34°48′E on the Israeli Mediterranean coastline, in central Israel, the historic land bridge between Europe, Asia and Africa. Immediately north of the ancient port of Jaffa, Tel Aviv lies on land that used to be sand dunes and as such has relatively poor soil fertility. The land has been flattened and has no important gradients; its most notable geographical features are bluffs above the Mediterranean coastline and the Yarkon River mouth. Because of the expansion of Tel Aviv and the Gush Dan region, absolute borders between Tel Aviv and Jaffa and between the city's neighborhoods do not exist. The city is located 60 km (37 mi) northwest of Jerusalem and 90 km (56 mi) south of the city of Haifa. Neighboring cities and towns include Herzliya to the north, Ramat HaSharon to the northeast, Petah Tikva, Bnei Brak, Ramat Gan and Giv'atayim to the east, Holon to the southeast, and Bat Yam to the south. The city is economically stratified between the north and south. Southern Tel Aviv is considered less affluent than northern Tel Aviv with the exception of Neve Tzedek and northern and north-western Jaffa. Central Tel Aviv is home to Azrieli Center and the important financial and commerce district along Ayalon Highway. The northern side of Tel Aviv is home to Tel Aviv University, Hayarkon Park, and upscale residential neighborhoods such as Ramat Aviv and Afeka." Put it another way, it's a gert big built up strip along the coastline, as you can see here I'm using the SamScene Israel package, and I assume most of the signature buildings here are from that The port at the mouth of the Yarkon River Finally (I hear you thinking) - a plane! Time to head off Slightly fish-eyed view back towards the airport. We're over the Yarkon here Busy looking place Beautiful setting. Like most of the planet, seems a shame people and their hormones seem determined to screw it all up (hey, I'm just an old hippie at heart). Away we go Two more parts to come. I'm aware that these pix might look a bit blah on a smaller monitor, but I do run big screen and this sort of detail works fine there. And these pics are primarily for me!
  23. Hello all. I'm currently hours into the installation of the flight plans, liveries, and such for the AIG Traffic Manager. The OCI installer was chugging along fine until it encountered United Airlines; in particular the repaint for the 737 MAX 8. As I type this, it appears to be stuck at 0%. I'm somewhat worried to close the application as I've pretty much invested my whole day to let it download and install. I'm appreciative of any feedback and ideas! Here's a screenshot for more context:
  24. OK, so, been having a burst of XP lately, having been rather disheartened with MSFS in my experiments around Calgary. But then I thought I can't abandon the old girl at this point, so came back to check out some other areas again. Here are a few shots from a very busy early morning (around 06.30) KPHL. These are all just around the airport, so next is to make a little trip from here up to NYC somewhere and grab some shots from that whole trip. Restored my faith in MSFS more than a little. And just confirms for me that both these sims can do some pretty stunning stuff. Not very busy in this terminal, but that light is something special A little look round outside now. Like I said above, lots going on here this morning And although I didn't grab any shots of them, there was a fair bit going on on the river, courtesy of Henk A lot more going on in one of the other teminals Ideal workplace for a plane-spotting barman Lots of movement down there. I see the DDT version has just come out now. Looks similar quality from the screenshots on Simmarket but didn't see a video there. Supposed to have animated passengers so I'll hang on until I can see what that looks like before I think about maybe getting it. Or maybe I'll spend the money on Active Sky for XP. Nice to have those options!
  25. This is all your fault - @pmplayer Once I get a hankering for a plane or bit of scenery, it's only a question of time. DIdn't hold out for long this time though! So here we are in a wintry CYVR, in my shiny new MD-11. Happy to say it came up nicely hot-started on the runway, and took off and flew ok without having to wade through a manual or even a readme. Which is what I want from a plane. As an aside, I've just downloaded an update for the FlyingIron Spitfire, and having looked at the changes, which apparently make it much more realistic (or "difficult" as I like to think of it) to control, I may install it but I will certainly keep the older version to hand as well. I likes my flying to be simples. This MD-11 is a fine looking thing though, and I'm pleased with it. Sitting on the runway AIG hard at work as ever So, first time out in this then That third engine looks about the same size as my A318 These sort of shots, wintry scenes with strong lighting, are the type that tend to get a bit washed out in the move from HDR to standard, and some of these are a bit like that.
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