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Found 18 results

  1. Airlifting 90 tons away from Dan Andrews UPS apparently serve four big airports in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth and have 747-400Fs flying out of Sydney. https://www.pressroom.ups.com/pressroom/ContentDetailsViewer.page?ConceptType=FactSheets&id=1426321549949-957 However, I don't have a payware 747, but I do have (of course! ) a payware MD-11 which has certainly got the reach to get across the continent for my purposes: YMML to YPPH. An early start. +VE Rate.. Climbing away. We'll be cutting the corner across the southern coast of Australia. ...and feet dry again. Initial descent towards Perth. All dirtied up. We were vectored to the ILS for RWY24, but I wanted RWY21 as the wind was blowing from 200.. and there's a lot more tarmac to use . ATC told us to sideslip to 21.. This will be interesting.. Not pretty, but we can deal with it.. (FSX NOTAM -I couldn't get the RWY21 ILS to align until I'd almost got her lined up manually after getting worried I'd fly past the airport). I didn't want to show you the rate of descent... the amount of time it takes the engines to spool up also concentrates the mind.. Touchdown.. and.. BOUNCE! There we go! G'Day Perth. Cheers.
  2. Getting ready to depart Shreveport Regional (WG's MRO base), bound for their main hub at Southwest Florida International airport. There's 5 tons of ballast up front to keep things in shape. (FSX NOTAM: Sky Sim's MD-11 aircraft manager currently only has input fields for the PAX versions, but you still see the %MAC displayed when you alter payload and fuel via FSX's menu.) Turning on to course. She's quite nippy with minimal payload and fuel! Bye, bye Shreveport. Climbing up to cruise altitude. Feet wet over the Gulf of Mexico. Descending towards KRSW. First touchdown on a wet runway: Yes, she bounced... However, no drama after that. :) Taxiing in. (FSX NOTAM: Shame there's no rain on the windows - the wiper switches are functional, but full screen FSX doesn't do raindrops, I believe.) Not sure where we'll be going to - I'll have to check the roster and the flightplans & get back to you. . Enjoy.
  3. Thanks to my discovery of IVAO's Concorde Anniversary Round The World Tour I now have several routes suitable for the supersonic beauty. https://www.ivao.aero/Worldtour/2017/sst/Concorde World Tour 2017a.pdf The second flight is from KJFK to SOCA. Definitely filing an IFR flight plan!! I do wish the lighting was a little bit better for taxiing out. Right. Time to let New York know that we're on the way! What do you mean overspeed?? She IS speed! (FSX NOTAM - still getting to grips with the airspeed in the climb..) Descending towards French Guiana and slowing down. Being vectored for the RWY08 ILS ...and overshooting the localiser.. Got her down OK. (FSX NOTAM - shame the bogies don't pivot..) Welcome to Cayenne – Félix Eboué Airport Enjoy! Despite its quirks, I still like the DC Designs offering, especially as it was released in the twilight years - some might say complete dark age - of FSX.. 🍻
  4. Early morning departure from Mumbai, although it's a bit brighter by the time we've got her fired up and been given clearance. A busy morning, although we're the biggest in the queue.... ... we still have to wait our turn! Climbing away We will not manage to out run the Sun. Only Concorde could do that in the civilian world. Settled well into the cruise, here we are over Iran (I'm assuming we can overfly Iran these days? Anyhow, off to the right is Mount Damavand, and beyond is the Caspian Sea. A bit more sightseeing, but the cloud cover made it a little disappointing: In the middle of the opening cockpit window is Mount Ararat, Turkey. Just prior to beginning the descent to LFPG I believe this is Reims below us. Getting vectors for a visual approach to RWY27R The visibility is good underneath all this, honest! Yes. If only all the airports would move there centreline markings a few feet to the right.. There's no shots of taxiing to the cargo ramp or the usual unloading shot because FSX suffered a crash without warning, I got the "Blue spinning doughnut of waiting" - no OOM bleeps. At least I got to land and vacate the runway.
  5. It's rather cloudy in Athens, but we'll soon leave that behind and below. Good, initial rate of climb - only 50 tons on board. Turning on to course. Powering into the night on mighty wings. A not inconsiderable tailwind component tonight. Lined up for a visual on RWY30R at OMDB. Well, the tower said visual, but they didn't specifically say NOT to have the ILS dialled in... :) Touchdown. I do believe I nailed that big girl right on the centreline for once! Time to check out, rest up and prepare for the next leg to Bangalore (Bengaluru), India Cheers.
  6. Not quite pushing the envelope, but still an interesting experiment for me anyway. Distance from Walvis Bay, Namibia to St. Helena according to google is 1216 nautical miles. Walvis Bay is a stop off point used by SAA Airlink when flying to St. Helena with their Embraer 195. St. Helena is one of those islands near that well known navigational waypoint MMFW (miles & miles of F@@@ water..). You may get to go around at the airport but it's doubtful you get to go back to the origin of your flight! Range of a Piaggio P180 Avanti is 1510 NM. Ok let's go then. I've not flown Hammer 66 for some time!! Dawn over FYWB. Goodbye Namibia. No land in view out of the windshield for some time. Up to FL410, playing with the big boys (not that there are many destined for St. Helena!) Time to empty at current fuel flow = 4 hours 25 minutes. Distance to St. Helena is 1033nmi, groundspeed is 387kt - we'll do it no worries! Beginning the descent for a visual approach to RWY20 - we are going to have a bit of weather! It's a bumpy ride lower down. The island's somewhere off to port. LAND HO! The proximity of the terrain certainly concentrates the mind. Phew! I know, I know, can't even hit the centreline in something far smaller than an MD-11 ! Right. Get the kettle on! Enjoy.
  7. Yep! No more. Nothing else to see. The Fat Lady has finished her song in Courchevel! En route from Chambery.. Oh no.. You're not seriously...?? Yes. It's my sim and I'll bloody well fly what I want, where I want.. Let's just say the arrival was NOT pretty, it just sort of happened... I know the big girl needs a lot of rudder to persuade her in the turns, but once she's down to 95 knots or so, I failed to appreciate just HOW much rudder and yoke movement is needed! "Hoskins! Did you feel that cheeky little gust throwing us off on the camber? ", "No, Captain I didn't, not a thing..", "Harsh, Hoskins, very harsh! In fact I'm a bit miffed with your attitude, sonny!".. "Not half as miffed as the Beverley was, Captain!" Made it to the top with the gear intact! Well, the Bev was ably equipped for landing on dirt strips! For an encore she will now depart from Courchevel! The reversing pitch propellers come in very handy for backing her up to maximise the small amount of runway ahead! DAAN..DAN...DAAAH! After that, well.. landing back at Chambery was decidedly uneventful The takeoff and landing distances of the real Beverley were reported as being 790 yards and 310 yards respectively (95 knots over the threshold and use the reverse pitch on the props). NOTAM I do have the reverse pitch toggle function mapped to one of my HOTAS buttons so I don't have to mess with the systems monitor (SHIFT-4) to activate it. Considering the length of LFLJ is 537 metres with the slope obviously helping then I had to give it a go with Mr. Jahn's superb FREE Beverley! A nice little challenge IMO. I had about 80% fuel and 9000lb of payload. If anyone else with the lovely LLH creation Courchevel and the freeware Bev wants to give it a go then please do as I'm sure someone will make a far better landing than I did!
  8. Preparing to return to Liege - only carrying 20 tons of bit & bobs.. Climbing out above the haze - tri-holer power! Crossing into Turkey. I did wave to Blackbox Simulations in Malta as I went by.. no one waved back.. Do they not realise I'm a fan?? Lake Iznik just hidden by the glareshield. Sea of Marmara in view. Beginning descent to EBLG we'll be taking the RWY23L ILS today. Slats out to aid manoeuvring with a bit of speed. Waiting for localiser capture. Once she was aligned on the localiser and prior to G/S going active I had the runway in sight so it was AP off and fly her manually with the instrument cues. Not doing a bad job so far IMNSHO Touchdown..🍻 Job done. Cheers!🍻
  9. Just me, a big girl in the moonlight... and jet noise... Same flight plan as the A330 trip EGGP to LPPR, except using the A340-300 and finding out that SIDs and STARs can be input into the MCDU after loading in the plan from the company route folder... I don't think I used a transition though.. more research.. D'oh..
  10. Dubai to Bangalore with FedEx. A very recognisable piece of architecture in the background. Ready to go. +VE rate, Gear Up! (FSX NOTAM: Main gear door animation missing. Was present in V2.0, but not V2.2 Sky Sim notified, but unable to reproduce as yet ). Climbing away across the desert before feet wet over the Arabian Sea. "Lonely... I'm Mr. Lonely... I have nobody for my own.." (with apologies to Mr. Vinton!) Feet dry over India. Descending for a visual RWY9 approach. VOBL is that pale area just to the right of the windscreen pillar. Impressive FSDG Bangalore scenery. I reckon my approach is OK too! (FSX NOTAM: Not sure why the runway lights don't show up..) Touchdown! Unloading - a pity the apron lights don't illuminate the jet! Highly illegal quadrotor shot of the airport (drones are what the military operate.. don't get me started!) . Worth the £8.99 for the airport scenery IMHO. Cheers. Now to find out where Fedex fly to next. Far East or Europe?
  11. I recently upgraded from the free Southend to the Xtreme Southend from UK2000. granted I didn't show much of the airport in these shots, but so far, so good. Took the Skymaster up for a jaunt, headed roughly NNW, nowhere in particular, no flight plan, and landed when my wife got back from the shops.. Cheers 🍻
  12. I'm justifiably proud of this one so there's several screenshots. It took me three restarts of the sim from desktop, dodging OOM dings (taking off from Gatwick rather than Luton helped!), and not flying through the upper metalwork of the bridge. I tried my best to line up as early as I could, then lit the burners whilst trying to manage the pitch up due to the speed increase all the while with single digit frame rates - good job I cut my teeth on ZX Spectrum flightsims! This first one's a bit deceptive - looks as if i hadn't got to the bridge, but all these shots, with the exception of the one at altitude were taken whilst I paused the sim in one place. See? Not too shabby a job lining her up whilst exceeding 500 knots indicated! Making good my escape after making Boris spill his cup of tea! This SWS bird is quite tricksy, but again good fun, especially once the FPS goes to double figures once more.. Would an aftermarket London scenery give me better FPS or worse do you think? I guess it's difficult with Heathrow just down the road.. Cheers.
  13. At a suggestion by a fellow AVSIM member about not flying over Iran or Iraq if I could help it, (countries to the east of Iran would be far less friendly to a low flying, noisy, slow twin) I arrived at the torturous flightplan shadowing the Iranian border with Iraq to get us to Kuwait. From then on it would be a long range flight over water Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Oman & the Arabian Sea to get to Karachi.. Leaving Dyarbakir. LTCC Perhaps I should have asked for some fighter escort? Nope that'd create a bigger international incident (and I'd hate for Turkey to lose any of their F-4E Terminators - https://militarywatchmagazine.com/article/terminator-2020-why-the-f-4-phantom-is-still-turkey-s-fastest-highest-flying-and-most-heavily-armed-fighter-jet ) Settling in for an interesting cruise across some mountainous terrain. Things are beginning to tighten up.. you can also see the string of waypoints on the KLN90B which tracks the border.. I need to intervene with a bit of terrain avoidance..! Lake Urmia off to port. Later in the flight, Zeribar Lake (I know, I know, it's only a landclass with a mesh..) The Persian Gulf beckons.. We'll soon be on a right downwind approach to OKBK RWY33R - ATC originally wanted to give me a water runway.. Do they not know that Land Rovers, flying or otherwise are not watertight?? Almost a parallel landing, although the plane destined for 33L will be on the ramp way before I will! You can just see it (I hope) above the top left corner of the instrument coaming/glareshield. Nicely lined up.. Touchdown. Hope there's enough fumes in the tanks to allow the Lycomings to take me to parking. Still running.. Here we are. Brew time! Enjoy!
  14. Having discovered that one can indeed import a plan from an online flight planner into the BBS MCDU (as long as the plan is FS9 format and placed into the Company Routes folder), I decided to have a go at a full IFR flight with a complex Airbus add-on and I was very pleased. No doubt you Aerosoft and FSLabs guys are giggling away at the back, but hey, I've never used anything apart from a freeware Airbus before... and it works for me. 🍻 Imagine a fantasy of flight... A certain brightly coloured A330 owned by Etihad (A6-EYE) has been brought back out of storage for a trip to Porto - one of the opponents of a certain football (soccer) team in 2021 apparently. Therefore here's a reconnaissance mission, not without its pitfalls.. Blue Moon Rising preparing to leave Liverpool John Lennon, bound for Porto in Portugal. Stanlow Oil Refinery in the background. (FSX NOTAM: Eh? Liverpool? Well it's smaller than EGCC so I'd hoped there was less chance of an OOM whilst I was faffing about !) Taxiing out to RWY27 OK. Lined up. Spool up the engines, listen for the "KER-LACK" as the throttles hit the detent for a flex takeoff (I just fudged a number into the MCDU just to try a "flex" takeoff). See that the notification comes up in the top left hand corner of the PFD (not shown here as I'd not advanced the throttles..). I'd also changed the pressure setting of the altimeter so that the amber CHECK ALT notification was extinguished. (I don't think the "B" command for default FSX alt setting works with this 'Bus. Bye bye EGGP. Once she's cleaned up and settled, then a warning bleep tells me to lower climb and I move the throttles back (KER-LACK!) to the CL detent - AKA Autothrottle. The MCDU knows that the limit is 250 knots below 10000 feet and then speeds up to 320 in this case above 10000. Turning on to course, overflying Stanlow. We'll be climbing up to FL390 today. Cardiff Airport off to starboard and Barry Island off to port.. (I know I've got the blurries, but my LOD is set to 4.5...) On up to FL350 initially.. the First Officer's getting ready to read Tractor & Farming Heritage magazine.. We all need our hobbies... Passing by the coast of Brittany, it appears we are not alone: How are you doing down there? Keeping pace with each other over the Bay of Biscay. The Spanish and Portuguese coast.. Beginning our descent towards Porto. FSX NOTAM I'll have to have another read of the "manual". When selecting a descent the Airbus decided she was going to exceed 4000fpm (OP DSC or something??) or so until I'd commanded otherwise - impressive stuff! I do note that the autopilot and autothrottle responses are very impressive - I'd left the descent rate at around 2500fpm and forgotten to reduce this a bit as we neared the selected altitude yet the plane didn't undershoot or porpoise about - I have to baby the Sky Sim MD-11 AP in this regard... At 10000 going through the murk.. This isn't pretty and it took a while to get here, but we'll be OK... Down.. and on the runway...added bonus! Interesting flight. Phew! I had an interesting flight for several reasons: After being cleared to 10000 feet or so, it appears that the default ATC forgot about us and I ended up cancelling IFR and using the autopilot manually to get back close to LPPR, then hand flew a visual into RWY35. Even with the autopilot turned off, the autothrottle is separate and it was interesting to see the engine readouts respond to my pitching up and down (I'd guessed at a reasonable approach speed of 135 knots!!). I had a couple of sink rate warnings on the approach, but you can see I was a little high and just left the descent rate as it was until closer to the ground. I retarded the throttles to idle before landing (she didn't shout at me) but I managed to get a "FIVE" callout on the altitude strangely enough I'm not enough of a pilot to know what's wrong with the "flare" law in the BBS widebodies.. Another good reason I had an interesting flight was the satisfaction in watching an electric jet do what it's supposed to do insofar as the displays and the throttles seem to me, to pretty much do what I'd seen from watching Airbus takeoffs on YouTube. Things to do - consult the AVSIM membership on how to fly this new fangled airliner....I'll have to see if I can reload a saved flight and see what state its in... I'll try and find a way of inputting departure and arrival runways into the generated flight plan - SIDs and STARs if I get that far too. Also see how it shoots an ILS. Cheers! 🍻
  15. I re-did my flight from YAYE to YSSY with a successful outcome, so here are the screenshots as I approached Sydney. The FMC acted a bit strange - to me anyway, but I'll probably pose the question in the flight planning forum. I suspect it is down to my lack of understanding. I didn't have the plan loaded into FSX itself so I did not have ATC vectoring me around. I just wanted to see the FMC in action and deal with the fact that the 146-100 doesn't have a VNAV autopilot function. Here I am, following some kind of descent profile for an approach to RWY34L. I ended up landing with a bit of a tailwind as, by the time I got to Sydney, the METAR had changed. I left the FMC well alone. Whilst the AP managed to intercept the localiser nicely, it didn't want to pick up the glideslope, However as soon as I saw the runway I switched it off anyway. Thanks to the clamshell airbrake, being high wasn't that big a deal There we go! Shutdown... and... Oi !! Where's my stairs and ground support equipment??!! Stupid bloody Galahs !! Cheers!🍻
  16. Just pottering about over the Falkland islands in one of their aircraft (Falkland Islands Govt. Air Service). One RMI is picking up the NDB at Stanley, the other is pointing to the beacon at Mount Pleasant. I do like this livery although the colours seem more vibrant in photos of the real planes. I asked the question regarding the colurs (alpha channel?) in the main FSX forum, but neglected to post a screenshot. However, the flying Land Rover still looks great droning over the desolate moorland. Anyhow, the flight was quite enjoyable and relaxing until the sim crashed with no warning. I was trying to look for any and all airstrips in the scenery (Falklands 2007 - available in the AVSIM library) so I was flitting between VC, external and top down views, so perhaps that didn't help.
  17. These pics may be too dark, and converting them to jpeg loses their resolution a little. If you can see them, then excellent! Ready to go at LFPG. A bit of moonlight picks out the shiny metal bird. Getting vectored for the ILS RWY3L at LGAV, somewhere to port 😉 Nice & straight, minimal crosswind. Touchdown.
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