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  1. I had a email conversation with Imaginesim to see if they intend to update KAUS similar to the P3DV4 version and was informed they will not be doing anything to the FSX version. I realize they are not the only ones; Flightbeam, 29 Palms, FS Dreamteam and others have made that decision. Is there a list of vendors who will no longer be either creating new products for FSX or updating their FSX products? The stock answer is switch to P3DV4, but frankly at my age it doesn't make economic sense to spend the thousands to support a new platform. Thanks, Ernie
  2. 15,6 inç Nvidia GeForce GTX1050 Tİ 4GB Windows 10 Home Ram 16 GBIntel Core i7Harddisk 2 TB Lenovo Legion Y520 laptop I bought. After starting FSX, I switch to another Windows and when I return to the game again, it locks and closes. I get the following message when I start again: "This graphics card does not meet minimum requirements for shader support. This product requires a geForce3/ Radeon8500 class or better graphics card. Flight Simulator will now exit."the game does not start.Graphics card reinstalled and updates but did not work. I would appreciate if you help.
  3. Requesting any assistance is setting up Toe Brakes using FSUIPC pm Saitek Rudder pedals. The rudders work fine as well as the Left Toe Brake. Its the Right brake that will not calibrate, no differential braking w/right brake. I am running A2A Cessna 172, Windows 10. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Asking FSX-brothers for advice: TROUBLES WITH EBOS_v3: I sit for hours trying everything and can`t find any solution: EBOS_v3 is awful: It does not fit onto the BELGIUM-Photoscenery, TWY and APR show black and there are no buildings visble.Turning of MYTRAFFIC also did not help...
  5. I have installed FTX Norway and also have Airports of Norway (AoN freeware), the latter being above FTX in the scenery.cfg. My question is, since FTX Norway includes vector, landclass and mesh data, is it still necessary or preferable to install the Norway Scenic X vII and the Norway Quality mesh provided at Are these better at portraying Norway coastline and mesh than FTX? Thanks Stuart
  6. Hi everyone. I recently purchased the iFLY FSX 737NG, to tide me over until "THE" NGX is available. On their member forum, I stumbled upon a very helpful list that appears to show the cost index data for a huge variety of airlines. Now, I know that CI is not really set in stone for airlines, and the the pilots often have the flexibility to adjust a SOP value to allow for a faster/slower cruise as appropriate to how far behind/ahead of schedule their flight is, but it's nice to have a template to help you when simulating airliner ops.This info does not belong to iFLY, the forum poster had obtained it from another public website, just to let you know.I hope this is helpful.Air Baltic 28 B757 CI: 50 Air Berlin 30 Air Canada B767s :100 Air France Short/medium haul flight : 35 La Navette (France) : 250 Longhaul : 45 Delayed shorthaul : 250 Delayed longhaul : 135 Air Malta B737 CI: 25 Air New Zealand B767: 45 Austrian 35 British Airways Airbus Fleet: A319/A320/A321Climb at: Cost Index 0 Cruise at Cost Index 20 Boeing Fleet: Boeing 737-300/400 and 500 SeriesClimb at: Cost Index 0 Cruise at Cost Index 28 Boeing 747-400Climb at: Cost Index 0 Cruise at Cost Index 90 Cost Index 0 (Sometimes used on East Coast USA to UK Flights and less often on UK to Singapore/Bangkok flights) Boeing 757-200 and Boeing 767-300Climb at: Cost Index 0 Cruise at Cost Index 40 Boeing 777-200Climb at: Cost Index 0 Cruise at Cost Index 100 Cost Index 0 (Sometimes used on East Coast USA to UK Flights) British Midland 40 Cathay B744 CI:80 China Airlines 85 (Nur B747) Condor Boeing 767-300ER: 30 Boeing 757: 18 EasyJet Airbus A319 Cost Index: 12 Airbus A320 Cost Index: 12 Airbus A321 Cost Index: 23 EL AL 737's: 15-30 747's: 39(short/mid haul- Europe)757's: 20-40 767's: 30-45(30-40 for Europe, 40-45 long haul) 777's: 71(long haul, ex KLAX) Emirates Airbus A330-200 Cost Index: 25 FlyGlobespan Boeing 737-700 Cost Index: 14 Boeing 737-800 Cost Index: 13 FlyNiki 35 Hamburg International Airbus A319: 40 Boeing 737-700: 30 KLM F70/100 Climb/Cruise : 30/15 737 Climb/Cruise : 30/15 A330 Climb/Cruise/Descend : 60/150(300)/30 MD11 Climb/Cruise/Descend : 50/100/20 777 Climb/Cruise/Descend : 50/100/20 747 Climb/Cruise/Descend : 150/300/50 Lufthansa Airbusse: 30 Boeing 747-400: 70 Airbus A300-600: 35 Boeing 737-300: 25 Lufthansa Cargo 80 Luxair 50 Nordavia Boeing 737-500 CI-27 NordStar Airlines (??????) B737 NG: CI 30 Qantas B744 CI: 100 Cost Index 40 for domestic flights Cost Index 20 for most International plans, however they may be planned up to CI250 to meet schedule/duty limits Ryanair Boeing 737-800 Cost Index: 30 S7 30 SAS 45-50 Singapore Airlines B747/B777 CI:150 Skyexpress Russia B737CL?????????? = 28 ????????????? = 32 South African 50 Southwest Airlines 737-300/500 CI:28 737-700 CI:36 Swiss Airlines A32S:FL290 and below: CI 10 above FL290: CI 20 A330-200 and A340-300:LRC: CI 30 M.082 Cruise: CI 30 for Climb/Descend and Cruise up to FL280, above M.082 manually edited M.083 Cruise: CI 150 for Climb/Descend and Cruise up to FL290, above above M.083 manually edited Thomson Airways Airbus A320 Cost Index: 13 Airbus A321 Cost Index: 17 Boeing 737-300 Cost Index: 10 Boeing 737-800 Cost Index: 9 Boeing 757-200 Cos Index: 10 Boeing 767-300 Long Haul Cost Index: 19 Short Haul Cost Index: 11 Ukraine International Airlines cost index: 14 B737 Classic: 19-20 B737 NG: 28 United Airlines Flight with duration < 4 Hours:A319 and A320 = Cost Index 27 B737-300 and B737-500 = Cost Index 35 B747-400 = Cost Index 90 B757-200 = Cost Index 80 B767-300 = Cost Index 65 B777-200 = Cost Index 85 Flights with duration > 4 Hours:A319 and A320 = Cost Index 22 B737-300 and B737-500 = Cost Index 30 B747-400 = Cost Index 85 B757-200 = Cost Index 75 B767-300 = Cost Index 60 B777-200 = Cost Index 80 Virgin Atlantic A340-300 CI = 30 A340-600 CI = 40 B747-400 CI = 73 - 93 B747 :150 Westjet B737NG :20-25
  7. Hi friends, I created a page called FSXmap, which you can see here. Its an interactive map with all 24000+ airports in FSX, with their runway data such as ILS, VASI and approach lights. Its plotted on top of Google maps. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like: You can also find a tutorial video here: I use it to plan the flights, and hopefully you may find it useful too.
  8. Anyone using this map? This was one of the best things for simmers and the last 2 days it will not load the "airport data"....I"m bummed out....
  9. Hi there, This is my first post.:-) I've just tried some approaches into Zürich-Kloten Airport (LSZH) using ILS and GPS - RWY 16 - ILSfreq.110.50 ILShdg.154 as shown over here => However, at no point do the diamonds show up on my Flight Display. I have engaged NAV and App switches at the right moment, but the default B738-800 aircraft just turned to the right and then flew directly into the ground. * Sorry for my possible mistakes [writing in English] , I am not a native English speaker, I am Swiss!
  10. All my screens, ND, PFD, MCP remain blank until I press the key under the ESC on the left hand side of the keyboard. The screens go blank again when I release the key. Whats going on? How do keep the displays alive? Am I missing a setting or procedure?
  11. swallsgaming

    Massive Lag Spikes

    Hi All, I have been experiencing spikes of low framerate when at about 100kts when taking off. My regular framerate sits between 25 and 35 on the ground and 25 and 45 in the air, but as I take off, my frames drop to 17 making it look extremely stuttery. I have tried a few things, such as turning the autogen completely off which resolved the issue but when even on sparse, the same problem is there and doesn't get worse when I increase it to extremely dense and turning it completely off is not a resolution for me as without autogen, the scenery looks awful. And I have also tried reducing the LOD Radius which hasn't changed it atall either. I have also looked in the task manager during the takeoff and nothing changes, CPU remains at 98% and RAM remains at 80% so it's nothing to do with malware. I wouldn't be complaining if I knew there wasn't some sort of resolution because once I am off the ground at 500ft the framerate jumps to between 25 and 35 again and remains that way for the entire flight. So if the PC can do it for the entire flight and the entire time on the ground, surely it can also do it during the last part of the takeoff? My PC: i5 4690k OC 4.5GHz (I've already tried lowering the clock speed back and the problem remained and the overall framerate got worse) 8GB DDR3 1866MHz MSI GTX 1060 GAMING X 3GB FSX is on a 1TB HDD (I have defragged as well so that's not the problem) My FSX: ORBX FTX Global, England, OpenLC Europe, Vector UK2000 Gatwick <--- the airport I was taking off from Chaseplane v1.0.9 Airosoft Airbus X A320 <----the plane I was using Ultimate Traffic Live Scenery Sliders are all on ORBX Recommended Using DX10 with SteveFX DX10 Fixer (I wont go back to DX9 as my GPU doesn't agree with it and gives me 19fps on the lowest settings) Cheers in advanced, Matthew.
  12. Having just landed at LLBG using freeware scenery, I was getting 2fps. I could barely control the plane after a 4 hour flight due to this. I managed to land, shut it down, and then move every single slider to zero, and still 2fps. This Dell I have doesn't seem to be up to the task after apparently wasting my money on it. Dell XPS 8910 with Intel Core i7-6700 with 3.4ghz and a Geforce GTX750ti card. So I would like to know exactly how much I need to spend to get this working smoothly. I've been using sims for 35 years and have yet to be able to afford a computer capable of handling what i need to run which is: World terrain mesh, WOAI traffic, MAIW traffic, hundreds of payware airports, full ORBX products, and PMDG study-level aircraft with all sliders on full. I have read much about this topic here and elsewhere but none seem to really answer the question: What computer in this world is capable of doing this? How much do I need to spend to get this working? Would 10k do it? Is there even a computer on the market currently that can handle this, or no? If you had endless amounts of cash and could buy any computer for your sim, what would it be? I am so sick of this not running smoothly. I am not a big P3D fan due to it looking like daytime at night and everytime you buy addons, LM comes out with a new version that won't work right. Too many tweaks to get it running, migration BS, etc... And XP11 with no seasons changing is out for me. I gotta have seasons even though I like the sim, but also there is no PMDG and its still lacking all the airport addons like FSX has currently. Anyway... Thanks, A
  13. Hello everybody, i would like to put my traffic slider to 0% in the simulator, have ai traffic injected externally, and flying using the default ATC and traffic. I am looking since ages for an app that simply does this, but i still had no luck. Does anyone have any suggestion?
  14. I did not see a Forum specifically for GSX so I hope this forum is OK as I use it via FSX I have just purchased FSDreamteam' s GSX level 2 and although I had to allow passengers board 2 or 3 at a time to prevent OOMs. I still have 2 major problems that no matter how I phrased my query I came up with the usual full videos and reference to the GSX new manual incorporating GSX Level 2. I have read this the but I must be missing something. Problem 1 :- When you take the option to customise parking positions, the Videos all seem to move about the editing view, as easy as I normally can do with EZdoc. I know I can edit vehicle positions with F keys etc as per manual but all my EZdoc hot keys no longer work. even the arrow keys and and normal mouse control is gone. I sort of expected this, so I tried again this time using Global Disable for Ezdoc but I still could not move around the parking scenario as per Instruction Videos? I could use the appropriate F key to select and move an item but could not move the camera as per videos to get a better view to see what I was doing. Can anyone help? Problem 2:- I really like the SODE jetways and the offered list is intensive. That unfortunately is the problem. How many simmers are familiar with all the various types of Jetways. I know it gives an audible 'ding' with numeric 5 when it is OK but as there are 80? variations no guidance is offered on how to select. I will be honest I am still trying to work out when and what Bridge to use. As far as Jetways are concerned I am not a purist so I don't mind having a Crystal (Clear) Jetway when in reality it is steel. I know the numbers suffixing a jetway refers to minimum and max distances but do you have to Guess that? I could do with help in what is the best and easiest way to select the best and most suitable SODE jetway. Jack Allan
  15. Running windows 10 home edition with flight simulator gold edition, and I have been flying for years. This is what happened: I installed the first 2 cd's got the main interface of fsx, choose a flight, what type plane etc, and was able to activate, I rebooted the computer installed Acceleration but was unable to activate got following error message: we're sorry unexpected error occurred which preventing product activation being completed error code 1-8000-4005. Also when we were installing after installing the first 2 cds never got icon for fsx on desktop even though product was activated, but was able to fly and setup fsx. We installed fsx of course on separate drive my d drive and icon on desktop. But it was installed in this folder called msdownld.temp and this is the problem. The folder does not say fsx in d drive how do I fix this. Tried putting acceleration back in to do a repair but nothing happened. Its all about this file on D drive which fsx was installed. Thus how do I fix this and then activate accleration thanks, Ronny
  16. Hey everyone! Got a bit of spare cash for the first time in a while this month and was looking to pick up some add-ons for FSX: Steam Edition. Just wondering what some of the better or more popular add ons are, i don't have any real preference when it comes to aircraft type, just want some new experiences beyond the default stuff. Any good scenery add-ons or effects plug in suggestions would be appreciated too. Thanks all :)
  17. I just saw this tonight, impressive!
  18. Does anybody know or have these liveries? I have searched high and low for these repaints. website is down and juergenbaumbusch only has the 738 fleet. To be specific, I'm looking for the 737-900 non winglet, 737-900er winglet and 737-700 winglet all in FSX source. Thanks a bunch, Kendall
  19. Is it OK to install both "Blue, Gold" etc and Global Base and PNW, CRM, and so on?...So, to make it simple, any or all Orbx addons can be installed without interfering with each other? Thanks, but it is confusing!
  20. Hello, I announce my 3 years work : Project Airbus A320 FD-FMC version Aircraft can be downloaded on AVSIM library with this link (free account required) : FD-FMC is a simplified FMC, with an unrealistic appearence, but a real flight management. Indeed, it offers real vertical navigation features. Only for FSX+SP2 or P3D. Many thanks to Project Airbus team that authorized me to use their fabulous Aircraft, and many thanks to all Project Aitbus forum members who help me to debug this panel. Please,read the user manual provided with the Aircraft. Credits : ============= Aircraft and 3 model : -------------------------- Project Airbus Panel and XML Gauges : ---------------------------- Francois Dore Liveries Textures include in this pack : ---------------------------------------------- Nicolas Chung XMLTools.dll V2.0 and XMLTools3D.dll V1.0 modules : -------------------------------------------------------------- Tom Aguilo Robbie Mc Elrath XML custom functions documentation : --------------------------------------------- Bob Mc Elrath Sound module : ------------------ Doug Dawson ECAMs Design and Bitmaps -------------------------------- Arthur Marx VC orange Night textures ----------------------------- Nicolas Lidy VC « blue LED » night textures ----------------------------------- Paul Davis CFM and IAE engines sound pack -------------------------------------- Adam Murphy Debug : --------- Wulf Bindewald Jean-Pierre Varnier Michel Rapp Airbus Fan, A320pilot, Hans « hvw », zaflyer Mehdi, Franzdur, Pepe-Pompero and many Pilote-Virtuel French forum Many thanks !! Francois Dore
  21. Recently downloaded the following a/c from simviation: b737 max8 american, TDS 737 Max 8 RYR FSX-1, and the TDS-B737-MAX8-LUFTHANSA for FSX. Am having an issue with these regarding rotation. All work fine except that they will not rotate on takeoff roll. Flaps extend at all settings, but a/c will not rotate at any speed or weights. Have checked calibration of stick, and tried various sensitivity settings. Nothing has worked. Has anyone else had this issue, or know of a fix for the problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx.
  22. Had cause to re-load FSX (Deluxe). Have re-installed SP1 and SP2. FSX works with no add-ons. Went to re-install PMDG 737-8900 and message window says PMDG does not recognize old version of FSX (needs updating). First time this has happened. (FSX in it's own folder at top of directory) Can someone explain what has happened please. Glenn Hutchinson
  23. In FSX, I was doing an ILS approach to KDFW 36L and broke out of overcast and was lined up to the left of the runway in a 737-800. I cannot find anything about an offset localizer on the approach plate. I think I am reading it correctly. My question is this a problem with FSX? If it is, can it be fixed by a novice with changing config settings. While on here what can I do about disappearing aircraft with only wheels on tarmac or in VC buttons on cockpit instruments are not visible. Thanks for any help! Lew Block
  24. I'd like to hear recommendations about planes to do bush flying over idaho and other places. I love pipers cubs and im planning to buy a2a ones, but i want something more powerful too. These are my choises so far: 1) RA Scout package: is a bit old, and i am afraid that is not DX10 compatible. Could someone confirm this ? 2) Flight Replicas Super Cub: this is my first choice, but i have read issues with contact points, and no fix. Are there others options? Which are the best bush flying (cub style) planes? I will consider any option. Thanks
  25. Hi: Seems like I remember years ago having a program that would close all unnecessary running background services/programs before FSX started...Now I have searched but cannot find it...Any help on locating such a program would be welcome! Thanks...