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  1. Hello, I recently purchased an EVGA GTX 1050TI 4GB. I went to run fsx after doing some tweaking and installing and a few restarts and did a connected flight deck in the aerosoft airbus A320. I was getting around 12-20 frames at Gatwick with UK2000 and ORBX global. We flew down to GCLP and my frames were around 12-20 for the whole flight. My friend on the other hand was getting 30-40 with FTX Open LC europe and REX4 textures UK2000 EGKK with integrated graphics however he has an I5 4690K processor but no graphics card. We both looked at each others settings in the cruise and I set mine the same as his and I was getting the same frames. The frames stayed the same even if I turned all my settings up. This morning we loaded up at Gatwick in the A319 to fly over to LEBL. This time I am getting 2-10 frames. Specs: GTX1050TI 4GB, Processor intel pentium E6000, 4GB RAM, 1GB Motherboard PLGA775, 500W Power supply and 500GB hardrive (I have used about 300GB) please help! Harry
  2. Not sure if this is a config error or install issue. But, I turn on WXR and use tilt and CAL, and nothing ever paints on the display during precipitation. I have Active Sky set on WX Radar client in the manager, and AS2016 on a network config. How ever the Terrain radar feature works well. but no WXR. also be advised the Co-Route entry was not working at all. The installer does not come with a Routes folder. I had to Manually create a new folder and label Routes. And now it works. FSXSE W10 Home
  3. So I'm trying to set up 'key commands' in the events tap for my multi panel. I cant figure out the parameters section. so for the Heading knob which I think is 'AP_HDG_VAR' what do I enter in the parameters section for turning the knob clockwise & counter clockwise ? also what is 'AP_HDG_LIM' command ?
  4. Following on from my previous post (here), I'm in Munich and about to fly another one of Lufty's 16 A340-600's. This time we're off to Mexico, a few reasons, the T2G rendition is good, it's a hot and high airfield that's surrounded by mountains and often has thunderstorms and it also connects nicely to Iberia's network... DLH520 leaves at 10:20pm and arrives just after 3am. It's already dark as we load up at the gate, SODE working it's magic and connecting a jetway nicely to 2L. Taxiing onto the departure runway. Climbing out over Munich. Leaving Germany behind. After many hours of darkness we start our descent into Mexico City (still in darkness, gotta love winter), CBs visible in the near distance. Wing view of the suburbs of Mexico City, quite a bit of flap out already considering how far out we are, because of the high density altitude (both hot AND high) it helps to be one flap stage ahead of where you are usually. TAS is so much higher than IAS up here, energy levels (kinetic mainly) can catch you out at this point so it pays to be conservative and bring it in gently. The Wilco widebody airbuses seem to adopt this quite alarming nose down attitude on final approach, I think it's due to the final stage of flap causing an uncontrolled balloon off the glideslope and the AP stuffing the nose down to try and regain it. In reality it would never do this. Taxiing in having used most of the runway. Parked up amongst the local traffic. Iberia still have 17 A340-600's that they use for a variety of routes, MMMX being one of them. This aircraft is EC-LEV, named Isaac Albeniz is a 642X which means it's the HGW (High Gross Weight) version. This route back from MEX to MAD is the earlier of the 2 daily flights they do. IBE6400 leaves just before midday and arrives 6:30am. Parked at the gate with the city in the background. Taxiing out for departure looking across at Terminal 2 on the south side. Wing views shortly after departure, T2G did a good job on the airport vicinity. Turning on the SID with the city and mountains(hills?) in the background. Showing off the cloud shadows... Flying across the Atlantic at night, nothing really happened until the sun came up. Approaching the Iberian Peninsula there's quite a few build ups. Approaching LEMD. Taxiing in. Parked up at Terminal 4S, this is an older LEMD (from Aerosoft) so fixed jetways, GSX just pulled up steps... Next flight will be one of Iberia's South American routes, specifically down to EZE (SAEZ Buenos Aires)
  5. Following on from my previous post (here) and after my jolly down to Milford Sound (here) it was time to move on. Air New Zealand run their B789's to China, specifically, Shanghai. ANZ289 leaves Auckland just before midnight, arriving in ZSPD around 7am. Taxiing away from the terminal Shortly after takeoff looking at the city. After some 11 hours over the water at night, here we are descending into Shanghai. Really liked the reflections and shadows in this pic. Final Approach Looking at the countryside Fantastic detail in the flaps/speedbrakes Taxiing towards Terminal 2. Unloading... You'll be very excited to know that I found some A340 flights from here. Air Mauritius operate an A340-300 back to their home base (FIMP) as MAU689. It leaves late evening and arrives very early in the morning. Taxiing away from the gate... There may be trouble ahead... Wishing this old jalopy had a working weather radar. Sun just starting to rise On the initial approach into Mauritius, looking back at Grand Baie and Triolet (I think) Overhead Port Louis, flying round and inbetween the mountains and descending on to the approach to runway 14. Looking back at the aforementioned mountains... well, hills. Setup for the approach. Not long now, don't know why I've got 4 whites in this pic, I was on the GS... Taxiing to the terminal, not very busy this morning. Parked at the gate. From here we head off to the delights of Cape Town, more A340's to follow...
  6. I'm going to place this inquiry here because it is the platform I use. Notwithstanding, the issue may be globally encumbering to pairing Flight simming platforms. (Note, I've also posted this in LM forum) "SKY TEXTURES". I'm curious as to how many of us have invested and use ENVTEX or REX Sky Textures. Bear with me. Lately, I've notice some interesting effects on performance with these enhancement textures(programs). In particular, spikes in CPU usage when certain sky textures package are in use. Today, as I write this, I'm experiencing 100% CPU usage and blurry textures despite making any adjustment to the UI settings within P3Dv4.1 (specs: I7 4790K, oc to 4.6 voltage at 1.260- GTX 1080). Using Envtex/ENVDIR with sky setting of "Random" I flew out of FSDT KMEM for AS EDDF. I've experience long texture loading times as I switch views and the CPU spikes and ultimately flat-lines at 100%. On this flight, under the random ENVTEX setting, i'm seeing a sky set for the first time (in all my flights using ENVTEX/EVNDIR). Oddly, and to the point, as I continue my track east with the sun setting on my tail and blackness befalls, the CPU usage dropped dramatically to 65% usage. Thus suggesting that the sky, now black, no long contain textures that may induce high CPU usage. Now, I love ENVTEX/ENVDIR and by no means am I pulling down the application. ENVTEX/ENVDIR is not the only time I've witness this. I had an identical challenge with REX4 which was then resolved by earlier versions of ENVTEX or and the Free Sky Texture Packages. So I'm putting this out there for us to investigate and mitigate the potential threatening sources(s) so we can get back to flight. Share you thoughts and experience thank you Keino333/usaboy
  7. I am using FSXSE and I am wondering if there are settings for a 55 inch curved monitor and dealing with Virtual Cockpit to make it more proportional. I know I can press and hold the <shift> <-> to reduce the size, but just wondering if you can set it in the aircraft for FSXSE config file. Also, it seems like the horizon is "sky" heavy or top heavy regarding the point of view of the sky.. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Following on from my previous post (here) and after my Canadian aside (here), I'm about to operate a Virgin A340-600 to JFK. The 340 did the last New York of the day and during winter meant it was entirely in the dark. Virgin had 12 A340-600s (along with 7 300s), with the problems with the Dreamliner RR engines, they've been given a new lease of life and are still plying the routes. All the 300s are gone and only 5 600s are still being used. Parked up at T3 with the tower in the background Shortly after take off, turning right to 220 degrees, climbing 6000ft A clear evening An American triple coming the other way Lots more dark nothingness, then onto final approach Pax view A rare cockpit shot Taxiing in Parked at the gate with the JFK tower in the background. At this point I went on another of my asides and went for a helicopter ride round Manhattan (here). The last A340-600 operator I wanted to fly was South African Airways (SAA). They've had an interesting history operating all 3 ttpes of 340 (200, 300 and 600). They still have 7 300s and 9 600s in use. They tend to use their long haul fleet pretty interchangeably but the JFK to Jo'burg route has been an A340-600 route for a long time. SAA204 leaves JFK at 11:15 and arrives in FAOR at 8:05am the nest morning. Both Virgin and SAA are Star Alliance and they share a terminal at JFK, here we are parked (ahem) on a very similar stand to our earlier flight. Taxiing out to 13R Passenger view just after take off Routing takes us out to sea fairly quickly, here's the last land we'll see until Africa. A TUI 787 full of bucket and spaders going home, probably from the Caribbean An Avianca 787 from South America on it's way to Europe as the sun sets Lots more dark nothingness, passing over the Cape Verde islands was merely a few pin pricks of light in the ocean. Our routing had us glancing off the west coast of Africa before heading out over the sea again before flying over the coast in Namibia, meeting some locals on the way... Now in the Jo'burg area at this early(ish) time of the morning a lot of the Europe flights are arriving, here's Lufty in one of their shiney new modern 747-8s And here, for contrast, is Air Zimbabwe in a 767-200 On approach to 3R at OR Tambo. Taxiing in to the gate with a selection of company and international traffic parked up. Those BA liveried 737-800s parked up aren't an FSX AI anomoly, they're operated by Comair (not the US one, that was set up some 30 years later) which operates scheduled services on domestic routes as a British Airways franchisee, hence the livery. Their low cost arm is Kulula (the lime green 737) while the orange 737 (parked a few down) is Mango, a low cost subsidiary of South African Airways. It's colourful down here... With 228 A340s still flying (117 A340-200/300s and 111 A340-500/600s) there's not that many left and the number are only going in one direction. I haven't flown every one, indeed only 4 of the 11 600 operators and a handful of 300s. Since I started these posts Qatar has retired them all. So there we go, that's it, no more A340's, however, my last flight for SAA made me look a bit harder at the airline. It has quite an interesting past, they operated some interesting aircraft and flew to some exotic places in their day. Like much of Africa, they're struggling with corruption and inefficiency to such an extent that they may not be around in 10 years time. I may try and base more of my sim flying around their operation throughout the years...
  9. Following on from my previous post (here), we're now on one of Lufthansa's 16 A340-600s. We are DLH712, departing late afternoon and arriving around midday in Seoul. Parked next to a retro 747-8 Lining up on 25C Following the SID which will take us out to the east. Just as we approach the German FIR boundary I notice this military P3 Sun now setting for our accelerated night. Some Russian AI traffic Technically this one's Chinese And this is a Canadian registered Global Express a long way from home. Thought this was a pretty good rendition for FSX More Russian AI traffic parked up Sun rising fast North Korea off the left wing UPS plying their trade ...and this is where things started to go wrong. You'll notice in the previous two pics the weather is gin clear... it shouldn't be. As I descended towards the airport I noticed the weather depicted was nothing like what AS16 said it was. I have this issue fairly often, Simconnect seems to just stop talking to AS but without throwing an error, the weather simply freezes so I was descending through about FL100 when I noticed the wind was still 130kts, not impossible for that level but pretty unlikely. I spent quite a while trying to get the link back up, realism killer no. 1. Oo, look, clouds... Realism killer no. 2 (or is it 1b?). With the clouds back in sight I assumed all was well with the weather until turning onto the ILS at about 10 miles. The wind was still about 270 at 130kts, quite a crosswind for runway 33L. I went back into trying to reset the weather as we came down the ILS, I configured early and then, finally, at about 5 miles, success! Wing view as we turn onto the ILS. Realism killer no. 3 The weather reset and I lost my 270@130 wind and it dropped instantly to the (as advertised) 010@7, thus losing some 110kts, a lot of which was headwind. The aircraft promptly plunged out of the sky, dropping off the glideslope and going straight into Alpha Floor. I knocked out the autopilot and recovered by hand, in reality I should have gone around but I was tight on time (boy 1 needed picking up from school) so just winged it, stable approach criteria are for wusses anyway. Realism killer no. 4 As I recovered and started concentrating on the airport I noticed it looking a bit sparse and bland, strange as I have the Overland scenery which looks quite good. Doh! I forgot to activate it! I paused the flight and went into the scenery library and activated it, took a while but seemed to come up OK. Turning off the runway Realism killer no. 5 (or is it 4b) As the default RKSI AFCAD was loaded when I activated the scenery, it meant it doesn't get properly ignored for the rest of the session so I had aircraft double parked and in buildings and over taxiways. The taxi in was just silly, I had to carefully frame the last few photos so it doesn't just look like some 10 year old, off the shelf, flight simulator game... oh, wait, hang on.... Looking across at the cargo apron Still bustling with traffic, just not always in the right place. Couldn't get any pics of us parked as there were aircraft all over the place. Such a shame as the whole flight was going really well... Anyway, next flight is over the Pacific to the States.
  10. Following on from my previous post (here), I'm about to do the IBE6841, these days operated by a new A350-9 but this route seems to use a mixture of A346 and A350 aircraft. We leave at 5 to midnight and arrive in Buenos Aires around 7:40am. Still dark and still have the steps... Taking off towards the north initially. Looking back at the airport with city in the background as we arc round to head off south. City receeding away behind us... Not much to see overnight but there were a number of AI aircraft who stayed with us for much of the journey. Air Europa A330 TAM 767 Alitalia 777, wonder where he's going... Local boys, we must be close now... Found South America Cruising over a fairly large city (Brasilia?) Answers on a postcard. Twilight just starting. Descending towards Buenos Aires. Ah Ha! That's where they were going, Alitalia on approach a bit in front of us. Wing view of our approach Nice view of the TropicalSim SAEZ Final approach Taxiing in Parked up Just as I was about to switch everything off, the sun peaked up over the horizon. Next flight will be the return leg...
  11. Following on from my previous post (here), I'm about to return to Madrid on the IBE6856, the A346 does do this route but not this flight (it did when I actually did the flight but that was ages ago) these days they use an A350 and the A340 does the later one. We leave at 1:25 in the afternoon and arrive 6:20am the next day. Parked up with the usual suspects here in EZE As we push back, out of the window you can see the international carriers, same usual suspects though. Some orangy blue KLM hybrid monstrosity landing as we taxi out. Some wing shots after take off Climbing away from the weather with the suburbs of Buenos Aires below Passing Rio After a decent amount of black nothing we arrive on the Iberian peninsula and make our way towards Madrid. Wing shot on the approach On final approach, the Wilco adopting it's trademark kamakazi attitude on the approach. From here I just had 2 A346 operators to do (excluding Mahan Air as I couldn't find a repaint), Virgin and South African. It just so happens that Iberia run it's A346's to Heathrow, the home of the Virgin A346's, serendipitous indeed, so here I am as the IBE3166, leaving Barajas in the mid afternoon arriving in LHR a little later that afternoon. With the formation of IAG Iberia and BA rationalised many routes and the LHR-MAD was certainly one of them. Iberia also have the delights of LHR T5 as well. Parked up in a busier daytime Madrid T4S. Taxiing out to 36L. Pax view just after take off Busier European skies, that's a TAP A321 in the background. Channel Islands Isle of Wight An obligatory hold over Ockham (well, it is Heathrow) Wing view on the approach, I managed not to OOM here but, my word, it was a slideshow. Hmmm, who owns this terminal I wonder... Parked next to another IAG interloper. So the plan from here is to take a Virgin A346 to JFK and from there, SAA run their A346's direct to Jo'burg.
  12. Following on from my previous post (here), I'm in KSFO and about to fly another one of Lufty's 16 A340-600's. They have some based in Frankfurt (that we flew to Seoul) and others based in Munich, which is what we're going to fly here. DLH459 leaves at 10:50pm and is now operated by an A380 but last season, it was this fine beast. Pax view out of the economy seat, pretty much a full moon tonight. Pushing back Tow truck disconnecting. Moon reflecting on the water. Looking back at the main terminals at SFO... ...and out into the bay. Some views of the city as we climb out. Low level stratus hanging over the Golden Gate Bridge. Sun coming up somewhere over the Atlantic. Now descending over southern Germany. Shortly after landing. Taxiing in. Next flight will be to MMMX, a hot and high airfield surrounded by mountains, always an interesting day out.
  13. Following on from my previous post (here) there were more A340 flights to do, Air Mauritius use their A340-300's for the service to FACT, MAU843, leaving late afternoon and arriving late evening. This was flown before FSDG released their marvellous rendition of FACT so I'm using the NMG one. Looking at our aircraft from the terminal, lovely green rolling hills in the background. Pretty little Air Sechelles A320 parked up but nearly ready to go. Company regional service bringing more pax to the airport. Pushing back. As we taxi away the earlier Airbus takes off int he background. Looking out of my window at the coastline. And again, Crusty Old Pilot : "Stop looking out of the window and fly the plane you 'orrible little child of the magenta line!" Me : "But the line is green" Crusty Old Pilot : "Shut up and carry my flight bag!" Admiring the A340's legendary climb performance... eh?, let's try that again. Admiring Wilco's A340 legendary climb performance, the real thing is more... gentlemanly, old gentlemen, old gentlemen with arthritis. Turning on the SID after passing Blue Bay. Emirates A380 inbound (and quite why it was using the reciprocal runway I'll never know) I believe this one is over Reunion, if I'm wrong it's over Madagascar. Singapore A350 making it's way down to Cape Town. Sun starting to set as we cruise into South African airspace. Some local traffic, a Comair 737-800, Comair is a BA franchise (hence the livery) operating regional and domestic flights around South Africa. Kulula is their low cost brand. An SAA 737 also goingto Cape Town but from Jo'burg. Don't see many of these these days, an RJ85, this one operated by Airlink. Heading downwind for runway 01 overhead the eastern areas of Cape Town. Unfortunately there was a little murk so you can barely make out Table Mountain in the background. Final Approach. Had trouble with parking on arrival so ended up not taking any on the ground. Next flights though, another A340, this time the ever efficient Lufthansa, they still have a handful (12) of the old 300 series and they often use it on the FRA CPT FRA route.
  14. Following on from my previous post (here) we find ourselves in Cape Town (old NMG, not nice new shiny FSDG) and about to operate DLH577, a Lufthansa A340-300 to Frankfurt. The flight leaves in the early evening and arrives very early in the morning the next day. Lufty only have 12 A343's now but CPT is a regular haunt for them. Parked at the main terminal with all the usual suspects... Pushing back, Table Mountain covered with clouds this evening... Turning onto the runway, Table Mountain still in the background. Looking back at the airport after departure Climbing out with, well, Table Mountain in the background... again. Finally! A shot that doesn't have Table Mountain in the background... but it's still in the comment, sorry. Approaching Namibia as the sun sets. Local traffic returning to FACT from Windhoek, an Airlink Embraer As we go further north, the local traffic get's more Angolan. TAP288, another A343 (they're like busses, aren't they?) from Luanda to Lisbon. Trans Air Congo parked up... somewhere in the Congo (I believe they drink Um Bongo there). Only included because I remember looking for and installing that aircraft and wondering if I'd ever actually see it in the sim and if it was worth my time and effort. I'll go with "yes". Noticed an Iberia A319 parked up somewhere mid Africa, seemed out of place (and a long way for a 319), not sure if it was correct or a typo in the flightplans. Descending over Germany On the STAR Wham! OOM Doh! Have since pulled my LOD radius back to the max (was increased manually in the fsx.cfg previously) and I haven't had any OOMs for a long time now... Here we are after landing (thanks for the autosave FSUIPC but the aircraft never really recovered and I ended up essentially flying a visual approach) and taxiing to the stand. Parked up after a long night. Well, if an OOM isn't a realism killer I don't know what is, well actually I do, because it happened on my next flight. Everything was going really well until about the last 20 minutes, no OOM but so many quirks it really killed the whole ambiance of the flight. More details here
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