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Found 28 results

  1. Hello, Does the Reality XP GTN 750 work with the RealAir Simulations (RAS) Lancair Legacy? I have the Flight 1 GTN 750 running in P3D v5 on the Lancair Legacy but have upgraded to P3D v6.1 and it does not work there -- the RealAir Legacy does. So, the second question is, if the RXP GTN 750 does work with the RealAir Legacy, does it work in P3D v6.1? Oh, the 3rd question is, if it does work with the RealAir Legacy, does it connect to the autopilot? If it works with the RealAir Legacy in v6.1 and connects to the autopilot, I'll buy right away... Thanks! Valin
  2. Last week I saw a screenshot of the GTN 750 being integrated into the tiny display window of the GNS 530 and decided to try and fully integrate Reality XP's fantastic GTN 750 into the actual VC. Before: After: I still need to create some kind of decent looking cover for the space below the GTN 750, but after many hours of frustration and trial and error, the Reality XP GTN 750 is now fully integrated in the Carenado PC-12 VC, complete with 3D bezel and direct in-VC click functionality. Cheers, Jerome
  3. Hello I have very problem GTN 750 and carenado , Prepar3D V4.
  4. Hi, After updating to 11.30 version I have some issues: 1.- Nav button (Autopilot) remains ARM, but navigates as it is supposed 2.- LOW BANK and SOFT RIDE are not working any more, buttons shows green but nothing happens. 3.- Syncronizer not working 4.- For some reason DME is attached to the next waypoint of the GTN 750 and not to the VOR as it supposed to be. 5.- APPR with the same problem as point number 1. I'm using it in Carenado's Citation S550 with the latest Reality XP update, if I disable the GPS on the GTN 750 the autopilot and everything else works at it should be. Thankyou Jaime
  5. New problem arose last night, X-plane crashed for the first time, when I restarted, the GTN 750 would not start up. Just black screen. Opened GTN 2, and had transparent screen. Exited out of x-plane and tried opening just the trainer, appeared to freeze, and not turn on, just blank screen, and bezel disappears. Running 6011 trainer, RXP GTN version 2.4.6.
  6. Hello All, I’ve extracted some checklist files from Reality’s zip file and put one for the C172 in my aircraft dir but it just doesn’t show up when I go to the Utilities Group. According to their manual I should see a menu item there for the checklist. So what am I missing here? I’ve done everything per manual. Is this a bug? Thanks for your input
  7. Hi all, is there any good and easy tutorial explaining the use of the RXP GTN 750/650? Not so much how to create flightplans, I am more interested in how to use it in flight then. I have the GTN 750 in the Flysimware Fa50 and in the A2A Bonanza. I do not have any charts subscription like Navigraph, so I have to scope with what's in P3D. Thx, Karl
  8. I have the Carenado S550 installed in X-Plane 11. Using the X-Plane FMS the Flight Director and Autopilot will capture both and ILS and LPV glidepath. I believe you have to set the cruise altitude in the FMS for the LPV glidepath capture to work. When I use the GTN 750 it will capture the ILS glidepath but not the LPV glidepath. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
  9. Hello, I recently updated my XE from 1.06 to 1.09. I also just purchased the RealityXP GTN 750 for my Carnado PC-12. With this configuration, I was getting issues with the gauge powering up in the airplane, in addition to some very strange pre-set zoomed in views in the 3D cockpit. I was not even thinking XE but someone suggested I remove all my plugins, then run XP again to see if the issue is resolved. After removing all my plugins except the RealityXP one, the gauge worked in the panel as expected. I went back to investigate the rest of my plugins. Since XE was the last plugin that I updated, I started here. I'm running version 1.09: 1. after removing all plugins, I added ONLY xEnviro version 1.09 to plugins and viola, the same issue appeared. Large, zoomed in screen, no way to click the 750, unit does not power on. 2. I removed xEnviro so there were no other plugins except RealityXP (baseline), started the sim and PC-12 again and back to normal, except the double menu on the bottom left. 3. I added ALL plugins back in EXCEPT xEnviro, and all was still fine 4. Added xEnviro with all other plugins enabled and screen issue came back. 5. I removed xEnviro 1.09 and tried 1.08. Same problem. Tried 1.07 and all WORKS. So for now, I can only upgrade from XE 1.06 to 1.07. I'm not sure the connection here but it seems that something does not agree with versions 1.08 and 1.09 of xEnviro. My specific setup in this scenario is: XP11.21 Carenado PC-12 v1.2 latest RealityXP GTN 750 and Garmin trainer programs Happy to help troubleshoot. Aaron
  10. Hello all, I recently purchased the GTN 750 got everything installed. I then opened the DO228 and turned on the 750 and get nothing but a black sceeen. The initial pages show up where it says “garmin” but after you click continue it just goes black. Nothing. Please help!
  11. I can remember how very thrilled I was when I discovered the Flight1 GTN 750. The GTN 750 is so versatile and useful, once I started using it, I didn’t ever want to fly a GA aircraft without it. Then XP11 came along, and I kept thinking how much I yearned for a decent GA aircraft in XP11, one that was equipped with a fully integrated GTN 750. Reality XP had already released their GTN 750 for XP10 and XP11, yet for some reason no X-Plane developers were integrating the GTN 750 into their aircraft. Yes, most X-Plane developers seem to have dropped the ball on this - hey Carenado will you please wake up and integrate the GTN 750 into your fabulous B200, C208B and C90! Just Flight appear to be the very first XP11 developer to pull this off, they have fully integrated Reality XP’s GTN 750 into their recently released PA-28R Arrow III for XP11. And wow is it ever fabulous! But don’t take my word for it, the screenshots below illustrate the versatility of Reality XP’s GTN 750 on a recent trip from Riga International Airport (EVRA) to Vaasa Aiport (EFVA). I highly recommend Reality XP's GTN 750, it really is an amazing piece of simulated aviation hardware!
  12. There aren't many really good business jets available for the P3Dv4 platform, thankfully Flysimware decided to develop the Dassault Falcon 50, which is now in late Beta and available for purchase. I decided to take the Falcon 50 on a short trip into Northern Alaska, and ended up flying a bad weather approach in PATK. FS Global Real Weather did a great job at providing accurate and immersive weather, from winds aloft right down to the low visibility approach. I cannot recommend this fine aircraft enough! Flysimware have delivered a really solid aircraft with in-depth system functionality, and this, coupled with an option to add the Reality XP GTN 750 as an integral part of the VC, makes this one of the most interesting business jets to date. The Falcon 50 exterior is extremely detailed, as you can see in the screenshots below. The interior too is very well done, the instruments are crisp with an air of authenticity. Yes, this Falcon 50 really is that good! I hope you enjoy the screenshots! Now if only I can convince the Flysimware developer to add winglets. 😉 Cheers, Jerome
  13. just baught the get last night the pop out works just fine but the one in the panel does not work at all PLEASE HELP!
  14. It's been a while since I fired up P3Dv4, I took a short flight on Monday from Zurich Kloten (LSZH) to the very interesting new Almeria Airport (LEAM) in Spain with the awesome Xtreme Prototypes Learjet 25D. Due to it's coastal proximity, LEAM is sure to offer any skilled pilot a real challenge, there were pretty strong 25 kt gusts on my arrival! The Reality XP GTN 750 and 650 did a great job in depicting the surrounding high terrain, it really is a combo that works superbly in the Lear 25D. For those that own the GTN 750, Almeria Airport offers full RNAV (GNSS) approaches with LNAV / VNAV guidance for both RWY 05 and RWY 25!
  15. Screenshots from a few test flights around Lugano with my new GTN 750 integration mod for the PC-12. The mod is now available, more info here:
  16. Having managed to integrate the RXP GTN 750 into the PC-12 cockpit I decided to give the Carenado B200 another try. I had initially tried to add the RXP GTN 750 into the B200's VC, but any attempts to export from AC3D totally corrupted the cockpit interface mechanism. I've managed to find a few workarounds now, and the results so far look promising. Still work in progress, most of the actual GTN 750 integration itself is done though: I still need to figure out how to move the radar display and get rid of the original small transponder and replace it with the original small ADF. Cheers, Jerome
  17. I have been struggling for over a week with a black screen on XP11 irrespective of the aircraft loaded. this is the rxpGtnSim.dll.log file: 18/01/30 13:40:09.298 11052 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 18/01/30 13:40:09.298 11052 INFO ] 18/01/30 13:43:36.616 11052 WARN ] A component version required by the application conflicts with another component version already active., code: 000036b8 18/01/30 13:43:36.712 11052 WARN ] rxpGtnSim32.dll v0.0.0.0 (32bits), v2.4.12.0 (64bits) 18/01/30 13:43:37.016 11052 ERROR] GTN 725.1 process not ready: The specified module could not be found., code: 0000007e 18/01/30 13:43:37.067 11052 ERROR] check if file is missing or your antivirus: C:\ProgramData\Reality XP\rxpGtnSim32.dll 18/01/30 13:43:37.460 11052 WARN ] A component version required by the application conflicts with another component version already active., code: 000036b8 18/01/30 13:43:37.608 11052 WARN ] rxpGtnSim32.dll v0.0.0.0 (32bits), v2.4.12.0 (64bits) 18/01/30 13:43:37.703 11052 ERROR] GTN 750.2 process not ready: The specified module could not be found., code: 0000007e 18/01/30 13:43:37.737 11052 ERROR] check if file is missing or your antivirus: C: The other problem was rxpGtnSim32.dll being reported as a suspect infected file - WIN32:Evo-gen. I have reported this to AVG and created and exception so that eerything loads properly. Having spent the money and reinstalled etc numerous times, I am less than pleased. The training package is good. Any help welcomed.
  18. Hi, to begin with, I am new to the RealityXP Universe. I just bought and installed the GTN 750 unter Prepar3d4.5 and my first impression on a 2D screen is very positive. Clear display, intuitive haptics and a host of possibilities - just great. My main aim was usage under VR though (WMR Acer AH101 at that time). I am mainly flying GA, notably the Alabeo C172RG, but also own the A2A C172, the Carenado C182 and a few more. I understand I can't simply integrate the RXP 750 into the 172RG ("Cutlass") panel (or can I?). Thus, I tried the popup. When I start the sim the RXP popup is shown indeed. After switching Avionics on, it does work, I can zoom the map, press buttons with the mouse etc. However, there are a couple of issues. - The GTN750 is sitting directly in front of me, which certainly isn't the optimum place for piloting a plane... I am unable to move or resize it in any way using the mouse. I know XP users have those green bars for that purpose, but what is the equivalent under Prepar3d? - The GTN750 is very blurry, way beyond the general little blurriness in 3D of the other gauges etc. I already made a search, but contrary to the GTN750 under XP where I found a number of contributions, I couldn't find anything helpful for Prepar3d. So, either it's just impossible or trivial... Thanks a lot for any helping hand, Michael
  19. Hello All, having today purchased and installed the RXP GTN 750 for X-Plane 11 (and of course also the Garmin Trainer for the GTN 750, but not for the other devices), I have been promptly hit by the non-fatal but extremely annoying errors described in an older long thread on this forum. (Moderator: As the last post there is from March 2019, and versions etc have changed since then, I thought it best to start a new thread here, instead of adding to the old one; I hope this is acceptable.) This message is mainly for the record (problem persists in current versions). I am aware of the various other threads about the problem (and specifically the Comodo issue); and I'm trying to find out if anything new has come up in the meantime which I may have missed. I have also found what might be a new twist. Versions: XPlane: 11.41 RXP GTN750 plug-in: (dated 06.06.2020) (GNS plugin, PFCHidReports64.dll, is version Garmin "Aviation Trainer Launcher": 2.7.10 Garmin GTN 750 Trainer (GTN Simulator.exe) : (dated 28.05.2020, thus earlier than the plug-in -- so this is probably not simply another case of Garmin getting ahead of RXP, Or?). The problem is exactly the same as described by others before: After clicking on the "Power on" button in the "Aviation Trainer Launcher", I get 12 to 16 pop-ups with "LoadLibrary failed to load XXXXX.dll. GetLastError: 126", where XXXXX apparently (as per the older thread) is a series of DLL files for the Garmin Trainer program. Those files are all present in the same directory where "GTN Simulator.exe" lives (...\GTN_Trainer\Packages\GTN\bin). But after clicking OK on each of those 12-16 pop-ups, the trainer then seems to actually work as expected (I have so far only tested the most basic functions), which has also been reported before by others. (OK, three or four clicks to get rid of those pop-ups would perhaps not be a real problem, but a dozen or more is...) This happens both with the stand-alone Trainer and in XP11, via the plug-in. Even after reading the 9 pages of the old thread, it is however still not clear to me if this should still be happening also with the latest versions over a year later, hence this post. Perhaps I have missed some more general information/solution which has been found in the meantime? I can also add one new twist, just to increase the confusion: Like some earlier posters I am running a Comodo firewall and have tried the following: telling the firewall to "Allow" all applications to do with the Garmin Trainer: this did not help; temporarily disabling the firewall: this did not help either; The new(?) twist: When I exit the firewall application completely, I can start the "Aviation Trainer Launcher" (as stand-alone thus), but after clicking "Power on", now nothing at all happens any more: the actual Garmin GTN 750 window does not even come up. After closing the Launcher, I am then stuck with a roar.exe process (router to database, or something like that) which cannot be killed even with Process Explorer ("Access denied" even though I am the admin. Impressive!). Subsequent efforts to run the Launcher again then fail, with a message "Preflight error: The data router is already running from a different program." The only "solution" at this point (to get rid of roar.exe) is thus to reboot the whole machine... Some people apparently had success with uninstalling the Comodo firewall completely and/or replacing it with another one. But while I am willing to try (for testing) temporarily disabling or even exiting it, a complete uninstallation cannot really be considered a "solution", in my view. Besides (see above) without the firewall running (even if disabled), I cannot even get to the GTN 750 window. I also realise that this is almost certainly a Garmin rather than an RXP problem. I did try the Garmin "Support" site, but so far was not even able to find any links relevant to the Trainer (as opposed to their hardware). Whereas the RXP support is excellent, judging by the patience and persistence displayed in that older thread. And after all, the RXP product does rely completely on the Trainer, so... 😉 Any hints or ideas would be much appreciated. Cheers, theFiddler
  20. I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere but maybe I am the only one with the issue. I have very recently been directed by one of the GTN 750 updates to also update the trainer. I now have Version 6.620 TRNG . With the update I seem to have lost all of my old flight plans. I do have a backup of most of the folders used by the Trainers. What would I need to copy over from my backup to the trainer location without messing up my trainer version and database? Thanks for any answers. Charles
  21. I have referred to the GTN 750/650 manual and still have some questions. I will try to explain the situation as clearly as I can. I am recovering from a hard drive crash. I have a new replacement Windows/Programs (C) drive and a separate (D) drive for X-Plane. I had Reality XP installed on my C drive and had to reinstall Reality XP (GTN 750 and 650) when the drive failed, but lost all of my previously saved User Defined Waypoints since they were apparently saved on my C drive. My X-Plane (D) drive is working fine and I was able to resume X-Plane without having to re-install much. I am in the process of recreating the User Defined Waypoints and have noticed a few issues that were not present prior to my hard drive crash. Main issue: prior to my hard drive crash, I was able to access my User Defined Waypoints in all aircraft using an RXP GTN 750, 725, 650, 635 or 625, regardless of whether the aircraft came with the GTN 750 included or not (example: Carenado C207 v1.2). Now it seems that the Carenado's GTN 750, the RXP GTN 750-625 all have separate User Defined Waypoints databases. I have imported the "starter pack" waypoints from C:\ProgramData\RealityXP\Common\GtnTrainer\ into C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Trainers\Databases\FPLN\user.wpt and these 5 starter waypoints are available to import into each device, but the User Defined Waypoints created are only available to the device that created them. This is frustrating because prior to my drive crashing, I was able to access small airports that I had added and their User Defined Waypoints, regardless of aircraft or GTN device. I have a few hundred real-world airstrips in South America that I am re-adding User Defined Waypoints for. Creating and maintaining separate databases for each device is not the ideal situation, especially since it was working well prior to re-installing Reality XP GTNs. I am familiar with my file structure and where most things are located, but I am unable to locate or determine how these devices shared a common User Defined Waypoint database. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks :) Windows 10, X-Plane 11.33r2 SW Version 6.50.1 TRNG (same for Carenado's), Reality XP: 2.5.16 (same for Carenado's)
  22. Hi! I'm thinking about to buy the GARMIN GTN 750 to use with the Carenado Citation II over Xplane 11. But I have heard that the database is from march 2018 and it not possible to update. I already have a Navigraph subscription for AIRACs cycles. How can I put the new AIRACs in the GTN 750? Thanks in advance.
  23. I was testing various LUA cloud scripts today with FS Global Real Weather and took these shots at dusk around Salzburg Airport. Just a short hop around LOWS with Carenado's great Pilatus PC-12 with the RXP GTN 750 installed in the VC. The lighting in XP11 really is spectacular! Cheers, Jerome
  24. Working with Sean per his avsim post (and a few other customers) towards a native installer for P3D v4. In mine I've also added Reality XP GTN 750's here, and I've got a small mod to get some VC buttons working (mainly direct to and home on #1) - that's all anyone should really need. Here's just a few pics. This allows use of the GUI config app from realair (so we don't have to do txt edits to change options) and includes the dawson x64 sound gauge so all sounds work. Untitled-1 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-2 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-3 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-4 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-5 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-7 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-6 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-8 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-10 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-9 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-11 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-12 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-13 by ryan b, on Flickr
  25. 1. Start with an unmodified panel.cfg file. This is the original panel.cfg that installs with the aircraft: 2. Run F1GTN750PA42.exe. 3. Launch sim. Panel before installing RXP GTN750: http:// 4. Goto menu | add-ons | Reality XP GTN Setup Aircraft. http:// Check on No Bezel http:// http:// http:// 9. Review Reality XP GTN Touch FltSim.pdf.
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