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  1. Hello, So I have a small Youtube Channel and I've been looking all over the place for some footage to go along with my videos. But so far I Havent found any. I'd do it on my own but my laptop isnt powerful enough to run FSX or FS9. So if you know any creators or enthusiasts who'd be willing to help out do lemme know.
  2. Hi guys! My name is Gian Marco, I'm an italian guy and I mostly fly in IVAO with X-Plane. I hope I will learn a lot sharing my passion and my doubts with the AVSIM community. Clear sky!
  3. Hi all, I'm getting started again after a long absence. I am a pilot wanabe but at 78 years old it's not likely. So I will take the next best thing. I fly G.A aircraft out of mostly small to medium airports. Right now my favorite plane is the Alabeo M20R ovation. I am using MegasceneryEarth, and have New Mexico, Ariz. and north and south Calif.. My home base is Las cruces NM and I have flown over parts of NM in small planes, as a passenger. I also used to live in Yuma, Ariz. and flew out of there, going to Phoenix and San Diego. I am impressed at how realistic the scenery is. Now all I have to do is learn to fly, use the radio and use the GNS 530. I have a long way to go. Unfortunately I don't have the time to fly as often as I would like.
  4. Hello, I'm combining two questions in one. I have not yet been able to upgrade to a better performance PC so I'm still dealing with something of a dinosaur, an old AMD A6 quad-core 2.2ghz with integrated HD6530D GPU and 8 gig RAM total. Q1: I have experimented with FRAPS, but it only records what you see when it is recording, and I want to record external shots. FSRecorder will allow for various views while recording but doesn't record sound. Bandicam records sound, but FSX crashes if i try to use the game mode, but if I use the screen capture mode, I'm only capturing the screen visuals, not the flight data so I can't use it to render clean movies with a decent frame rate. Movies rendered via FSRecorder are very smooth and quite nice, but no sound. I tried Audacity to record sound but cannot discern how to synchronize Audacity with FSRecorder to get both to start at exactly the same point in time. I tried my MAGIX movie editing software to slice and dice the video and sound tracks but could not get them synchronized at both the start and end. I could cut the sound track in to multiple segments and slide them about on 16 separate audio tracks within MAGIX until I get them precision aligned, but that would take more time than I care to invest in something that is meant for personal use. Most recently I tried Dxtory but like Fraps, that too seems to record only what you see. While it successfully recorded a test flight in a Baron from Juneau Intl (Orbx Southern Alaska, Orbx Juneau) on a short takeoff and landing, it was entirely from within the cockpit. My objective is to record a replay of the completed flight, so that I can focus on the views, rather than trying to fly the plane. Despite little hiccups experienced during flight in FSX, especially just before touchdown, due to graphics settings, FSRecorder rendered moviies still come out very smooth - there's just no sound. I also have X-Plane 10 on my PC. It runs well enough considering the PC's limitations and has a great flight recorder, but while it can create a playable movie, it does not capture audio. So, my question then is -- what is out there that will record BOTH audio AND flight data so that, even if the actual flight itself is glitchy due to maximum performance settings, the final rendered video still comes out at a decent frame rate? Anything out there? Q2: X-Plane 10. Shortly after I installed X-Plane 10, which did not come with a pre-installed 737, which I prefer to fly, I downloaded the free 737 from EADT (x737project for X-Plane 10.40+ for more info see https://www.x737.eu/). Whether I changed a setting or something in the 737 aircraft overrode preferences within X-Plane I do not know, but the aircraft tended to wobble violently -- without wind or weather of any kind -- but if I enabled auto-pilot, it would go rock-steady. WhenI say wobble, I do not refer to turbulence. This thing wanted to roll over mid-air. I realize there is no comparison between FSX and X-Plane. I bought FSX years ago purely for entertainment value. I bought X-Plane not to learn what pilots do but to get a simulator that was more visually pleasing than FSX, both in and out of the aircraft. Aircraft in FSX are always stable in-flight whether on autopilot or manual control. Also, when landing, soon as I set flaps in X-Plane the aircraft wants to climb up and I have to force the nose down lower than the main gear all the way down, even at low speed. Then it gets so slow I can't pull up the nose before touchdown, and if I speed up , it wants to climb, not descend. In FSX, I never once - not ever -- trimmed any aircraft. Whether by Microsoft's design or some oddity, it was never necessary. Curiously, thinking I might have had a glitch during the digital download install the first time, I re-downloaded the program and tried a test flight in the pre-installed 747 from KSEA to KPAE. After takeoff I enabled the autopilot until a few miles out from KPAE and then took it down on manual. Unlike the previous install, the aircraft did not tumble out of control (but I also hadn't installed any non-Xplane-supplied aircraft); but I still had to force the nose down to descend, even with ridiculously slow.speeds. I know X-Plane automatically slows down the simulation rate on slower PC's so I am thinking slow CPU and graphics are the cause. My question here, then, is -- must I trim any aircraft in X-Plane or might the PC's antiquated capabilities be too primitive for the requirements of X-Plane, even though it loads and does play, albeit somewhat crudely -- except when on Autopilot. Thanks for any feedback.
  5. Figured I should formally introduce myself, after asking for help a number of time. My name is Anthony, and I work for an aviation company (you may be able to figure out which one...), located at CYXX. I am currently involved in getting 3 FTDs up and running for training purposes, after the last guy, uh, didn't work out. I have a bachelor of computer information systems, and 10 years of IT experience, but 0 in sims. I remember playing MSFS on a 486, along with enjoying a number of other assorted flight games over the years. I am currently working with / learning about P3D version 3 and 4, and am considering building a home PC to learn a little about X-Plane, and to better contrast the two. There is the possibility of going full time into the flight simulation world, and am going to have to decide my career path in the next 6 months. Never boring. When I'm not here, I enjoy spending time with my wife, and little fuzzy dog. I've done some cycling, some travelling, some photography and some music over the years. I am also looking forward to having front-row seats to the airshow again this year. Thanks all!
  6. Hello, My name is Greg and I came here for knwolegde and tips. I've been playing for two weeks and I really like it, so I decided to look into the largest treasury of knowledge - the Forum. Nice to meet you, thank you in advance for help :-)
  7. Hi i just would like to know which flight planner is the best to buy .thnk you Martin Kudelas
  8. hello when can new members post in the mainPrepar3d forum ?? theres no start new topic
  9. Thanks to the system admins who make it easy to sign up for access. I was a big user of this site( on a modem!!) back in the 1980-90's when I lived in Fluvanna County but I drifted away over the years. Now retired, living in Portsmouth and getting back into flight sims - FSX-Steam and X-Plane. Apparently my account had understandably been inactivated/purged so it was great to get re-started so easily. Thanks again
  10. Long time lurker, I've been simming since the early 90's. Never got around to really getting to active in forums but since I have some time on my hands I figured I would say hello. I don't use too much freeware but I like my repaints for the payware. I look forward to being active in this vibrant community finally.
  11. Hi all, I'm a new user so should introduce myself. I'm a PPL pilot and have an FSX sim running win7, decent graphics running over 3 screens with a fair amount of Saitek hardware. It works well and tbh, am happy with it. I'm here to hopefully gain some insights on the future of avsim and how I can possibly build a bigger/better sim for the future with better hardware and software. I'm new to the forum so please be kind. With all respect to those longstanding users on here, I've had many unpleasant experiences in the past on other sites from the "typical" armchair enthusiasts (think comic book guy from the Simpsons) who enjoy ridiculing and belittling people of lesser experiences. I'm really not interested in any of that. I'm not a total ignoramus, but completely accept I am far from as knowledgeable as some. That said, I can and do learn. I know it's a pitfall of forums, but all i ask is "polite - not patronising". I hope that's ok. So I would love to upgrade my home sim and at the moment, I cannot find any reliable information as to which direction I should go in for the software platform. It would be a serious dream come true to involve a small motion platform and with the advent of small "home sized" hardware, this will surely become an affordable reality in the future. I guess the big question (which might not have a perfect answer at this stage) is what do you guys think will be the future software to think about working with? There seems to be some promising developments for the home user but no concrete advice as to which to go for. As a separate question, what software do the professional training SIMS use? Are these bespoke systems developed by the aircraft manufacturers? I can't help but wonder that they must, along the way, use similar graphics and computing technology that is available to us mere mortals - and if so, accepting the astonomical costs, what are the essential differences between a static Boeing flight training sim and a home made equivalent? NIce to be here and i hope I can make some mates interested in building our dream sims!!! All the best Dave Jones
  12. Hello everyone, happy to be a part of the Avsim community.
  13. Hello everyone! My name is Sophie Lawson and I was born in Russia, but I moved to Canada when I was 8, so, please, sorry for my mistakes in advance. English is not my mother-tongue. Anyway, I am here because I help to write articles about aviation for my friend's university newspaper.
  14. Hi, l am new to the forum. I have submitted support requests to PCA on the 2nd Sep, with follow up requests on the 12 & 18th Sep - all unanswered. l have submitted a further two requests on the 19th Sep for new keys to carenado aircraft wihich have also not been answered. Is anybody on the forum having similar problems with PCA? cheers, john
  15. Good morning everyone, I am Quentin, french 29 years old guy. I fly on IVAO for 12 years and i am a French Air Force pilot in real life. I heard that this forum is full of magic informations, let's read it :) See you !
  16. Greetings all, glad to be a part of this forum. For future reference, if I have a simulator issue, where do I post about it looking for help? Many thanks
  17. Hi Anyone with info on turning on or adjusting the lighting on the instruments (EX: airspeed, altimiter) on an F4 Phantom ?
  18. Hi, I'm new to the forum here, I live just 15 miles from LOWI and enjoy flight simulation since many years, starting with Sublogic already on Amiga 500 back then. I'm looking forward to having a nice time here. Cheers, kaha
  19. Hi Jim, thank you for the welcome. After a hectic weekend at family wedding back to normality. After a flying career on helicopters in the Royal Navy i took up flight sim on Microsoft 2000, flying all scenarios and a box load of add ons. Now having just purchased a Mac OS X El Capitan, those programmes are not for this machine so thought buy X plane 10 Global, after seeing you tube videos with all the attendances of push back cargo loading and flight services great, loaded up all discs but the free add on would not load. Found out faulty disc have returned for replacement. Started up programme and flew cessna, but have no clue how to use rest of set up. Are all the support services on add ons? On Microsoft 2000 could programme all flights, weather Captain speaking, ATC, but looking at x plane everything has moved on, especially graphics, scenery,support services. Any Advice welcome regards Bob
  20. I've been simming since the 80's using one machine or another. I have had several breaks over the years, just back from one now. Currently using P3D v3.3 with a few add ons........my, my hasn't flight simming moved on since the days of the zx spectrum and BBC model b? Greetings all.
  21. Hello all! I've always wanted to try flight sims, and have tried here and there, but I really want to up the immersion and have been looking at flight controllers, and googling has yielded mixed results, some say stay away from logitech saitek and ch while others say they are great... -I am a complete newcomer so anything would be an upgrade and so far I am liking the price of the Logitech G Saitek PRO Flight Yoke System 945-000023 on eBay for $138 so is this option good? -Rudders aren't included, but I have seen them at low prices however, they are different brands. Is that okay to use? does all the gear have to be the same brand?
  22. Very good, I press myself, I'm Jaime and I belong to Ivao about ten years ago. This is my hoby and little by little I try to make improvements in my knowledge. Now I have decided to try Linda for the Citation 525A, CJ2. Where should I ask questions about this topic? Thank you
  23. Hello guys. My name's Emiliano, i'm 29yo and i'm typing from the beautiful city of Reggio Calabria. I'm a huge aviation enthusiast. I've been a FS fan since 2002. And I made over 1800 hours with the PMDG 747/MD11 in FSX up until 2014. However, after a while, due to other life circumstances I put aside my hobby for Flight Simming to pursue other interests. But since last week, I decided to dust off my boxed copies of FSX and the PMDG 747/MD11 and i'm already super excited to make some other great flights with them. Can never get enough of the wonderful and detailed PMDG aircrafts. Now i'm also on the verge on upgrading some things, too. First thing in my top-purchase list is definitely the amazing T7. Then, maybe, getting some ground/terrain enhancements to spice things up a little in the FSX world, if money permits it. I never considered to upgrade to P3D as i'm mostly flying on a laptop. And with the setup I have, I know that FSX will always run at a steady 30fps (with traffic/cars/leaisure boats sliders set to minimum). So i'm more than happy with what I have for the moment. In the future, maybe, when I will finally took the plunge and buy myself a fast Desktop, maybe I will consider the P3D option. Anyway, i'm looking forward to hear your advices and share my flight sim experience with you all people.
  24. I have an Acer Predator Helios 300 (G3-571) with Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz, 2808 Mhz, 4 Core(s), and 16 GB RAM along with an NVIDIA GTX 1060 Graphic card. However, even in default airports, I am getting only 8-10 fps while facing traffic. The traffic addon that I use is ### AI. I don't want to set my traffic to zero since I like the airports with ai traffic . I don't know why I'm getting low fps even on a laptop with very good potential. Please provide solutions
  25. Hello all, just renewing my interest in flight sim after a long break from FSX. My using Windows 10 64bit & looking at updating my PC & moving to P3Dv4. But hope to use existing monitors I have (3x Samsung S24A450BW (vision) & 2 x Samsung Syncmaster 940B (panels). I have all Saitek gear - Yoke, Throttles, Multi panel, Switch Panel & Combat pedals.(Logitech G X52 TBA). I am a retired Aircraft Engineer so mostly interested in PMDG airliners, a few militiary jets & classic piston. Game inputs & Monitors (landscape) will be mounted on easily reconfigurable VESA frame (airline / fighter options) I have read what I can, but am confused about which video cards / Tripple Head2Go / video cable specs & limitations. Note all my current monitors have DVI inputs. (I would be happy to replace 2 x S 940Bs with 2 x ASUS 23" VC239H (16 x 9) DVI & VESA mount.) New computer build (cost options) i7-6700K, Z370-A, GTX 1070 OC 8GB, DDR4 3000 C15, 2 x 500G M.2 EVO, 2 x WD HDD 2T 850W PSU. Any comments from those with similar 5 monitor rigs using P3D V4 and settings to achieve 30fps? About to leap into the next generation of flight simming :-) David
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