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  1. hello when can new members post in the mainPrepar3d forum ?? theres no start new topic
  2. Hi, I'm new to the forum here, I live just 15 miles from LOWI and enjoy flight simulation since many years, starting with Sublogic already on Amiga 500 back then. I'm looking forward to having a nice time here. Cheers, kaha
  3. Hi all, I'm a new user so should introduce myself. I'm a PPL pilot and have an FSX sim running win7, decent graphics running over 3 screens with a fair amount of Saitek hardware. It works well and tbh, am happy with it. I'm here to hopefully gain some insights on the future of avsim and how I can possibly build a bigger/better sim for the future with better hardware and software. I'm new to the forum so please be kind. With all respect to those longstanding users on here, I've had many unpleasant experiences in the past on other sites from the "typical" armchair enthusiasts (think comic book guy from the Simpsons) who enjoy ridiculing and belittling people of lesser experiences. I'm really not interested in any of that. I'm not a total ignoramus, but completely accept I am far from as knowledgeable as some. That said, I can and do learn. I know it's a pitfall of forums, but all i ask is "polite - not patronising". I hope that's ok. So I would love to upgrade my home sim and at the moment, I cannot find any reliable information as to which direction I should go in for the software platform. It would be a serious dream come true to involve a small motion platform and with the advent of small "home sized" hardware, this will surely become an affordable reality in the future. I guess the big question (which might not have a perfect answer at this stage) is what do you guys think will be the future software to think about working with? There seems to be some promising developments for the home user but no concrete advice as to which to go for. As a separate question, what software do the professional training SIMS use? Are these bespoke systems developed by the aircraft manufacturers? I can't help but wonder that they must, along the way, use similar graphics and computing technology that is available to us mere mortals - and if so, accepting the astonomical costs, what are the essential differences between a static Boeing flight training sim and a home made equivalent? NIce to be here and i hope I can make some mates interested in building our dream sims!!! All the best Dave Jones
  4. Long time lurker, I've been simming since the early 90's. Never got around to really getting to active in forums but since I have some time on my hands I figured I would say hello. I don't use too much freeware but I like my repaints for the payware. I look forward to being active in this vibrant community finally.
  5. Hallo,. I would probably be considered a lapsed member as I have not had the time to spare to indulge myself in this fascinating pastime due to health matters for over a year.. Some time has passed since I used any flight sims and found that now with windows 10 upgrades I (and many others according to posts I have read on other sites ) seem to be in trouble running almost all Microsoft Simulators on 10. I do not seek an answer here it's more of a beef about the difficulty in sorting out the complexities of the systems. i include a letter which I sent to a computer magazine which pretty well sums it up, but any suggestions providing they are simple from other members wold be greatly appreciated . I say simple because at 84 the grey matter does not always function in top gear ! extract Windows 10 and Flight Simulators I have used Flight simulators for many years and with many operating systems. We all slowly had to change as Windows bribed, coerced or even blackmailed us into changing as the years went by ( 95, 98, ME, XP, Vista , 7 and 8 ) before 10 came along. All had issues when it came to simulators, admittedly some were never designed for systems that weren’t around when the product was released but patches were soon available to keep your favorites going, and pretty well under control up to window XP. And so we came to Windows 10, hailed as the ultimate, version (don’t miss the opportunity to change while it’s free) and it is to be here forever, we soon found that just like some of it’s luckless predecessors it did have faults. The very latest and I believe the last Microsoft Fight Simulator was FS x also named 10 and it was the most expensive which required a large amount of disk space and needed a more powerful computer so I changed going up quite a lot in specification. The simulator did need a lot of tweaking but did run. However after the last few update or upgrades it will not work at all, uninstall and start again results in the start up wizard failing before it even gets to actually installing the program, and a similar fate has befallen most of the other simulators I have when trying to run in Widows 10. Combat Flight simulator Europe WW2 a very old one loads and opens but you can’t control the plane with the joystick, Combat 3 a later version installs but won’t open at all , FS 2004 installs and won’t open, but FS 2002 which incorporates 2000 and is quite ancient works perfectly ! My query is with the Windows policy, do they intend planned obsolescence of Microsoft products because it so they are doing a good job, but does anyone designing any Windows operating systems actually try to run older programs to see if they work or do they just wait until the complaints and cries for help arrive and then try and fudge something together. I have tried compatibility settings when available and running as administrator, also painstakingly following cures posted on the net which frequently become very involved but mostly refer to files either to change or delete which I do not have in my computer so I can’t complete the task. Some of MS support was tried which in the case of getting FS x to load involves changing the file name, that did not work, or installing a windows package only to be told I did not have enough storage space when I tried, ( 1 TB 80% unused, how much do they want ? ). Close certain files which I could not locate even after following the detailed instructions on how to find them, but I did stop at the suggestion of creating a new account as I could see real trouble ahead in that direction and finally decided not to download .NET FRAMEWORK because I had no idea what it was designed to do. So a bit of a moan I am afraid but there must be hundreds if not thousands of us in the same situation. My own solution. ? Drag out my old computer which runs XP and re load all the simulators into it, don’t plug into the WWW and disable the AV and firewall if it still works that way at least I shall be able to get some results
  6. Hi Jim, thank you for the welcome. After a hectic weekend at family wedding back to normality. After a flying career on helicopters in the Royal Navy i took up flight sim on Microsoft 2000, flying all scenarios and a box load of add ons. Now having just purchased a Mac OS X El Capitan, those programmes are not for this machine so thought buy X plane 10 Global, after seeing you tube videos with all the attendances of push back cargo loading and flight services great, loaded up all discs but the free add on would not load. Found out faulty disc have returned for replacement. Started up programme and flew cessna, but have no clue how to use rest of set up. Are all the support services on add ons? On Microsoft 2000 could programme all flights, weather Captain speaking, ATC, but looking at x plane everything has moved on, especially graphics, scenery,support services. Any Advice welcome regards Bob
  7. Hi Anyone with info on turning on or adjusting the lighting on the instruments (EX: airspeed, altimiter) on an F4 Phantom ?
  8. I've been simming since the 80's using one machine or another. I have had several breaks over the years, just back from one now. Currently using P3D v3.3 with a few add ons........my, my hasn't flight simming moved on since the days of the zx spectrum and BBC model b? Greetings all.
  9. Hello everyone! My name is Sophie Lawson and I was born in Russia, but I moved to Canada when I was 8, so, please, sorry for my mistakes in advance. English is not my mother-tongue. Anyway, I am here because I help to write articles about aviation for my friend's university newspaper.
  10. Hello everyone, happy to be a part of the Avsim community.
  11. Greetings all, glad to be a part of this forum. For future reference, if I have a simulator issue, where do I post about it looking for help? Many thanks
  12. Hi, l am new to the forum. I have submitted support requests to PCA on the 2nd Sep, with follow up requests on the 12 & 18th Sep - all unanswered. l have submitted a further two requests on the 19th Sep for new keys to carenado aircraft wihich have also not been answered. Is anybody on the forum having similar problems with PCA? cheers, john
  13. Thanks to the system admins who make it easy to sign up for access. I was a big user of this site( on a modem!!) back in the 1980-90's when I lived in Fluvanna County but I drifted away over the years. Now retired, living in Portsmouth and getting back into flight sims - FSX-Steam and X-Plane. Apparently my account had understandably been inactivated/purged so it was great to get re-started so easily. Thanks again
  14. Hi i just would like to know which flight planner is the best to buy .thnk you Martin Kudelas
  15. Hey all Another newbie here. I've been simming on and off since the days of MSFS 98. I now use FSX:SE and I have a bought some nice add ons. Thinking of making the switch to P3D but I'm not really sure if I would have to re purchase my addons so I'll need to do a bit more research. Anyway, I received countless help from reading these forums and I could never say thanks as I wasn't registered. So now that I'm registered, thanks to anyone who has helped me out in the past. I just hope I can return the favour some day. Neal.
  16. Hi guys, Just joined here at AVSIM, i'm Ivar from the Netherlands~ How are you guys? The reason why i joined avsim is that i always googled my simulation questions and saw avsim mostly at the top of my results. So i thought i should probably join them Love the PMDG products so far. Like to fly the 737NGX and just bought their 777-200/F (Great plane!) Regards~ Ivar
  17. Guess I should make an introduction... Hi, my name is Choppergirl, and I am a former video game modder and coder... who modded a game called Battlefield 2142 into a total war futuristic aerial combat game called AIRWAR... by reprogramming the game extensively to be air combat focused, and focusing on the interaction of air ground interaction and battle, turning the skies into a poetry of debris. The original game was stodgy, slow, spartan, buggy and infantry / land warfare centrific, with few aircraft. I spent about 5 years playing the game, with about 3 years of that being development to fix the game and make it as hard core as possible, clean up a lot of bugs, and write a lot of automated code to marginalize the impact of douchy little players (of which there was an ocean) and make the game actually rip roaring fun to play. I have since retired from coding video games, as I see no future in it for me, as its just too competitive and without a degree nobody will even look at my resume. So anyway... The planes we flew were futuristic VTOL type aircraft such as these: Anyway, I recently bought a 1980 Volmer VJ-24 ultralight project off of ebay for $38, which I am working on restoring. You can read about my restoration progress here. So my question for everybody is, what is a good flight sim that has a couple of Ultralight models available for it, that I could practice flying in. I wanted to use the built in Flight Sim mode in Google Earth, because my main interest was in becoming accustom to how the land around my home area looked from above, so that I could fly from air port to air port around my house and recognize major land marks on the ground and not get lost. But the slowest built in plane in Google Earth goes 160mph cruise... which is much too fast... by the time I get to close to finding my house below, I have pasted it, and gotten lost, and have to circle around again and fly west until I find a major road on the ground as my land mark... So if anybody can help me change a planes specs in Google Earth that would cruise at about 45mph, that would be awesome. If not, I am also open to just practicing in other flight sims what have some ultralight models (like a Phantom or Quicksilver, for example) available to import into them... so let me know, of all the flight sims that have some good ultralights some homebrew users have created for them, and where... to find the install packages for them ... :-) TIA CHOPPERGIRL http://air-war.org
  18. Hi all good to be ther my name is Einir and from Iceland hat some hobby as devlop, bin for meny years arund the Dreambox hobby. I hat start to look on FXS Planes devlop Yours Einir
  19. Hi All, I'm Marcus from the UK. I used to Fly FS years ago, but as I wasn't very good I stopped after a short time. I wanted to get back into it about a year ago as I spent a lot of time watching Youtube and found ILS landing which seem to fix my main issue with FS (I.e I could not land a plane if my life depended on it). Problem was I could not find a copy of FS for sale anywhere apart from Ebay and for the age of the game the price seemed a bit steep. Then I spotted that FSX had come to Steam, so I bought it (a week before it went on 80% off special offer LOL). I spent the first 2 months just flying the default planes and learning how to take off and land VFR, IFR and ILS approaches, didn't really fly the big boys mainly the caravan. I did move onto the 737 with an upgraded VC, but felt it was too big for my little flights across Europe. Decided I wanted a Biz Jet so downloaded a free on (Citation X), which I loved. After deciding I really Liked Biz Jets I wanted to upgrade the experience so decided to look for a paware biz jet, which is how I found this site as I was trying to find out which ones were best and which ones would run on my windows 8.1 FS-SE Set up. I had 3 planes on my shortlist, Eaglesoft Citation X, Flight 1 Mustang and Caranedo Pheenom 100. Ended up with the Pheenom as its the only one of the 3 that's seems to work fine with 8.1 and SE as far as I can see. Its a great plane, though I have been having issues with my ILS as so far 50% of the time it does not pick up the glidescope, so I need to work out what I am doing wrong as I could land ILS 100% on non payware planes. I might have cracked it last night, but I need to retest to see if it was luck or something I actually did.
  20. Greetings from the Caribbean to ALL. Thanks for the welcome. I have not been very active on Flight sims for a long time and recently jumped back in with the release of the Steam Edition of FSX. I also bought the PMDG 777 last week and have been learning the aircraft ever since. I will say, it was a bit overwhelming at first but with a lot of reading starting to understand a lot of the systems. I don't think I can ever fly a default plane again. Anyways, very nice community you guys have going here. Tons of useful info on here.
  21. Good Morning all, I have been a long time user of avsim's amazing file library and un-registered lurker of great library of knowledge in the avsim forums. The question that brought me to registering is quite simple, why isn't there a 'Un-official Eaglesoft Support Forum'? Just about every other dev house or provider is covered. I am well aware that Eaglesoft has their own official support forum and at one point in time I had access to it, but my account is pending approval and the email to their support address has been unanswered for weeks. I had honestly assumed the worse, that they had gone out of business. I was relieved to find that Ron and Ed frequently post here on avsim. I'm not expecting that the Eaglesoft team provide the same level of support in the un-official board here, there are plenty of Eaglesoft enthusiasts who will help each other. Anyways, I look forward to buying the Citation X for a 4th time! (v1 FS9, v2 FS9 and FSX, and hopefully v3) Thanks,
  22. Hey, my name is Paul and I'm from the Galway, on the West Coast of Ireland. I'm a relative newbie to this wonderful hobby ( I tried to play it more like an arcade game many years ago). Now at the ripe old age of forty I've decided to engage fully with it. And boy does it turn from a hobby into an obsession real quick! I don't think this is the place to post hardware questions, so I'll just say hello to everyone and hope to chat and get to know some of you
  23. Hello hello everyone, I make a big hello from Naples Happy to be part of this forum
  24. Hello, My name is Greg and I came here for knwolegde and tips. I've been playing for two weeks and I really like it, so I decided to look into the largest treasury of knowledge - the Forum. Nice to meet you, thank you in advance for help :-)
  25. Figured I should formally introduce myself, after asking for help a number of time. My name is Anthony, and I work for an aviation company (you may be able to figure out which one...), located at CYXX. I am currently involved in getting 3 FTDs up and running for training purposes, after the last guy, uh, didn't work out. I have a bachelor of computer information systems, and 10 years of IT experience, but 0 in sims. I remember playing MSFS on a 486, along with enjoying a number of other assorted flight games over the years. I am currently working with / learning about P3D version 3 and 4, and am considering building a home PC to learn a little about X-Plane, and to better contrast the two. There is the possibility of going full time into the flight simulation world, and am going to have to decide my career path in the next 6 months. Never boring. When I'm not here, I enjoy spending time with my wife, and little fuzzy dog. I've done some cycling, some travelling, some photography and some music over the years. I am also looking forward to having front-row seats to the airshow again this year. Thanks all!
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